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  1. i think i kind of understand how the code is meant to work however i tried it and it didn't work, maybe because it doesn't fit my code? i tried to put it in a few different places in the code but the animations didn't seem to want to play. sorry for the late reply, i had some exams. slightly unrelated, but i did observe something else: because im lazy i decided to put the "soldier" script onto what i wanted to be an enemy character. somehow, it sort of worked! when i got near it i can see its idle animation play! however it didnt move at all when i came near it. i was just won
  2. thanks but i've looked at that a lot and my small brain can't figure it out from that. the problem it that i dont really know what i need in order to get it to work beacause i have tried things but they never work
  3. thats a fair point, however i didnt have a lot of time to prepare so didnt think about that, maybe next time. do you have a link to a good deep engine learning process? as for questions, its really just about a code that gets animations to show, eg pressing 'w' will move forward AND play a running animation rather than just moving forward. Do i have to call my animations specific names? how can i specify which animation i want? literally anything to do with coding animation thank you for commenting
  4. Just some background: i am making a game for a research project for school. I have no prior experience with coding so I'm a bit dumb Here's my question: How do i code in my animations? there are a lot of little things out there but they don't help me, i would appreciate it if someone were to explain it to me for my specific case. i have all of the animations done, i made them in blender. so far the only code i have is from these two posts, however i've moved the camera so that it is from a third person view: this whole animation thing has really been demotivating
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