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  3. I have issues importing a very simple model. If I apply baked textures from blender spots on the model will be black. Also UV's will not be the same as in blender. Also when applying a material with animation shader the model will disappear. This is the blender view (sorry for gore-ish) Above the leadwerks view. Major black spot on top and also completely misaligned UV's. As I said, with animation shaders it will just disappear. I also needed to make three copies of the fbx until it was imported without random holes in the mesh. spiderTex.mat spidertorso.mdl.meta sp
  4. I think you need to make a choice now. You have a basic implementation that will work in simple controlled circumstances. One option is to try to tune everything so that it will work in this one controlled situation. Get a basic rig working and then maybe copy the orientations of some hidden boxes to the model's bones, and just experiment with that very carefully and try to hide / avoid the situations where that implementation is not complete. This is something that AAA games do all the time. They don't showcase their weaknesses, they try to hide them. The other option is to develop
  5. After a break i have return to my development on FotoMuseo 3D... In one month i will publish the v3.0 of the game with more content. I'm happy, very happy!!! I have made a little teaser with some of the new content: I hope you were all ok!! 2020 and 2021 have turned into strange years.
  6. Emoji's are working ok so will use these. I have linked up the toggle to give a grid onto the openGL screen. This can be toggled on and off with the tool button.
  7. I have played around some more and managed to align the boxes to the other spider leg again. But as soon as I enable another leg and it comes into view , not before, the whole thing breaks again. Here another script where you can enable/disable. Look at the video, its very weird. oldSpiderLeg.lua
  8. Put an "L" at the front of your string like this: L"Here is a wide string"
  9. At this time I have come to the conclusion that every type of entity has different rotation "offset" that is all over the place. I have had the boxes align to the leg model without bones, align it to the leg with bones but now I broke everything and cant revert it. I need to find some universal rule for inversing the rotations. They are as I found out by default not inverse. Thats why it's called "Inverse Kinematics" ha. Here is the script that creates boxes as knee etc. Still need to experiment with it to make it work on everything oldSpiderLeg.lua
  10. Your application compiled ok, so there is something in the code I wrote or a setting I need to look at.
  11. yes, it appears in visual studio as do emojis from windows. It asked me if I wanted to convert the unicode, and i clicked on yes, but the compiler didn't show the icon I'm going to compile your example and see what happens
  12. Does the icon appear in your source code file when you paste it in?
  13. How do you add in the emogi, when I compile in visual studio in my own code I just get ?? instead of the icon. Do I need to add an extension and how do I add in my own Icons from .svg? Sorry, I'm still a novice.
  14. Possibly not a contender, however, I do hope to make a text focused application which is more like scrivener with additional node based editing found in most applications today. My C++ skills are a little rusty, ( I stopped coding in 2000 and now learning the in-between) but I hope to have something like a working app. It is also a great way for me to get into openGL and learn leadweerks ultra app. Unfortunately my time on this project is limited (writing a game for release to alpha soon) but will be adding ideas here and there when possible. Fortunately I am a trained artist so will also have
  15. I have replicated the issue with three boxes. They are now doing the same weird rotation as the leg with bone (but are just boxes with relation)
  16. Looks like a good contender for articy:draft. Very cool idea and would certainly help formalise the game design/requirements gathering phase of a game project 👍
  17. Hard to make because only distance is taken into account. To place boxes at the starting position and then relate them to copy over the rotation would be possible. I will do this right now and post the script.
  18. Is it possible to create and display a box at the calculated position of the knee and foot?
  19. I think what is happening is the rotation calculation is probably somehow "naive". It works fine with a simple hierarchy but breaks down when parents have rotations on other axes, or something like this. This happens all the time in animation code, it is very difficult stuff...
  20. The rotation is set like this - during runtime the entity of the script makes a new pivot on itself and set itself as child of the new pivot - this new pivot points at the target point so it eliminates two axis of rotation - to set the x rotation of the leg the two bones are determined and a triangle with base from leg origin to target is made. - then from the length of the origin of the leg to the knee, and from the length knee to the target, the other two sides are determined. - with that there is enough information to calculate two angles, one of the upper leg and lower child leg
  21. There's a lot of places this could go wrong. There are extra bones in the animated model hierarchy One of the limbs up the hierarchy is scaled to 100,100,100 One of the limbs up the hierarchy has a 90 degree pitch Any of those things could be acting in an unpredictable manner if the rotation calculation code isn't 100% perfect. If it is possible I would be looking to simply that model leg and try to get it as close as possible to the working leg. If you look at this map you can see the calculation is definitely consistent, which is good. test.map
  22. The reason this problem is difficult is because there are two layers of unknowns. Is the rotation being calculated correctly? Is the rotation being set correctly? So I am trying to eliminate one of those so I can see the other...
  23. You need to reset the targetPoint to sphere_Far and Sphere 1 as in the screenshots. It was in the map data but probably lost when you opened it somehow.
  24. I ran the project and it look like it is running a terrain generation program? If I run in release I mode I get this error: index field 'targetPoint' (a nil value) In spiderleg.lua, line 50, when running the "start" map.
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