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  1. khotan

    STL ?

    Good to know, again thank you, Josh.
  2. khotan

    STL ?

    Great for that ! Thank you for your answer Another question. Is it working as well as Template too ?
  3. What I need for making an AI with my game in Leadwerks (for characters making as realistic ?) ? What type of algorithm and name use it ? Someone have an experience from that ? Thanks
  4. khotan

    STL ?

    Is it possible to use C++ with STL Library for Leadwerks ? Not sure and not tested so I need for to be confirmed from you ? Thanks.
  5. We need some game sample made by Leadwerks as "complete" and "real" programming for 2D game c++ : 2d platform and top-down style; 3D game c++ : FPS and TPS style for learning way and very good for beginner and advanced What do you think of that ?
  6. Can make for UAK as skinning UI in look and feel with custom button ? And any example from source code sample ?
  7. Great ! Thank you and I will buy it for sure
  8. Josh, in futur are you considering to make a product as UltraEngine on Steam for easy with license ? Thanks in advance.
  9. Cool it works !! Thank you so much Ttiki
  10. No, I don't know... It is my first try in Lua for learning because I used before in C++ that work fine. How to setup for startup map in main.lua file ?
  11. When in Leadwerks editor the game lua work fine but when i create a standalone it shows nothing and doesn't work, why ? How to create a game lua from specific into executable ?
  12. i vote for 3D engine but i would like the 2d games stuff side too
  13. Maybe it needs a vote for a new forum "team for project" to talk and to join when they are ready ? Is it good or bad idea ?
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