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  1. I think RAGE is a bit old for making it look real, also, i'we been analysing the system of the gta 5 ai, mostly because i want to recreate Euphoria, wich is used by Gta 5. So basically, they didnt use any complex materials, because it would take too much data for a game, so they mostly used base color textures, and because the city was modelled in (around) 2013, the models arent high quality. For me Source engine looks real (notedly the LEft4Dead branch), here is why: they used Ray Tracing (baked) wich can make any game look realistic, also they added a noise shader to the shadows wich (i thin
  2. I cant find any ways to do that Here is what im thinking of:
  3. Thats like a valve mdl file, cool.
  4. Me and my friend decided to make a game engine to upgrade our programming skills, so when it comes to building a level editor, i want to bake AO and Global Illumination into the scene so it makes the games faster, how should i store these baked textures?
  5. So i was reading about the new game engine that Josh will release soon, and he said that it will be mush faster, what does it mean? What can you do wrong in coding that makes a whole software slow?
  6. Vida Marcell

    Voxel raytracing

    Can this type of RayTracing work on a weak pc or laptop?
  7. Its strange to see the person who can answer any c++ question ask a question.
  8. This is the most perfect response i have ever got.
  9. Hi, the integrated graphics are really bad, and i think Unity is not the best choice for making games, it has a huge community, but the engine is too complex. Also Unity's graphics looks better than Leadwerks, but Leadwerks is more simple. Anyways try out Flax engine its a lightweigh game engine, with great documentation!
  10. I think you should make the wall materials more rough, because it looks like clay. Yeah leadwerks doesnt has the best material system, its difficult to make it look great, but i think you should also bake light probes in tight spaces, it will make it much better.
  11. Vida Marcell

    VXRT Progress

    You're right, but the point is, you can see the light bounces enough to make a visible difference
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