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  1. reepblue

    Editor WIP

    Looking really good!
  2. I've noticed that my code below no longer works when I upgraded my project to the Beta. m_vClosePositionRight = m_pDoorPieceRight->GetPosition(true); Vec3 position = m_vClosePositionRight; Vec3 distance = Transform::Vector(1.0f, 0.0f, 0.0f, GetEntity(), NULL); Vec3 pin = distance.Normalize(); m_pDoorJointRight = Joint::Slider(position.x, position.y, position.z, pin.x, pin.y, pin.z, m_pDoorPieceRight, NULL); m_flOpenAngleRight = distance.Length(); m_flCloseAngleRight = 0; m_pDoorJointRight->SetMotorSpeed(2.0f); m_pDoorJointRight->SetLimits(0, distance.Length()); m_pDoorJointRight-
  3. It's probably a syntax error because It's just proto code, The point I was trying so show that you can store pointers into variables for easy access.
  4. Since you can find the child on Start, I would store it in a variable to quick and easy access. I'd also put in null checks. Script.vmodel = nil function Script:Start() local child = self.entity:FindChild("WaterforBucket") if child ~= nil then self.vmodel = child self.vvmodel:Hide() end end function Script:DoSomething() -- Get my view model! local vm = self.vmodel vm:SetColor(1,0,0,1) end
  5. This is still broken with the beta you shipped last week @Josh. Would appreciate you slipping in a fix for this as I also need the previous decal rotation fix for my game along with sprites working as intended.
  6. Fixed. It seems Josh compiled the latest Steamworks and forgot to supply the dll. I grabbed the latest SDK from Steamworks and the beta now works. Uploading it here so others can use the beta. steam_api_lebeta.zip
  7. reepblue

    Package Plugins

    One thing I would suggest is making sure directories are listed above packages like how Windows lists files by default.
  8. reepblue

    Package Plugins

    That's another game(s) that can use a better editor.
  9. I noticed this with my code. Any deletion of the gui crashes the app. This is why I just let the operating system clean up the pointers when the app terminates.
  10. reepblue

    Package Plugins

    I'll be sure to see if I can make a simple HL2/Portal map with this. I can't wait! ♥️
  11. reepblue

    Package Plugins

    If the editor would be compatible for making source maps that should mean it would have support for placing entities in via an fgd system which then a developer could use those systems for their own games after they implement it. The Source I/O system was really nice and I would totally implement a similar system if I knew the editor can cook the io in the map file for my game to read it.
  12. Understandable, just thought it would be nice to have.
  13. Besides your will to do so, what prevents you throwing in the Leadwerks renderer in there and replacing the current editor?
  14. I think you would need to rebuild your GUI. This is why I don't allow users to change the window size during runtime because everything revolves around how big the framebuffer is.
  15. I would really appreciate having box and strip lights in Leadwerks like you had implemented in earlier builds of the Ultra Engine. I would be fine with it being API exclusive.
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