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  • Cave Pack
    By fredou54

      The World Cave Pack includes 34 objects for creating cave scenes.
  • Luawerks
    By reepblue

      Luawerks is a Lua framework for video games developed on the Leadwerks Game Engine. It supplies developers with additonal functions, handles the game loop and allows them to debug their code with a developers console. With all that out of the way, you can focus on making your game fun! Features: The Window, Timing, World, are taken care of within the framework. Correct resolution settings when the game is launched in fullscreen. Debug, load maps and even add your own c
  • The Last Chapter
    By Aily

      In the far future the Earth is inhabitat only by robots, humankind had become extinct. Helping people used to be the aim of robots. But after the humans died-off, the robots lost their purpose and have become demented. But there is one Robot with impared software left, who's looking for energy to revivify the humans on the Earth. Controls Arrow keys: run and climb S: jump D: use terminals A: shoot
  • The Zone
    By Admin

      Explore our reimagining of the Chernobyl nuclear exclusion zone with The Zone asset pack.  This package contains over three gigabytes of high-quality game assets prepared to take advantage of the latest Leadwerks features.  Use our ready-made map (included) to start your game or create your own post-apocalyptic environment with the following assets: 24 terrain textures 11 buildings (plus 2 background buildings) 4 types of bridges 2 types of fences 6 crates
  • Little Dagon
    By Jazz

      Little Dagon the dragon must collect all the gems to power the portal to enter the next level. Run into or shoot chests to smash 'em! Glide from one place to another! Shoot fireballs from your mouth! Little Dagon Playthrough_1080p.mp4 Little Dagon Playthrough_1080p.mp4 W,S,A,D and mouse to move Left mouse click to fire Space - jump Glide - space while in the air - Space while gliding to drop Left Shift - run FPS display toggle - F11 Vsync toggle - V Mute
  • Anesthetic
    By Genebris

      Very fast and difficult arena FPS where the goal is to kill as many enemies as you can until you are dead. Collect ammo and health pickups to stay alive longer. Features: Bunny hopping and wall jumping 3 weapons: Anesthetic. Shotgun and Firework. Firework's rocket inherits a percentage of your speed when launched 2 types of enemies: mele and archers Steam leaderboards Painkiller OST a.k.a. "The best music in games" by Mech  
  • Nature Model Pack
    By Admin

      This package provides over 30 trees, bushes, plants, and rock models to build gorgeous outdoor scenery with. Paint a dense forest with trees, build a stone quarry, or a grassy field to set the stage for any type of outdoors game.
  • Log Riders
    By DoomSlayer

      Log Riders is my entry for Leadwerks Summer Games Tournament 2016 Objective - Finish the stage without falling in the water There are 3 stages and a secret one. Tips: Beware, if you stay too much in the log you will fall and the log will lose momentum The logs use physics, so they will react to where you jump. WASD - Movement Space - Jump For feedback please post here or on werkspace. This is only a prototype, I had so much fun doing this and I hope yo
  • Relic Rick
    By TØXIN

      Winter Games Tournament 2016 Entry Developed By: Toxin Games Version: Public Alpha Version 1.00 Platform: Windows Story: You control the adventurer, Rick, who is on a hunt for an ancient artifact for his museum. During his search in an underground ruin, he feels an earthquake and, before he knows it, the ground caves in beneath his feet! Rick is then swallowed into a secret temple! Trapped inside, Rick must proceed forward through the newly discovered ruin using his wits

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