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  2. Here is another pack of free PBR textures.
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  5. Greetings Fellow Creatives! This week’s new sounds are on my SFX – Weather page. LIGHT RAIN + THUNDER (1-4) https://soundimage.org/sfx-weather/ If you feel that my 2000+ free tracks of music and sound effects are helpful, please consider making a small donation on my website to help support my efforts. Soundimage is 100% community supported. Thanks in advance and have a good week!
  6. My solution is to disable the sign-in feature on Linux. If you have UAK on Steam you can try this right now. The project manager will run (no template files for Linux yet). I didn't need to .sh launcher script. I just set Steam to launch the executable directly. It was necessary to place libsteam_api.so in the same folder, but no other dependencies or anything weird.
  7. I'm experiencing the same exact problem with Ultra App Kit, and unlike Leadwerks this program is very very close to the metal, without very many dependencies at all.
  8. Project manager on Ubuntu:


  9. I decimated these scans, and made normal maps, you'll get 11 sticks and 3 pine cones.
  10. Great ! Thank you and I will buy it for sure
  11. Josh, in futur are you considering to make a product as UltraEngine on Steam for easy with license ? Thanks in advance.
  12. Thank you, It works. Here is a code snippet for anyone may interested for a quick pick: iVec2 gm; for (int i = 0; i < System::CountGraphicsModes(); ++i) gm = System::GetGraphicsMode(i); pWindow = Window::Create("Hello world", 0, 0, gm.x, gm.y, Window::FullScreen);
  13. havenphillip


    Parallax is a cheap way to add a lot of 3D details to any scene. The less vertices on a mesh the better, because parallax doesn't actually add any geometric information. And it requires only the bare minimum number of vertices to work. That makes it fast. And the effect is believable. All you really need is a heightmap and a dream... It's a lot of fun trying different textures with it, and if I could I'd use it for everything. However, there are a few limitations to parallax. The first problem you run into is that it has trouble with the curve. It works best on a flat plane or a slightly
  14. Yes, you need to retrieve the list of available graphics modes and select the last one. This might not match what you think your max resolution is if DPI scaling is in use on your machine: https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_System
  15. Hi, The following function call returns a NULL pointer: pWindow = Window::Create("Hello World", 0, 0, 1280, 720); Any idea why does this happening?
  16. Project manager looks great on OSX:

  17. Josh

    Linux, You Changed Man

    Having used both Hyper-V, VirtualBox, and VMWare for a while now, I definitely recommend VMWare over anything else. Setup is easier and it has working copy and paste between machines.
  18. This alone is a good enough reason. The same code should work the same on each platform.
  19. Just pasting this here so I can grab it later when I need. This is the code I use to copy all headers from the source code into another folder: void CopyHeaders(const WString& source, const WString& dest) { auto dir = LoadDir(source); WString ext; for (auto file : dir) { WString srcpath = source + L"/" + file; WString destpath = dest + L"/" + file; switch (FileType(srcpath)) { case 1: ext = ExtractExt(file).Lower(); if (ext == "h" or ext == "hpp") { if (Fi
  20. Beta of Ultra App Kit is being tested now.
  21. Also adding Command() which lets you interact with the console / terminal and get the result. https://github.com/Leadwerks/Documentation/blob/master/CPP/Command.md
  22. There is no such action as programmatically closing a window. There is no HitMouse() command either because it doesn't make sense. Emitting a general QUIT event does not require a window. It's just a signal that says "I'm done". You have to have handling of this event anyways on Mac to check if the user has quit the app from the dock or menu.
  23. A little curious about this change. Will this complicate future 3D examples down the road? Are you also making this change for thread syncing?
  24. I have some upcoming API changes planned. These are small things that I don't think will affect anyone: SeedRandom renamed to Seed() Thread::Resume and Thread::Pause are gone, since these don't work with POSIX threads Added Thread::Start(). Added PATH_DOWNLOADS and removed all other paths except DESKTOP, APPDATA, and DOCUMENTS. CreateThread() will start the thread immediately by default. MOUSEREPEAT event and Widget::MouseRepeat are gone, since the slider it the only widget that uses this. I programmed the desired behavior into the Slider class which leave
  25. Yeah, I can see it in the screenshot. Hopefully it's a easy fix.
  26. I noticed the drawing of the tabs needs some work...
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