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  1. Yue

    Astrocuco Game DevLog

    Desarrollo de mi proyecto en Leadwerks Engine. Astrocuco.
  2. If you jump too high, you break your legs and die. xD
  3. These days I saw the PS5 trailer for The Matrix. And I'm left with a question: what do we consider real? The following image is a preset of a graphic mod called NBE Series for GTA V. What do you think about this, where do you think technology is going?
  4. The most complicated thing is to unite all the systems and make it work as expected, Ragdoll system + Animation system + Collisions + Character controller. This looks very good to me, and I'm already thinking of a way to make the character stand up. What do you think?
  5. Finish. We have made it, I thank my dad my mom my wife my family, for the love and hate patience I have had for Josh and his Leadwerks engine. But it doesn't end as long as we breathe and have internet. The next challenge is for our character to stand up. ( Josh's idea from a few months ago ) Whoever needs to implement this in their project, I receive money and do everything is difficult way through the underworld of Newtonian physics. That's how I ended up.
  6. This is great, for a long time I was bearing children ( suffering ) to try to get this algorithm out.
  7. Lemniscatta - Trovo Live ragdoll development.
  8. Hi, your comment made me think that life is not at all easy for some people. I start with my weaknesses and that is that I don't speak English, learning programming has meant learning to brute force certain concepts. And I have gone around different types of engines and the problem is always the same, documentation in English, although they say I am very smart I am really stubborn, I don't know when to stop something that really doesn't work for me. The other thing is as my grandfather used to say, we are the result of circumstances in life and possibly if life were different I would be doing
  9. For today we leave it at that, we have rebuilt the whole system with what we have learned. And it looks like I can make this a reality.
  10. We are on the right track.
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