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  1. I have tried to remove my Leadwerks folder from the Documents folder, but it didn't work. If i start Leadwerks from terminal i get: libpng warning: Application jmp_buf size changed Segmentation fault (core dumped)
  2. After reinspecting things i have noticed that the animation of the .fbx file is imported in Leadwerks. However its about 1000 times the size. I will make a video showing this when i get home.
  3. Does the animation in the fbx file look allright?
  4. Goto here to get blender file and model files.
  5. Its not just the model viewer. The model from the Crawler works fine in the Leadwerks model viewer and the model imported from blender does not work in game. If i can't do animations with Blender and import to Leadwerks. Does any one know another solution that can be used? This is really a showstopper for me right now
  6. I didn't show how I actually made the App class into a singleton, however Roland's example is exactly right. This is only to do c++ calls from lua. I haven't actually figured out how to call lua scripts from c++ yet. I suppose I can figure that out by looking at the implementation in the default code in a leadwerks project.
  7. Here is how i made it possible to call C++ from LUA. I want to build Multiplayer game in Leadwerks. But i couldn't find networking libraries and threading libraries that would make it usable in Lua. So i build a Networking client in C++ with libcurl and libpthread . But i want to still use the Lua scripting on the prefabs since a lot of work is already done for me here. And also programming in Higher level languages is just faster. I decided to use the libtolua++ libraries, since this is already build into Leadwerks. I work on Ubuntu 15.04. Here the tolua++ libs are installed with:
  8. I Also have this issue. I run Blender and Leadwerks on Linux. I have tried to do the Blender Work and exporting in Windows and importing in Leadwerks on Linux, but with the same result. I havent tried to Import on Windows Leadwerks since i dont have a Windows machine with OpenGL 4 support I am running my Windows build environment in Virtualbox. So i can run Blender and build the solution in Visual studio.
  9. I have an Issue when I import Models from Blender that are animated with bones and armatures. I have the Leadwerks export plugin installed in Blender but you can also export with FBX. However the result is similar. I have made a video about it and uploaded it on youtube: Sometimes i can get a half model appearing with animations in Leadwerks and other i can only get a few faces appearing.
  10. What should one do to be able to contribute on this forum?

    1. Josh


      Your first post has to be manually approved to keep out spam. I don't see anything from you yet?

    2. pracedru


      Hi Josh,



      I'll make another one on tolua++ then :)


  11. My status is the only thing i can comment on here in the Leadwerks forum :(

  12. Animations from Blender wont work :(

    1. Thirsty Panther
    2. pracedru


      I still cant make any posts here on the Leadwerks forum, but I can comment on my status :D


      I have uploaded a video on youtube that shows my problem.



  13. Lua to c++ is pretty easy when you figure it out :D

    1. Roland


      You could perhaps write a small blog post on how to do it to spread the knowledge

    2. Slastraf
    3. pracedru


      I did actually.. But it hasn't been accepted by the moderator.

  14. Since i didn't have a solution to do a server-client data layer in Lua i decided to build one in C++. This is mainly due to being more familiar with multi threading in C++, And this kind of stuff needs to be in a separate thread from the 3D rendering thread, in my opinion. But i still wanted to use LUA for prefab scripting and all the other neat stuff Leadwerks. Here is what i did to make this work: I installed tolua++ on my development machine with sudo apt-get install libtolua++5.1-dev I build a class named ShotListener.h #pragma once #include "App.h" #include "Leadwe
  15. I also have this issue on linux. I have found a workaround, that makes all the faces appear,( by searching the animation in the Ladwerks Model editor and finding a frame where all the faces are shown and then saving.) This is a huge setback in my project. I can't continue if i cant make animations work.
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