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  1. After a break i have return to my development on FotoMuseo 3D... In one month i will publish the v3.0 of the game with more content. I'm happy, very happy!!! I have made a little teaser with some of the new content: I hope you were all ok!! 2020 and 2021 have turned into strange years.
  2. It is being a difficult year for everyone. But we must always try to see the optimistic side of it.

    1. Josh


      Everything is going to get better soon.

    2. Russell


      I reallyhope it. ?

  3. One more year (and there are already 7) I want to congratulate Christmas with a very special Christmas Card: Thanks to the Forum team here for making my work possible. PS: "Sorry that the video is only in Spanish, but normally these congratulations are only seen by friends and family around me."
  4. @Josh is possible to close this thread? Is the third or fourth Spam attempt from new spam users here...
  5. Teaser V2.0 for my FotoMuseo 3D game for Steam:


  6. Second Teaser of my game with the new content (For Steam use). Same structure as the first one, but with new gameplay inside:
  7. DEV Diary Chapter 4 - (Hidden Secret on level 2) Dragon Radar functional improvement:
  8. Many thanks!! Finally works for me in my code: --Declaramos y Guardamos la distancia entre los 2 objetos que nos interesan. local Distancia= self.Objeto1:GetPosition():DistanceToPoint(self.Objeto2:GetPosition()) --Declaramos y redondeamos la distancia anterior para quitar los decimales. local DistanciaRedonda=Math:Round(Distancia) "Math:" was the command I needed to get "Round()" working on "Distancia" variable. Many thanks!!
  9. Hello team!! I'm trying to ROUND a large decimal value obtained from DistanteToPoint: self.Object1:GetPosition():DistanceToPoint(self.Object2:GetPosition()) This is my line to obtain the distance that i show on screen with DrawText. But i don't know how encode or use Round() function to Round the value obtained from DistanceToPoint. I imagine it will be a simple line, but boy I am unable to code it. Many thanks!!
  10. Ok!! Now i have reached one satisfiying solution!!! With one more test i have solved my problems without use a duplicated script with another "FrameTexture2" variable. This 3 lines of CONTEXT in PostRender really solve my problem in this Poltergeist map maintaining the good functionality of the rest of the maps: function Script:PostRender(context) context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) context:SetColor(Vec4(1, 1, 1, 1)) --[[Block code of FRAMETEXTURE different uses]]-- context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Solid) end I don't fully understand why the translucent images originated only in this
  11. I have solve my Poltergeist team!!! After many, many, many tests, I have discovered that the problem of my translucent textures in the only map where I get the error is derived from the INTENSIVE use of a VARIABLE "FrameTexture" that I use to display ALL the HUD images in relation to to CARRY OBJECTS WITH OUR HANDS ... I control the entire HUD with "FrameTexture" variable, and it's possible that its use in that map is possibly saturated with the evolved idea of Marcousik. I think this is why I see all the DrawImage textures badly on the screen in that map: if frametexture ~= Tex
  12. Yeah, i tried. And the backup shows the images ok. But there are to much changes to use it. I'm afraid that I don't have more choices in this moment. In next days I will make all the new changes to the backup. ? But that's better than losing all the work. Thanks Marcousik.
  13. Hello again team!! See if you can help me with a Poltergeist that has suddenly appeared on one of the maps in my game. I use a Script to display images on the screen using "context: DrawImage". Until yesterday the images were showing me correctly on the screen. As I show in the following image: But today, as I continue working with the map, the textures appear like this. Translucent and in a gray color: The only change i have made to the map since yesterday has been to add 3 ship models and animate them with 3 platforms. I use the same Script to
  14. I can not believe it!! It works !! By simply writing them like this and COMMENT them, it works for me!! Do you know the amount of f***ing boxes with the textures that I have had to create throughout the 19 damn maps of FotoMuseo so that I don't get the assert error??? Now I can remove them and with a commented line of code for each of the .tex that I load on the screen along the game is enough!! Many thanks team!!!
  15. If i use this line of code: --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo1.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo2.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo3.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo4.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo5.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo6.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisTexturas/Dialogos/Dialogo7.tex") --frametexture=Texture:Load("Materials/MisT
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