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  1. Hello. I'm currently designing how my A.I. will work and one mechanic I would like to implement is to have my monsters go into sleep mode when they are idling and when the light level < n However, I can't find anything inside the API about checking the light levels. Can I retrieve this information with a pick info? Kind regards, Ttiki
  2. How do I end a Leadwerks program using a script. I would to like to end the program when the quit button is pressed but can't work out how to do this. Also should I release all entities and sounds before closing or doesn't it matter. Thanks in advance.
  3. Hello, I would like to take a JSON file and read its content into a normal Lua string. Even better, I would like to put a JSON text into a Lua table directly, if it's possible. So far, I've found this Lua lib for converting a JSON string into a Lua table and vice versa. However, I don't see how to read a whole file as a string. Thank you in advance! P.S. I know how to read an individual line with this function.
  4. Just some background: i am making a game for a research project for school. I have no prior experience with coding so I'm a bit dumb Here's my question: How do i code in my animations? there are a lot of little things out there but they don't help me, i would appreciate it if someone were to explain it to me for my specific case. i have all of the animations done, i made them in blender. so far the only code i have is from these two posts, however i've moved the camera so that it is from a third person view: this whole animation thing has really been demotivating
  5. so I try to get the center of the screen and find the mouse position and then find the difference then using ATan(change in y/ change in x) to find the angle the object must rotate to and set the angle to that, the only issue is when the mouse x is <= 0 the object flips (so lets say the right side of the object was facing the mouse it then becomes the left side) I assume this issue is to do with the fact that ATan(change in y/change in x)=ATan(-change in y/-change in x) but here is my code:
  6. Tell me how to get a similar result, for bending fishing rods under load?
  7. khotan

    Fracture ?

    Can i create a fracture sim based with voronoi in Leadwerks that control over on vertices or edges ? is it possible ? Lua or C++?
  8. How do I tell if a variable is odd or even using Lua? % is used in other languages is it the same with Leadwerks?
  9. Here is how i made it possible to call C++ from LUA. I want to build Multiplayer game in Leadwerks. But i couldn't find networking libraries and threading libraries that would make it usable in Lua. So i build a Networking client in C++ with libcurl and libpthread . But i want to still use the Lua scripting on the prefabs since a lot of work is already done for me here. And also programming in Higher level languages is just faster. I decided to use the libtolua++ libraries, since this is already build into Leadwerks. I work on Ubuntu 15.04. Here the tolua++ libs are installed with:
  10. During development of Leadwerks Game Engine, there was some debate on whether we should allow multiple scripts per entity or just associate a single script with an entity. My first iteration of the scripting system actually used multiple scripts, but after using it to develop the Darkness Awaits example I saw a lot of problems with this. Each script used a different classname to store its variables and functions in, so you ended up with code like this: function Script:HurtEnemy(amount) if self.enemy ~= nil then if self.enemy.healthmanager ~= nil then if type(self.enemy.healthmanager.
  11. Heyas, Should Script:Collision be able to detect if something has spawned inside of a defined trigger area? I'm using a rectangular CSG with CollisionType:Trigger to define an a trigger area. I want to detect when another CSG (Collisiontype: Prop) spawns inside the trigger area but seems to fail in that regard. Does the spawning CSG need speed (momentum) to be detected? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello every one ! So today i am making my third person code. In my code i need to compare the name of child i want and the name of each children(GetChildren()) but i have got this error. when i try to compare their name. CODE: function Script:GetChildByName(nameRequest) for i = 0 , self.entity:CountChildren() -1 do local ent = self.entity:GetChild(i) local entName = ent:GetKeyValue("name") if entName == nameRequest then System:Print(nameRequest + " has been found !") return ent end end re
  13. Hey everyone, i'm really new at this so please be understanding. I'm trying to write a Script to open a Door with a floorswitch. The idea is to drop a box and activate the switch. I'm using the prefab boxes and the SlidingDoor.Lua. I saw this video below but the problem is that the script works only if you put the value name in the Script function Script:Collision (entity, position, normal, speed) if (entity: GetKeyValue ("name") == "crate_small") then self.component: CallOutputs ("Open") end end but what i want is to be able to assign or to change th
  14. Hello every one ! Today i wanted to add c++ code to object but looks to accept only lua script ?‍♂️ It is possible to add c++ into this box Or we just use c++ into app.cpp (add class but every thing is connected to the app file) ?
  15. The Leadwerks 5 API uses C++11 smart pointers for all complex objects the user interacts with. This design replaces the manual reference counting in Leadwerks 4 so that there is no Release() or AddRef() method anymore. To delete an object you just set all variables that reference that object to nullptr: auto model = CreateBox(); model = nullptr; //poof! In Lua this works the same way, with some caveats: local window = CreateWindow() local context = CreateContext(window) local world = CreateWorld() local camera = CreateCamera(world) camera:SetPosition(0,0,-5) local model = CreateBo
  16. When considering the script system in Leadwerks 5, I looked at alternatives including Squirrel, which is used by Valve in many games, but these gave me a deeper appreciation for the simplicity of Lua. There are only a handful of rules you need to learn to use the language, it’s fun to use, yet somehow it does everything you could ever need. These were three big issues I had to solve. First, the Leadwerks 5 API makes extensive use of smart pointers, which our binding library tolua++ does not support. Second, I wanted better auto completion and a better user experience in the IDE in general
  17. Hi Leadwerkers :), I am wondering for quiet a while now, if and how the two things, I will explain in a second, are possible. First can I grab the "self" value of an function caller WITHOUT using arguments? I would expect this to work with the lua debug.getinfo() functionality? Maybe I better explain it with pseudo code: --Script 1: function Script:Test() Script2:CallingThis() end --Script 2: function Script:CallingThis() --get self of caller end Btw I have no idea how you offically call a "caller" maybe its calle? I dont know Second how to grab an arguments root var
  18. I have been working on a menubar widget and it came out pretty nicely. I thought i would release it either for people to have an example of what would be possible with the widget's flexibility or just for people to use it. For now it only works in C++ since it makes use of CallFunction(). MenubarElement.lua !! Make sure when you create the widget you create it last so it will render on top !! It allows horizontal rules and submenus. How to use: (C++) Create the widget and fill the menu float scale = gui->GetScale(); mnuBarItem = Widget:
  19. Hi I am heavily working on my own user interface system at them moment and I wonder if there is a easy way to resize a loaded font. Example pseudo code for the functionality I am searching for: --Pseudo Code self.font = Font:Load("Arial", 6, Font.Smooth) --Load Font self.font:SetSize(10) --Change size during runtime I have a solution for this by preloading the font in all sizes and then change the rendered font. But this isn't memory efficient, or are Fonts so small that it makes no diffrence, either way it does create a lot of code Thanks for ideas in advance Markus from Ph
  20. Hi Leadwerks fellows I think some of you may run into the same problem once in a while. The problem is the following. My AI wants to grab an item, but if, for whatever reason, this item gets released, while the AI is moving towards the item, the game just crashes, with no error. The same happens if I grab an item as a player and release the entity in my function, I fixed this by releasing the entity some time later in the loop. And yes I am testing my variables if they are nil, so I guess this could not be the problem... I think this has to do with the order how the loops are iterated th
  21. Hi , Currently I'm planning the next level for Behind Enemy Lines. Since the player has to do part of the level with a sniper rifle, a little preliminary work had to be done. So, Here's my way to tackle this topic with the Addon "FPS Weapon Pack": The tutorial from tipforeveryone was very helpful to me. You can find it here https://www.leadwerks.com/community/blogs/entry/1775-realistic-sniper-rifle-scope-in-lua/ i downloaded a Scope frome here :http://www.cadnav.com/3d-models/model-36647.html and put it as a child to the "vwep m4" and saved it as a prefab "vwep m4_snip
  22. I'm continuing development of my RTS camera script. Which is a modification of the default spectator script. After fixing "middle mouse button for rotating the camera" problem. Many thanks to Macklebee. I have run into another problem. If you attach the following script to a camera in your scene. Moving the mouse to the top/bottom of the scene will move you forwards/backwards. Move the mouse left/right will move you left/right. Scrolling the mouse wheel will raise/lower the camera height. Holding the middle button and moving the mouse left/right will rotate the camera in that d
  23. Hi, I was lately thinking about converting all my code from Lua to C++. Without knowing the size of my project, do you estaminate this is something taking very long, like more then 2 months, or is this something you could do within a week (I maybe have about 60-80 scripts) if you are working hard on it? Furthermore do you see any advantages in doing this (or better said is it worth the time) and I am not talking about speed, I much more mean the libraries that C++ offers and the more precice debugging. Thanks for your ideas and Merry Christmas.
  24. Hey, I am currently working on my AI, and I wonder what would be a good way, to make my NPC hold a specific distance to the player. In my case I need it for my AI behavior when it is using range weapons. I think a nice idea is to let the AI find a random point, which keeps a few conditions like, 10 units away from player, not outside of the map, not inside another object. But how to realise that. I would be very thankful if you can give me ideas, examples, descriptions etc.
  25. Hey guys, Besides the YouTube videos from the Leadwerks Channel, anyone know of some good LUA tutorials for Leadwerks? Any help appreciated! Thanks
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