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  1. We're now on Steam Greenlight, check us out: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=92904177 Read the Kotaku review here: https://kotaku.com/hoodwink-is-the-biggest-con-job-ive-played-this-year-a-5925070 E-One Studio presents Hoodwink, a classic point and click PC adventure game set in a post-epidemic megacity called Global-01. Take on the role of "acquisitions expert" Michael Bezzle and go an escapade of intrigue, conspiracy and mischief and meet a cast of colourful characters along the way.
  2. Is there limit with number of triangles per mesh/level ? Entity names are preserved from modeling program (eg. 3dsmax) ?
  3. ..FBX support is very nice..so, in old version we have had some small tools to convert various formats to gmf , like 3dstogmf.exe and so on..so, in new version, if im not using editor, how can i load FBX directly to code? I understand that editor converts FBX to MDL and thats whats actually loaded in to editor?? So, in case direct load from code, what is used, MDL or FBX? What is the low end hardware that current LE runs smooth?
  4. ..so what is the difference between LE3.2 i used last time, compared latest version? I would like to hear from folks who used older version of LE and they do use current one, to demistify/compare differencies for me.. -media(static/animated meshes, particles, collision, etc) pipeline -physics (which physics engine is used) -programming options (standalone options only, without injected scripts) -shaders, how is it working now, in terms of loading and applying inside scene, etc -target platforms LE natively support -license scheme I also have no idea
  5. Hello guys..it has been quite some time since i was lurking this waters, but here I am again..Josh managed to send me password for my account as, for some reason i couldnt access it..i see many familiar faces still kicking around and that makes me very happy..im thinking to join back again, but before i do so, i will study about options available here and whats going on, what is low end hardware supported and what are targets system can run on, etc etc.. I see that new engine is coming so im not sure which path to take, anyway, im back..
  6. ..i see..and how is it working art pipeline now?? Or precisely, im using 3dsmax for content creation (static geometry/animations), so, how am i going to export media to be ready for LE now?? What would be a pipeline?
  7. ..hehe..hello guys..i hope all is well with you...yeah..im lurking around and exploring whats going on here...2 years ago is last time i was here, i think.. ..anyway, im looking all threads and checking how everything is, as i may have some nice large project, where im thinking to use LE, hence, here i am..by the way, is it possible to use current version of LE, without steam at all..like, just install somewhere on your drive, fire up C++ and roll ?? No steam, no steam account or things like that..is there such version??
  8. ..hello guys...i just wanted to say, hi, as i havent been here for few years, i think...i hope all is well and sound with all of ya.. .. now, im going to do some lurking around..hehe
  9. ..im wondering what happen to his C4..it seems it cant be purchased anymore ??
  10. ..i really like a lot Halloween Pumpkin Run..small complain is only for score as it seems that its very narrow on the top so its hard to tell who actually did best time..other than that so far my fave...going after other games later
  11. ..i do agree with this..vote should be based around constructive criticism, so thumbs up counter will do just fine..eventually, i would love to see, if possible some option where player could just add opinion about what should be done better, from player experience perspective, but thats not necessary..and games sorted out on such way that most thumbs up appears on the top will be nice..new titles could be listed alphabetically under 'new' tab..or something..i really enjoy this lil games, and i would like to see this feature as a someone who actually plays this games..for some reason, i went t
  12. ..im really enjoying playing this various games from game launcher, regardless fact that some are not really ready, but there is something really cute and funny in all this games at same time...having said this, is it possible to add some sort of scoring option so people who plays games, could rate it and that will affect game appearance in a list (top one will be games with highest score)..i think this will be good option so people who developing could have certain input about their games and it will be some sort of 'competition' if i may say..any take on this?
  13. @cassius ..i have seen before some rather unusual questions with none or very little feedback about 'problem', just to realize that, several people went mental over talk to a kid without enough necessary basic knowledge about topic he was asking for..
  14. @RedFoxez ..after reading links mac have post, Im curious to know how old you are ? Im not trying to insult you or any way, or been sarcastic, im just curious to see, is there any other way to channel communication..
  15. ..what happen with Agror? I havent seen him post in ages..
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