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  1. Can I make my own PBR in Leadwerks with C++ and shader GLSL ? Have you an example for this codes in C++? Thanks.
  2. Super fast ! Good job to Josh Thanks for sharing.
  3. I think is yes but I am not sure because I have tried with Dynamic + Buffered in my code C++ so it doesnt work... What is missing I do ? Problem it is in code c++ ? Or it is in Leadwerks from program itself ? Need it to be activated in Leadwerks?
  4. I have a problem the shadow so i have coded in C++ but it doesn't work, how to resolve it, please ? The code here : #include "App.h" using namespace Leadwerks; App::App() : window(NULL), context(NULL), world(NULL), camera(NULL) {} App::~App() { delete world; delete window; } //Camera storage Vec3 camRotation; Vec2 centerMouse; Vec2 mouseDifference; float mouseSensitivity; //Player Model* playerMesh; Entity* player; Model* tpsSphere; //Speeds Vec3 playerMovement; float moveSpeed; float strafeSpeed; //jump and crouch float jumpForce; float tempJumpForce; bool crouched; float play
  5. Is it possible to create 2D UI in Leadwerks for my games as HUD, health bar, etc... ? Or is it needed with UAK for better ?
  6. khotan

    STL ?

    Good to know, again thank you, Josh.
  7. khotan

    STL ?

    Great for that ! Thank you for your answer Another question. Is it working as well as Template too ?
  8. What I need for making an AI with my game in Leadwerks (for characters making as realistic ?) ? What type of algorithm and name use it ? Someone have an experience from that ? Thanks
  9. khotan

    STL ?

    Is it possible to use C++ with STL Library for Leadwerks ? Not sure and not tested so I need for to be confirmed from you ? Thanks.
  10. We need some game sample made by Leadwerks as "complete" and "real" programming for 2D game c++ : 2d platform and top-down style; 3D game c++ : FPS and TPS style for learning way and very good for beginner and advanced What do you think of that ?
  11. Can make for UAK as skinning UI in look and feel with custom button ? And any example from source code sample ?
  12. Great ! Thank you and I will buy it for sure
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