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  1. Great ! So Ultra Aplp Kit can work with LE and OpenGL for what I read from documentation ?
  2. Ok, even if it is not easy I am looking for it to integrate in... Any example to access OpenGL with Leadwerks, please ? How to access for polygon with glBegin()/glEnd()?
  3. Hi long time not to see you Yue ! You are working as cool your project Are you planning to make open source your project ? Because I am interesting for learning so I looking for it
  4. It looks like dragon in shading more alpha than refraction, right ? Otherwise it will deform the inner alpha if you have another version of refraction ? Thank you for sharing
  5. khotan

    Smooth Heat Haze

    great is it the same post as you show in topic for showcase ?
  6. Can mixing to call Opengl in Leadwerks for more control ?
  7. Thank you Josh ! Any support with Vertex morphing for later ?
  8. Well, I need to all control my character for several animations as walking, running, jumping, climbing etc... . How to control and to rotate this characer at 90° to left or right? How to make a transition between walking to running and then back to walking by changing in C++ with interpolation if possible? What about the control for vertices from mesh and to make a expression on face of character ? I mean it all are all control behavior from character and making coding and controlled by C++ ? This link is what I am looking for as inspiration : Can you help me with example o
  9. I am looking to new shader examples with Leadwerks 4.X ? Please not old source code if there is a link ( is it working with 4.X??) but the new that I am searching it...
  10. Nice effect ! I like it
  11. Hi, How to switch animation from TPS Character for walking, crouching, running, etc.. in C++ ?
  12. Some update is fixed ! Porject_Mars_1b.zip
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