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  1. These screenshots make me want to design some form of modern day high-end mario bros. game.
  2. I'll upload some media when I get back home, but I think I finally figured it out. I dumped the navmesh system and took the mobs off their character rigs and went with a straight forward waypoint node ( aStar type pathfinding ) and the frame rates picked WAY WAY up. I've kept the navmesh system in tact for player pets to follow and occasional boss spawns that chase the player around the map, but for the 100's of minions I released from character rigs and it's really improved the frame rates, its playable now on my good coding rig and even on a mid-range testing rig I got.. Thanks
  3. Youtube has been acting funny as of late with large uploads.. Anyways heres what I was trying to send up earlier today. \
  4. Okay uploaded, it's processing, guess it'll post live in a few.
  5. Okay, I've compiled a video - this video has a-LOT of animation stuff going on, birds, ants, butterflies, fish, mobs, players, wind .. its very animation heavy. What I did was remove the normal mob model I was using, which was 792 polys with 23 bones, and replaced it with a 200 poly 8 bone model just for testing.. I got 50 mobs running in the scene towards the end. It seems my frame rates were steady. Could this be the prior mob having 20+ bones in it ? Ahh hell, guess it would help if I upload the correct video .. one sec...
  6. okay, I'm at work currently, but will send it up this evening, thanks !
  7. release mode : 13 total animated entities on screen, less than 3000 poly, 21 bones, fps is at 39fps .
  8. Surely not faster than faster than having no physics body to begin with ?. I have no player collision controller/body as the camera just floats in the air, its a town down tower defense style.
  9. The scene consists of a 256x256 terrain, no physics, very low poly meshes, characters have less than 20 bones.
  10. No no no... No mass or physics of any kind is being used.. simple waypoint movement.. no navmesh. This simple scene right here is jerky on very decent hardware.
  11. That's just it, I have ZERO physics working in this simulation, I'm building a top down tower-defense game and it requires no collisions. Just waypoint pathfinding. Also testing the simulation out on another PC, I noticed my camerapicks to map objects were way off, do I need to adjust entity picks from camera based on resolutions ?
  12. I may of jumped the gun, while killing the debugger did help, I still have noticed that 10 or more animated models causes a huge jerkiness in the overall performance of the app. The test was ran on a blank map, 433 poly model with only 13 bones, no physics involved and I shut down the lighting. I'm starting to lean toward the idea that the desktop refresh rate the the virtual window aren't syncing.
  13. Problem solved, I've been hunting this for days now.. In case anyone else is running this setup - I suggest not. The cause was Tab-Nine intellisense engine combined with Lua debugger ( SubDebug ) running in Sublime 4. The reason it was so hard to find; the debugger stayed running as a service even when I shutdown Sublime, so I didnt look any further with sublime since I had shut it down.
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