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  1. Not sure if you're saying it now was working so not a problem, but if it's still a problem I would suggest grabbing the string you use in the c++ version just before you USE it and just check it over visually for oddities like spaces etc. and stick it back a browser and make sure it's what you thought it was and works. Basically it sounds like it probably should work but might be something silly in formatting that just looks correct on a quick glance. Also it can simplify things to try HTTP rather than HTTPS initially just to remove the problem of any SSL certificate complaints. Ju
  2. Been meaning to put time into C++ but for now have more experience in C# and Lua so voted for that.
  3. mdgunn



    Modification of the Marble Template game that comes with Leadwerks. Moveable camera (90 degree increments). Particles (whoooot!) Space setting with some more complicated geometry. Done for the Leadwerks 2015 Summer Game Contest. I only had the one day to get this done so it is more of a prototype than a complete game...only 1 level I'm afraid. Keys are WASD - Forward/Back/Left Right Q - Switch Camera 90 degree anti-clockwise E - Switch Camera 90 degree clockwise Space - Jump Instructions - Collect the 10 'Energy Spheres' - the
  4. 1 download

    This was meant to be more of a horror game but with limited time had to drastically cut things short and go for more of a shooting gallery on rails. I hope to return to the original intention later. Mouse = ROTATE LMB = FIRE R = RELOAD GOAL: Shoot the balloons for points Got a crash going on if you shoot too many things. A bit unfortunate for a shooting game. If you want to actually get to the end don't shoot. Hopefully I'll have this fixed up soon. Will probably upload a new file here or google drive but my slow upload speeds mean this takes quite some time.
  5. mdgunn



    Alpha version of a simple 'dark maze' game for Summer Games competition 2016. Very early and rough. Got a few AI issues and only got as far as a simple test level but I hope to update this in the near future.
  6. mdgunn

    Mass Micron


    Entry for the Leadwerks Winter Game Challenge 2016. Had to cut development short from what I had planned due to time constraints. Hopefully you can see where this was heading and I plan to put in some more time very soon to get it closer to what I had hoped. The game is supposed to be a boss battle within a single room. The boss will be invulnerable to direct fire but elements in the room will allow you to take him down. E.g disable missiles, reduce boss reaction time etc. Note: You can't take the boss down yet (sorry!). Hopefully I will have more implemented soon. Also I h
  7. mdgunn



    Early version uploaded. Still got some bugs and rough edges so hope to have another version in the next day or 2. Space Invaders remake for Leadwerks Summer 2018 Games tournament. CONTROLS A = LEFT D = RIGHT <SPACE>=SHOOT
  8. I don't see it in my account. If you joined the KickStarter (as I did) should it be showing now? Steam key working.
  9. Hi, Unfortunately my daughter has had a severe long term illness since November which she is still suffering from and likely will for quite some time to come. Ultimately she should be OK but it will take a long time. Things deteriorated around Christmas. I haven't had the strength or time to do anything on the project or many other things in my life. Due to these issues I don't really feel I can really commit to anything. I find this a bit annoying as I'd love to have got this into a better state but to get something worth a look at still feels like it would be a good chunk of time. Mayb
  10. Small update: Haven't found too much time. My job and family issues have had to take priority. I have made a small amount of progress and I'll continue to pick away. Hopefully have something to show by the end of this week.
  11. I've begun to pick apart the problem cryo room in an attempt to rebuild it. I may do some additional checkins into the old repository while I pick it apart before moving it.
  12. I had a look at the current project. I will see if I can get together a new version of my stuff. Mostly it will probably be like the original cryo room but maybe with some aspects of what I did when I expanded the ship out. I will try to keep it relatively small as it was originally so we can get this thing done. Will still probably take me a while to find the time to get things done. I will say I will try to have something to show by the end of this weekend and try to have something solid by the end of the following week (8th Dec), if possible.
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