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  1. Got to admire your perseverance Yue. You have spent ages on this. Glad it is finally working for you.
  2. Just wondering how easy it will be to convert our Leadwerks projects to the new UltrEngine. From what I have observed, assets, such as sounds and models should be able to migrate easily enough. What about maps and scripts?
  3. Its AI generated. Check out AIVA.AI You just select the style, instruments, and duration for your track. So in this case I selected Hip-Hop, Lofi ensemble and 90 seconds. That track was generated in about 20 seconds. I only have a free account so the copyright of the composition stays with Aiva. If you get one of the paid accounts you can own the copyright of the composition. It even has an option to upload a track you like and it will generate something in a similar style. for you.
  4. Something like this? https://creators.aiva.ai/publicPlayer?c=61dddc4c85be100025c2aa00
  5. Check out Action 2 https://soundimage.org/action-2/ Has some tracks for racing games. Not blusey but more "Outrun" style. You could also look at Erics chiptunes music as they have a similar vibe. His rock section might be more useful if you want something a little more upbeat.
  6. Josh, have you tried using TWahl's Sci Fi textures in the new engine. Would look fantastic .
  7. AMD have a free library of PBR materials. https://matlib.gpuopen.com/main/materials/all Over 200 materials such as concrete , metals, plater and lots more.
  8. This thread might be of some help. Its a little old but has example code that will head you in the right direction.
  9. You need the base version of Leadwerks to run the Pro version. If you look at the Humble web page, at the bottom it states this. https://www.humblebundle.com/store/leadwerks-game-engine-professional-edition
  10. So does that mean it will be awhile before we see UltraEngine? ie post Christmas.
  11. There are 2 options. Buy outright on Steam or buy the subscription method here on the Ultrengine website. Re the person not being able to login the appkit has been updated to handle special characters. Josh answered this on the steam forum.
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