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  1. WString newState = "false"; // or = "true" auto myCheck = CreateButton("MyCheckbox", x, y+50, 20, 20, this->ui->root, ButtonStyle::BUTTON_CHECKBOX); myCheck->SetState( newState == "true" );
  2. Ooops I missed one line :) auto sidepanel = CreatePanel(0, 0, SIDEPANELWIDTH, sz.y, mainpanel); sidepanel->SetLayout(0, 1, 1, 1); sidepanel->SetColor(1, 0, 0);
  3. All Widget virtual methods mentioned is Custom Widgets are undocumented. I have added the missing documentation hints here (in yellow)
  4. All Create functions in the GUI part are returning Widget's as shared pointers. Does this mean that the AppKit also owns the returned Widget internally and destroys them internally att program exit?
  5. I'm working on a little project where I need to make some simple image processing such as rotation, brightness, contrast and so on. FreeImage is a nice lib for those things and I noticed that it's already included in the FITextueLoader Plugin so that's nice. Is there a way to access the pixel-data in Pixmap so it an be used with the FreeImage functions? Actually something like this: FIBITMAP* Pixmap2FreeImage( std::shared_ptr<Pixmap> pixmap ) { FIBITMAP* bmp = //??? pixmap->???? // ???? return bmp; } std::shared_ptr<UltraEngine::Pixmap> FreeImage2Pi
  6. Here is the one with the white bar at top. Removed Resizable and the white bar is gone. So the problem is Resizable ... if the bar isn't intestinally there of some strange reason ? The white bar in the example above shouldn't bee there in my humble opinion
  7. Small things but somebody have to report them 😄 x, width should be x, r y, height should be x, g
  8. Just a thought. Might something like this work. Change the return values of newline to whatever suitable
  9. Have you tested std::endl https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/io/manip/endl
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