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  3. Hmm it crashes with an out of memory range error. My class inherits Object so the function is available and compiles. void NotificationManager_UpdateHook(shared_ptr<Engine::Object> source, shared_ptr<Engine::Object> object) { } ... void NotificationManager::Init() { AddHook(HOOKID_UPDATE, NotificationManager_UpdateHook, Self()); }
  4. Use this overload: void AddHook(const HookID id, void (*hook)(std::shared_ptr<Object> source, std::shared_ptr<Object> extra), std::shared_ptr<Object> extra = nullptr);
  5. Yup. It's not working with Steam.
  6. Oh... wait. I don't think my paths are actually pointing to steam. One sec...
  7. I'm using the latest steam version on the dev branch and get the error popup "Invalid function syntax fot hook ID 2". This is my code. void NotificationManager_UpdateHook(shared_ptr<Object> object) { } ... void NotificationManager::Init() { world->AddHook(HOOKID_UPDATE, NotificationManager_UpdateHook, Self()); } Based on the parameters for AddHook() my function syntax looks correct... and HOOKID_RENDER works.
  8. Yesterday
  9. I have been waiting a long time for this. From this point things will progress rapidly.
  10. Apparently this requires a closed mesh: https://github.com/melax/sandbox/issues/5#issuecomment-2069836452
  11. Fixed, shader update required.
  12. Fixed rotation mouse tool acting wrong No longer using SPIR-V for terrain shaders, as there was some inconsistent behavior between the shaders and the compiled binaries.
  13. With the latest terrain and selection changes the terrain editing has some small bugs: 1. no indicators are shown in the viewport. (the sculpt and paint ranges) 2. instead of the indicator, the multiselection box is drawn. But the editing in both cases works, just no overlay is shown. A side question: Now that i can choose the texture size. Are the brushes (or textures) resized internally to match the size? I ask because the default dirt layer has textures with 1k size, but when i create a terrain with 2k or 512 textures it just works but the texture size in the material is still 1k.
  14. Drag to select functionality should be 100% accurate now and working correctly.
  15. sorry late response was away fishing . yes it is a leadwerks game . i cant change the script because when i open leadwerks engine and open my project half of it is missing.. i am just double clicking the game.exe from a published game. i had previously downloaded the zip file from a old post where josh helped me find my game as leadwerks game launcher no longer works and i thought i lost all of my work. so when i double click game.exe it launches and the whole game is working (nothing missing) but it only runs in a little window. i am sure that years ago there was a key shortcut to make fullscreen ....like alt enter, or shift f ? and im sure i had this problem before but cant find the solution in forum .... maybe too old.
  16. Drag-to-select-area functionality is back, now plays nicely with all mouse tools. Fixed bad brush picking behavior.
  17. Last week
  18. While doing simple mapping, I've ran into an issue with my session where the editor thinks I'm holding control when selecting objects when I'm not. This results in multiple objects getting selected unintentionally. Also, clicking the void doesn't deselect the objects.
  19. Fixed vertex and face tools, which could get weird results that did not align to the current mouse position. Vertex and mouse tools now display the up/down mouse cursor when Alt key is pressed. For now, I will keep the trenchbroom-style controls for these two tools.
  20. It would be good if we could get more input options for components in the editor. Such as lists for entities, strings, floats, Vec3 and files. Like in the example bellow.
  21. Changed the translation tool to use an axis gizmo, like people were asking for. Some backfaces on the gizmo model are currently missing and cannot be picked, and its appearance will improve in future updates.
  22. Some code I used to resize a cubemap. I think the mipmaps might not be correct, but that's okay: Pasting here in case I need it again auto plug = LoadPlugin("Plugins/ISPCTexComp.dll"); auto tex = LoadTexture(GetPath(PATH_DESKTOP) + "/diffuse.dds", LOAD_MIPCHAIN); auto mipchain = tex->mipchain; std::vector<shared_ptr<Pixmap> > chain2; for (auto p : mipchain) { { p = p->Convert(TEXTURE_RGBA16); p = p->Resize(256, 256); p = p->Convert(TEXTURE_BC6H); chain2.push_back(p); } } SaveTexture(GetPath(PATH_DESKTOP) + "/thumbnail_diffuse.dds", TEXTURE_CUBE, chain2, 6); return 0;
  23. There is a problem with the prefabs. If you create a prefab, drag it into the scene and then save the scene, it spawns in the game in the wrong location or is not visible at all. (due to the wrong positioning)
  24. Here is some code that uses it, but I just can't seem to get it to work right. I don't think there is an error in my code. I had to fix this file for C++17. Maybe that is causing it? I do not understand these functions: misc.h int VertMap(const std::vector<int>& collapse_map, int a, int mx) { if (mx <= 0) return 0; while (a >= mx) { a = collapse_map[a]; } return a; } std::vector<linalg::aliases::float3> vert; std::vector<tridata> tri; std::vector<int> collapse_map; std::vector<int> permutation; tridata t; for (const auto& v : mesh->vertices) { vert.push_back(linalg::aliases::float3(v.position.x, v.position.y, v.position.z)); } for (int n = 0; n < mesh->CountPrimitives(); ++n) { t.v[0] = mesh->GetPrimitiveVertex(n, 0); t.v[1] = mesh->GetPrimitiveVertex(n, 1); t.v[2] = mesh->GetPrimitiveVertex(n, 2); tri.push_back(t); } //----------------------------- // Reduce the mesh //----------------------------- ProgressiveMesh(vert, tri, collapse_map, permutation); //----------------------------- // PermuteVertices //----------------------------- // rearrange the vertex Array std::vector<float3> temp_Array; unsigned int i; assert(permutation.size() == vert.size()); for (i = 0; i < vert.size(); i++) { temp_Array.push_back(vert[i]); } for (i = 0; i < vert.size(); i++) { vert[permutation[i]] = temp_Array[i]; } // update the changes in the entries in the triangle Array for (i = 0; i < tri.size(); i++) { for (int j = 0; j < 3; j++) { tri[i].v[j] = permutation[tri[i].v[j]]; } } //----------------------------- // Build new mesh //----------------------------- model->Clear(); mesh->extra = nullptr; mesh = model->AddMesh(); std::vector<int> newvertex(vert.size()); std::fill(newvertex.begin(), newvertex.end(), -1); //Add triangles int a, b, c, p0, p1, p2; int render_num = vert.size() * 0.5; for (unsigned int i = 0; i < tri.size(); i++) { p0 = VertMap(collapse_map, tri[i].v[0], render_num); p1 = VertMap(collapse_map, tri[i].v[1], render_num); p2 = VertMap(collapse_map, tri[i].v[2], render_num); if (p0 == p1 or p1 == p2 or p2 == p0) continue; a = newvertex[p0]; if (a == -1) { a = mesh->AddVertex(vert[p0].x, vert[p0].y, vert[p0].z); newvertex[p0] = a; } b = newvertex[p1]; if (b == -1) { b = mesh->AddVertex(vert[p1].x, vert[p1].y, vert[p1].z); newvertex[p1] = b; } c = newvertex[p2]; if (c == -1) { c = mesh->AddVertex(vert[p2].x, vert[p2].y, vert[p2].z); newvertex[p2] = c; } //int a = mesh->AddVertex(vert[p0].x, vert[p0].y, vert[p0].z); //int b = mesh->AddVertex(vert[p1].x, vert[p1].y, vert[p1].z); //int c = mesh->AddVertex(vert[p2].x, vert[p2].y, vert[p2].z); mesh->AddPrimitive(a, b, c); } mesh->UpdateBounds(); model->UpdateBounds();
  25. Changed the way the preview server works. I think this will be more reliable. Currently it is rather slow to generate new thumbnails but I think it will get faster.
  26. Asset browser search bar now acts as a filter, includes a drop-down box with some pre-defined file types. Removed grab-object-to-rotate behavior.
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