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  2. I have a couple ideas: Only record the limb orientations in files when the user has manually changed the orientation in the editor. If the number of limbs changes in the model file, reset them all to their origin, like @reepblue suggests. Maybe also compare the origin in the model, and a stored value in the scene, and if they don't match, with some small tolerance, reset everything.
  3. Today
  4. Maybe have all sub children entities reposition at the root's origin in local space? Having entities sent across the map is terrible.
  5. Probably because each distro tries to force their choice onto you so everything falls apart if you don't know what you're doing. That's one thing I like about Debian. It will ask you what desktop environments you want during installation and it all works.
  6. It's not really a bug. If you modify the hierarchy of the model, all the old orientations of the limbs are no longer valid. What else can the editor do?
  7. I've also experienced the pivot icon thing, I just work around it by doing the bare minimum until I know my model and animations are perfect. Not a very likeable workaround, but it works lol.
  8. Josh, you can install any desktop environment you want in any distribution. Debian is nice because it's one of the slimmest and robust distros you can ever install. However, you are locked into only using FOSS software and drivers out of the box You'll need to configure your system to pull things like media codecs and proprietary drivers. This is not true at all. While you'll not find the latest version of software in the repositories, you're system will get the latest security updates. Ubuntu and Mint wouldn't base their distros of of Debian if it was unsecured. Personally,
  9. I've encountered this bug many times now, so should really make a report already haha. I had to fix a small mistake in a model today, so I changed it in Blender, exported to FBX and LW automatically updated the .mdl file. Noticed that if you have the editor open that any changes in hierarchy (due to the updating of the model file) makes all the children of that model/entity go into nowhere-land. Almost as if it applies the global position values of the children to the local position. But it gets stranger: everything looks normal and the positions of the children are normal too. Howeve
  10. Easy way to force Lua into using CONSTANTS. Actually you can protect any table you create this way, doesn't have to be a table labled const. const = {} const.avar = 10 protect(const) ------------------------------------------ function protect(tbl) return setmetatable({}, { __index = tbl, __newindex = function(t, key, value) error("attempting to change constant " .. tostring(key) .. " to " .. tostring(value), 2) end }) end
  11. Today brings a minor but semi-major addition. Rare Spawns. defendTHIS! now has exactly 100 rare spawn mobs in the database. These can occur only during live wave release, meaning there's only a chance for a rare spawn while a wave is actively being processed. The random algorithm is quite intensive so I won't touch on that right now. What are Rare Spawns good for you may be asking, here's a rundown: Collections Achievements Exotic items which may be needed for some tasks. Unlocking additional Heroes to play. Collections will be the base usage for Rare Spaw
  12. Yesterday
  13. Although I credit Oculus for not making their headsets out of Fisher Price plastic like Valve does, I don't like Meta, and I'm gonna be really sad if I'm ever forced to create an account for testing.
  14. I'm excited to see support for the Quest. Being able to test standalone without having to have it hooked up to the PC would be nice as I do with... another engine that starts with U. It would be good to also support the camera-based hand tracking the Quest can do, but support on Oculus/Meta's end has been finicky for it too.
  15. I'm interested in trying out Debian now. It's the first version of Linux I've seen that looks better than Windows:
  16. @chsch I have done Android development before, and I do think our performance advantages will carry over to the mobile chipsets, but I won't know the real numbers until I try it.
  17. Facebook (aka meta) is trying to push everyday applications to VR, not just games like we have the most of right now. Do you guys think the average person will go along and transition to a VR workflow? Or will gamers remain the largest target group? Also: first.
  18. It looks like 3ds Max has added support for all of these features in its materials system, so that is very good:
  19. @chsch I totally agree. It's pathetic and sad that mobile technology is going to cripple VR for a while. However, I did try the Quest 2 recently and it was better than I was expecting. I also understand the convenience of having the self-contained system without any external tracking equipment, even though the experience of using it is not nearly as good as the Vive or Index. I'm aware the Quest has made really significant gains in marketshare, and supporting it is a high priority. It will almost certainly not support some of our cool features, but I don't really know until I try it. The
  20. You're very welcome...I sincerely hope some of my tracks are helpful! 🙂 Happy July Everyone, This week’s brand new music tracks are: On my Puzzle Music 7 page: “QUIRKY CONSTRUCTION” https://soundimage.org/puzzle-music-7/ And on my Sci-Fi 11 page: “AN INTROSPECTIVE AUTOMATON” “SNEAKIN’ AROUND A CYBER DUMP” https://soundimage.org/sci-fi-11/ If you happen to use some of my music, please feel free to share your project(s) if you wish…I love to see how creative people are using my tracks!
  21. Last week
  22. Hi, thank you for your more info about from C#, good to know it as well. Ultraengine will be very poweful so I can't wait to try it ^^
  23. I have a slowass notebook, i want to use linux or win 8.1 on it.
  24. Alienhead


    Leadwerks is full of wondrous little easter eggs as you will begin to discover in your quest. I honestly don't know how I've ever used anything but LE.
  25. Hi, I'm one of those indie VR developers with at least some experience (app was commissioned, is in public beta, and now got a second round of funding- yay). One of the main problems I'm having with performance is that the VR market right now is mobile, and clients aren't interested in buying enthusiast gaming PCs when the VR-novelty-effect can be achieved with a standalone headset like the Quest2 or the Pico Neo3 or older 3DOF HMDs which can be used with zero introduction to the device itself. And I genuinely hate developing on mobile, tiled GPUs just make it really hard to create anythi
  26. WSI

    Long terrain

    Yes, it is! Too bad he's stopped working on it.
  27. That's the weird part. I'd done that, and it was still not working. I honestly couldn't tell you what I did differently. I couldn't reproduce the problem - not that I'm complaining of course.
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