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  1. Vector image loading and drawing with alpha blend.


  2. FreeImage plugin compiled as a .dylib for Mac works flawlessly.


  3. Added SVG file.
  4. Josh

    MacOS Treeview Demo

    Ah, okay. I can't do it right now because I am using an older version of Xcode but good to know.
  5. Josh

    MacOS Treeview Demo

    Give this a try: AppKit.zip
  6. Looks like Valve moved the install location to here: Steam/steamapps/common/Steamworks Shared/_CommonRedist/vcredist/
  7. No problem there. It's probably the VC redistributable isn't getting installed automatically.
  8. There is a Visual Studio component that also gets installed. It's in the same area you found the OpenAL installer, in the Steam files.
  9. It won't be long now I think:


  10. Very basic Quartz rendering to a window on Mac:


  11. It begins...


    1. reepblue


      Intel or M1? 

      Judging by the Mojave wallpaper I'm taking this is for x64.

    2. Josh


      It's running on an Intel processor now but the same code should work on everything.

  12. I don't know, I am just experimenting with it right now.
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