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  1. Fair enough. Its difficult to do videos and to keep the content current. Especially with software that will be evolving over time.
  2. This might help. https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/languages/cpp
  3. Regarding the Video: -Good straight forward explanation of how to get started and excellent demonstration of how to use the example scripts. - Some umm and arrrs that could be fixed up. - I know the App Kit is aimed at experienced users but no explanation of how to get / use Visual studio. - You skipped the login process for Ultra App Kit.
  4. There is an C++ extension for VS Code.
  5. Looks good. Is this with Leadwerks 4 or UltraEngine?
  6. So Blender has an alternative to using gizmos. It allows for key presses as short cuts for object placement. The "G" key stands for grab and is a short cut for translation mode. First you left click the object you wish to move. The press g on the keyboard. Move your object to it new position and left click to mouse again to confirm the new position. Its very quick . Other keys such as x,y,z lock the object to those axis's. S is used for scale.
  7. There is an old elevator script in the workshop. Have you tried it? Its a little old and I'm not sure it works with the current version of Leadwerks but at lest it will give you somewhere to start. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=510080616&searchtext=
  8. In the top right hand corner you will find a "scene " tab. Select this. Down the bottom of this tab you will find "Post effects". Click "Add ". Select the effect you want then run your game.
  9. I can't like any posts. Its not that they are not good enough, there is just no option to!

    1. Josh


      I was messing around with different settings. It's enabled now.

  10. Tipforeveryone did a nice one some time ago.
  11. You can use Vue. Josh has a Blog post on this. Vue is a bit pricey for me so I used Bryce and Gimp using a dds plugin.
  12. Only thing I can think of is to use a small brush and up the sensitivity and just carve the weather effect your looking for.
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