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  1. Josh

    Box2D Joints

    View this video Description Fun with Box2D physics.  
  2. Fun with Box2D physics.
  3. Camera refraction effect works in 2D just as easily as 3D.
  4. View this video  
  5. First pass at fluid simulation using Google's LiquidFun modification of Box2D physics. By the time I finish optimizing this I think 100,000 particles on integrated graphics should be no problem.
  6. View this video Description First pass at fluid simulation using Google's LiquidFun modification of Box2D physics. By the time I finish optimizing this I think 100,000 particles on integrated graphics should be no problem.  
  7. I was looking about experts car simulation developers giving advice or whatever. Then I found this https://channel9.msdn.com/Blogs/Charles/Brian-Beckman-The-Physics-in-Games-Real-Time-Simulation-Explained Now I know why I am seecking a good car physics since 3 years and don't get it really working.
  8. This is a demo for a future offroad game. It demonstrates what a typical offroad drive could be in this game. It is a challenge for the driver to find a way on this broken road. The player has to follow an old forgotten road, the nature has slowly begun to cover. In the future, it supposed to let you deliver things to NPCs, win points on the road... I plan to add mud, water physics and visual effect,  sounds, music, buildings, NPCs, cars upgrades, repairing tools for broken pieces... There will be no minimap, maybe a reduced map to get maximal immersion.  
  9. View this video Description This is a demo for a future offroad game. It demonstrates what a typical offroad drive could be in this game. It is a challenge for the driver to find a way on this broken road. The player has to follow an old forgotten road, the nature has slowly begun to cover. In the future, it supposed to let you deliver things to NPCs, win points on the road... I plan to add mud, water physics and visual effect, sounds, music, buildings, NPCs, cars upgrades, repai
  10. Tell me how to get a similar result, for bending fishing rods under load?
  11. When climbing small stairs (only 24 deep x 16 high)running in EAST-WEST direction (if looking in top view) - EAST/WEST IS IMPORTANT! You may often get snagged on a teeny tiny step. Needless to say this is a disaster if you're being chased by a monster/enemy so in my opinion this is a major problem. Baffled as to why I've not heard it mentioned so maybe I'm doing something silly but seems straightforward to encounter to me. Maybe someone else can test and see if results vary? The same steps (copy paste) in a north south direction never seem to snag. Seems to be some physics bu
  12. Heyas, So I'm making this simple pachinko game. The basic gameplay is that balls will fall down hitting pins and occasionally triggering scoring areas that award more balls. All the balls and pins are CSGs with, Physics Mode: Rigid Body and Collision type: Prop. Right now the balls fall, hit the pins and simply roll off. Is there a way to adjust the physics properties of the pins and/or balls to get the balls to bounce a bit more when they hit the pins? Or perhaps the change the gravity of the balls? Thanks in advance! -can
  13. Here's my attempt so far at making my own character controller. The reason for this is because I'm using multiple gravity directions in the same world and the current controller doesn't like gravity in any direction other than down the y axis. The problem I'm having is getting the controller to stay constrained to the up axis, when you move it with speed (shift key) you'll see that it drags across the terrain and bounces around. I'm not sure how to correctly use the joints settings to stop this kind of movement. Any help is appreciated. #include "App.h" using namespace Leadwerks;
  14. What's the best way to add physics constraints to a custom player controller? For example, the cylinder shape is pulled toward gravity (which is not always straight down) then collides with an object, how do I stop little movements like sliding and twisting once it collides? As far as I can tell, the inbuilt character controller only slides if the slope is greater than max slope. And when it moves around by key press it doesn't rotate left or right or jitter as it goes over various sloped polygons. Gravity is added like so in a different class to the controller; float _force =
  15. Now, I wrote a single script that creates suspension, steer and traction You have to create the chassis, 4 wheels, set this script to each one of the wheels and then paly with the configurable parameters. Enjoy: --[[ Autor Juan Ignacio Odriozola (charrua) Purpose: A script that facilitates the making of a simple car all you need is a chassis and 4 wheels assing this scrip to each wheel and set the object chassis then adjust some of the configurable parameters Parent: chassis entity : wheel 3 joints and 2 auxiliary entities are created the chain is: Parent
  16. Charrua


    Recently i posted a simple car made with joints without too much explanations... so What is a joint? This video shows joints in action. At the end, the stand alone executable and the complete project. The following text and figure is from the "ode-latest-userguide", figures are also form the JV-ODE documentation: In real life a joint is something like a hinge, that is used to connect two objects. It is a relationship that is enforced between two bodies so that they can only have certain positions and orientations relative to each other. This relationship is
  17. Charrua

    Simple Car

    Here there is a way of making a simple car based on hinges This is not a tutorial, is just simply a stating point for the ones that want/like to play arround physics and hinges... I included the entire project and the distribution executable to test the scripts so, you have as I say a starting point and just that, hpe it helps someone This is the editor view and the initial placement of the parts needed Basically I made 3 scripts physicsProperties.lua wheel.lua steer.lua First you have to create and place the car body or chassis, 4 wheels and 6 au
  18. This bug occurs on AI and Events.map since beta 4.5 https://1drv.ms/v/s!AtMv1SrHrjT3wi2zRj0x7H6aQedb
  19. I just want to verify the way the physics commands should work. I'm assuming that Newton Game Dynamics uses real world equations to calculate the final force and velocity of objects. So if that's the case, what are the units of measurements that should be passed to each of the physics commands? If I set an entities mass to 100.0f, and say this is 100 kg, what should input into into "AddForce()"? m/s² or Newtons? It would make sense to be newtons because that's the measurement of force. And also "SetFriction()". Is this the friction coefficient or the force in newtons that ha
  20. Hi! I was wondering if someone can point me a basic tutorial or example on how to create simple vehicle with 4.4? I haven't loaded workshop cars because, if I understood correctly, they were made for 3.x and vehicle physics have changed since. I also read that they were disabled at some point, is that still the case? I guess not when watching this cool video I would appreciate any tips, thanks!
  21. Hello everyone, I was wondering if it's possible to implement destruction physics in Leadwerks. Most of the game engine has this kind of physics already integrated. Is it already available and I didn't find it out ? Or it will be a future implementation ? Thank you !
  22. Below code was attached to a Pivot function Script:Start() self.box1 = Model:Box(0.2,0.2,0.2) self.box1:SetPosition(self.entity:GetPosition()) self.box2 = Model:Box(0.2,0.2,0.2) self.box2:SetPosition(self.entity:GetPosition() + Vec3(0.5,0,0)) end function Script:UpdateWorld() if window:KeyHit(Key.F2) then local pos = self.box1:GetPosition() local joint = Joint:Ball(pos.x,pos.y,pos.z,self.box2,self.box1) joint:SetLimits(10,10) joint:EnableLimits() self.box2:SetMass(1) self.box2:AddForce(100,100,100) end end It works for Joint:Hinge(), I can not set minimum cone angle and twist angle f
  23. Hi everyone,can anyone give me a hand? I'm doing some port models, and my crane is getting very heavy physics. I've tried another but none of my taste, can anyone give me a hint ?? I've already used "PolyHedron" "ConvexHull" and "Convex Decomposition" but the best is "PolyMesh" but it gets very heavy! Thank you, follow an image of the model in the engine!
  24. Hi guys I am trying Leadwerks and it's good! I can't find nothing about how to join togheter different physical objects (for example to make a car with wheels). Obviously that car must be handled by physic engine. Is this feature available? Thank you!
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