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  1. If you have troubles with global/local rotation, did you try to use transform() ? https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Math_Transform_Rotation
  2. Yes I thought about the sound and light effect and all a question of timing. Thx for the links. It seems to me they are using acceleration and deceleration while animating making a sword moving quicker and giving a pause if I don't know critical or maybe blocked so that all the rythm of the combat becomes non liniar. This seems a crazy work of coordination, maybe they have tools for that, maybe programmers are just incredible artists and that's why so much other games come out without that quality.
  3. There are for Skyrim ten years after release many mods and modders that are trying to reinvent the combat system that feels maybe to soft,or simply boring. This could introduce my question, does anyone here know anything about animations Technics on how you can create Energy fully effects in the characters animations How the player gets a chocking feedback on weapon collision? Hit Feedback? Blocked chock Feedback feelings like metal hits something and not feeling like a knife in a mushroom yes. Here is a good example how it is possible to feel the combat dynamically:
  4. This is still a good question... Maybe it depends on where do you call the becomewater() function from ?
  5. Will it be possible to rotate a texture too ?
  6. Ok sorry to annoy with this because its not the right place, but it's weirdy. I'm actually only able to watch videos on the site if I'm NOT logged in. As soon as I log in, the video disppear no matter which videos...
  7. I can't see any videos actually :S anybody elese having this??
  8. Great but now your video seems to gone? Can't see it anymore
  9. ^^ https://media4.giphy.com/media/AF1OSGq0jd7oeaN8t2/200.gif Aow the message box just tell me Thats not possible ? 😲
  10. That sure looks super top. I think questioning performances becomes interesting or problematic by cumulativ features like animations * mass * shadows * polygons * lightning * models. That's still what I'm missing in the tests here.
  11. Right I did not know that. Like in Canada and Australian. ^^
  12. Ok thx for setting this clear! Well I didn't know for the 🏈! 😂 This is called rugby usually Europe football ⚽ is round.. how do you name that sport in America?
  13. Here is the bug I use a script summoning Model:Sphere() props shaped with Shape:Sphere() You can see the shape with the debug mode but the props react with physics as if they were round like footballs: (there is no invisible tricks) TEMP 2021-08-11 15-44-46.mp4 Here with the same script it works normallly as expected if using Shape:ConvexHull(surface) on the Spheres: TEMP 2021-08-11 15-45-52.mp4
  14. View this video Description Following this previous showcase: https://www.ultraengine.com/community/video/view/750-scripting-a-shader-texture-movement/ Floating objects are done, using the same movement that uses the shader, it only applies a point() function on an entity to get this. The objects here have no mass, so no physics is used. Thx Havenphilip and Slastraf for suggestions and shader creation.  
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