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  2. Editor should also have an indicator if the map was changes, for example with a * at the filename and/or a grayed out disc icon. It should also prompt to save when exiting.
  3. I came across something else when looking at the OpenAI API. It appears that the executable curl does work with authorization maybe: curl https://api.openai.com/v1/images/edits \ -H "Authorization: Bearer $OPENAI_API_KEY" \ -F image="@sunlit_lounge.png" \ -F mask="@mask.png" \ -F model="dall-e-2" \ -F prompt="A sunlit indoor lounge area with a pool containing a flamingo" \ -F n=1 \ -F size="1024x1024" Curl comes standard on win10 and 11 now.
  4. yeah this i guessed, but how does it work in the editor?
  5. Hello, i've seen the video Josh made a while back showing off the new CSG editor coming to ultra engine, but one question i had is in regards to how the editor does curved areas, like corridors and pipes that curve around things and whatnot. I know trenchbroom has a mode that allows you to work within a specific axis but i don't know if Ultra has anything like that. Are there plans to add more prefabs in the future? Maybe something like valve's weird tileset editor or something.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Thanks, it is fixed: https://github.com/UltraEngine/Documentation/blob/master/Lua/Interface.md It takes a while for the cached page to update.
  8. Just minor one. Links in the GUI- Interface documentation right hand panel lead the user back to the Ultra Engine landing page. The left hand panel works as expected. It only happens for Lua, C++ functions normally.
  9. Fixed VrController::ButtonHit() not working right Fixed definition of Rgba() function Added some experimental entity component stuff for compatibility with possible future C# support
  10. Last week
  11. ok all is ok now, uninstalled the 0.9 version, installed the dev 0.91 / 300 and all is well displayed, i think i had a mix of shader version, because previous install was not straight one, needed to download couple of times before finishing proper install. so all is good now thank you all
  12. I don't think this would occur on the 0.9.0 branch because it's using old renderer + old shaders. I think it can only happen on the dev branch, if the shaders are not updated. That's what it looks like. You can see a box is being rendered, but the vertices are wrong. So it looks like the renderer is from the dev branch but the shaders for some reason are not up to date.
  13. You need to be on the latest Dev branch to get the fix.
  14. I believe this might be your problem. Try it on the dev branch, like Thirsty Panther did.
  15. When I press the Save button, it should say: Saving map "Maps/start.ultra"...Done Now it just says: Saving map "Maps/start.ultra"... and I don't know when it's done.
  16. Sorry for reactivating the post but despite good looking project manager : The problem is still there in "Run" : With Ultra version 0.9 Thank you
  17. The discount is built into the price, so everyone gets a discount.
  18. Will there be a discount for Leadwerks owners?
  19. Easy to fix. There is a way I can prevent this from happening in the future I think. It will require some research...
  20. Yeah, I've tried that, unfortunately - plus a fresh install but no luck.
  21. This happens to me from time to time and I don't know why. One time, clearing out my ProgramData files for the engine worked, but when I had this happen again, it didn't work.
  22. Suddenly today the client app seems to have stopped working. I'm unable to open the editor as I have a authentication error. Reinstalling the client hasn't worked.
  23. Alienhead

    VR Performance Test

    I know the first game I'm gonna be making in Ultra.
  24. This is the code I used for the latest zombie vid. I don't think I will ever need it again, but pasting it here just in case. #include "UltraEngine.h" using namespace UltraEngine; std::vector<shared_ptr<Model> > zombies; std::set<iVec2> coords; void Spawn(shared_ptr<World> world) { int n = Random(1, 4); auto mdl = LoadModel(world, "Models/Zombies/zombie" + String(n) + ".mdl"); int r = 8; iVec2 c; while (true) { c.x = Random(-r, r); c.y = Random(-r, r); if ((c.x == 0 and c.y == 0) or coords.find(c) != coords.end()) continue; break; } coords.insert(c); mdl->SetPosition(c.x, 0, c.y); mdl->SetRotation(0, ATan(float(c.x), float(c.y)), 0); mdl->Translate(Random(-0.25, 0.25), 0, Random(-0.25, 0.25), true); mdl->Sync(); mdl->Animate("idle"); mdl->SetHidden(true); zombies.push_back(mdl); } int main(int argc, const char* argv[]) { auto cl = ParseCommandLine(argc, argv); //Load FreeImage plugin (optional) auto fiplugin = LoadPlugin("Plugins/FITextureLoader"); //Get the displays auto displays = GetDisplays(); //Create a window auto window = CreateWindow("Ultra Engine", 0, 0, 1920, 1080, displays[0], WINDOW_CENTER | WINDOW_TITLEBAR); //Create a framebuffer auto framebuffer = CreateFramebuffer(window); //Create a world auto world = CreateWorld(); //Get the headset auto hmd = GetHmd(world); //Load the map WString mapname = "Maps/start.ultra"; if (cl["map"].is_string()) mapname = std::string(cl["map"]); auto scene = LoadMap(world, mapname); auto mdl = LoadModel(world, "Models/Zombies/zombie4.mdl"); mdl->Animate("idle"); mdl->SetPosition(0, 0, 1); zombies.push_back(mdl); for (int n = 0; n < 200; ++n) { Spawn(world); } int n = 0; bool hit = false; auto last = Millisecs(); bool start = false; auto light = CreateDirectionalLight(world); light->SetRotation(55, 35, 0); light->SetColor(2); light->SetShadowMapSize(2048); world->SetIblIntensity(0.25); //Main loop while (window->Closed() == false and window->KeyDown(KEY_ESCAPE) == false) { if (start) { auto now = Millisecs(); if (now - last > 100) { last = now; ++n; if (n < zombies.size()) { zombies[n]->SetHidden(false); //zombies[n]->Animate("idle", 1, 0); } } } else { if (hmd->controllers[0]->ButtonDown(VRBUTTON_TRIGGER) or hmd->controllers[1]->ButtonDown(VRBUTTON_TRIGGER)) start = true; } world->Update(); world->Render(framebuffer); } return 0; }
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