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  1. available on the workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2490242870
  2. problem solved, is on the workshop for any ho wants to play with. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2490242870 enjoy Juan
  3. forgot it! I started with the uak sample code, then load a map, etc but the standalone needs this: //Load any zip files in main directory Leadwerks::Directory* dir = Leadwerks::FileSystem::LoadDir("."); if (dir) { for (int i = 0; i < dir->files.size(); i++) { std::string file = dir->files[i]; std::string ext = Leadwerks::String::Lower(Leadwerks::FileSystem::ExtractExt(file)); if (ext == "zip" || ext == "pak") { Leadwerks::Package::Load(file); } } delet
  4. Thank´s I did that and found that it can not load the map! bool mapOk = false; mapOk = Map::Load("Maps/start.map"); System::Print(mapOk); so, no entities, no sun, no nothing ir runs ok form vs and leadwerks editor, any ideas?
  5. Hi, much time from my last post I have been testing UAK and Leadwerks, al right from VS running release and debug versions and from Leadwerks editor. I decided to publish a standalone, just for testing and it crashes. I guess that the problem is when I try to call a map entity´s function from cpp. If I place de uak1.debug.exe in the published folder, the last System:Print i saw is: "scanning entities": System::Print("scanning entities ..."); for (auto iter = world->entities.begin(); iter != world->entities.end(); iter++) { Entity* entity = *ite
  6. Starting to work with UAK and Leadwerks Testing sliders c++ side sending values to lua script "daynignt.lua"
  7. I got it vía kikstarter, I received a beta 4 months ago. It shows on steam (today) but is on "coming soon state", I have received steam and leadwerks key, but I don't have any download link. How do I access the official 1.0 release? Thank's
  8. congrats, yea, joints are very interesting, some time ago, with blitz3d+jv-ode i did some interesting things... some of them i try to re-do in leadwerks: cars, and some transporting bels, forklift etc. guess i upload that some where... utility_cars.zip
  9. congrats it is just two motorized hinges? or some vehicle feature? haven't had time to play with leadwerks new features...
  10. Yes, that's the point. And, here, money do not reach aceptable levels. I mean, yes third world but not the worst country mine, but our army has few resources and this kind of equipment is a must at first training stages. I and my friend did the development with our money, now waiting for burocracy to get some bucks
  11. Well, finally, a job done! This is the press note of the military news youtube channel: On July 26, the "Comandos" day here in my country (Uruguay, I know no one knows what or where it is, so from where I am, but is fine was te official inauguration of a Shoot Simulator I been working on. (Attached a cut, with the part in which the simulator appear, simply a flash ) I made it with the Professional Edition of Leadwerks as a standalone app. on Ubuntu 16.04 The systems uses some not traditional Game/Software hardware, made by me an
  12. Hi Alien, I'm also somewhat lost.. going back, nice to hear about you.
  13. Yes, so excited to see it almost finished. Guess next month will be installed and working... And perhaps I'll see some money
  14. Not yet, but, if the project continues, it should be a next step or something to take into consideration. A 360 degrees detection system should be possible, but, more complex and expensive
  15. He he, me too! This video is of a couple of years when we build the demonstration prototype. test4.mp4
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