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  1. May I suggest you can add some sort of posteffect red flickering signals on the screen on the edge maybe while the player lacks oxygen - before it dies
  2. Yes I did build such a mesh but the triangles are not bound each other and it results a hole. You can't think - as I did - that the mesh will react like a terrain forming, with each segment moving the next with itself, going up and down as you expect., building a beautiful hill. No. Mesh is composed of lots of triangle but moving one vertex open a window in the mesh, - so practically you will have to calculate with this method the interpolated positions of all neighbor vertex to simulate properly a beautiful wave. If not your mesh will only looks messy
  3. Yes size and shape can be changed as you want, but smaller, it will require to change the appearing rhythm or it will look a way less uniform (as mud should!) Please keep really cool.. nobody would never complain for becoming help, or whatever, and those things are really difficult, that must stay 100% hobby.
  4. So well I tried a lot things with vertex but it comes to no satisfying result because the vertex are not bound - so moving down a vertex positoin just made a hole in the mesh Then I tried moving csgs around the tires, with collision detection and I think - as I'm sure not going to make a snowrunner 2 (^^) - well it should be enough for my little game, until maybe Havenphillip finds something better with shadering... Here is the result of this: TEMP 2022-01-19 12-53-14.mp4
  5. I'm afraid "games" will not more be really games but goods big companies are intended to sell with high graphics next gen's and NFT's and ingame shops with tons of skins and and and. All of that could be bugs in the future leaving an empty place between indies (good ideas, no money) and the AAA big games industry (much money but no ideas) Games as a piece of construction that is build from developpers to give fun with love for details and trying to give the best gameplay they ever made, well that I'm afraid will become a rarity.
  6. @Yue yeah they had this mud wonder simulation yet in games earlier than snowrunner. @havenphillip ok, please follow this steps, I added quickly the feature tire tracks to an old jeep script: 1) Open the workshop in engine and look at the jeep and please install it in a project 2) Replace the script on the jeep with this one: In the same folder .../scripts/objects/vehicules BuildCar46.lua 3) Add this Material in the decals assets: decals.zip 4) Start the map, drive the car, you need a FPSPlayer Leadwerks PLayer character. Okay the car script is
  7. The whole script would be in this case the entire car script, means including a lot of non usable things for that. The decal are always staying there where you position them.. There just gone erased with a scripted time factor and you place new ones on the terrain each few seconds. So the question is for me: Could you work on a decal set on the terrain or model? Like that: - I have to say I tried to create a whole effect using normals... But it is nonsense, I mean, I didn't get anything usable
  8. I don't understand what kind of script you need with the decals? I just use a script to put the decals - assigned with a tire track material - on the ground or terrain and align each decals to the spline the car takes in its movement, I don't have anything else as script. My idea about the "veggies moving shader" trails mud is that especially mud does not stay long on its form after a tire has been going through so it could take its original form back after the tire went through, at a speed depending on the tire speed? I don't know if it would work.. That's my problem with decal
  9. Yeah that's crazy, sure. I will try more experiments with decals but I don't expect to reach anything with movements like this mud (video) is moving under the force of the tires. I thought about using csgs too or adding sprites but still nothing really great. You did that veggies moving shader by going through, maybe it could generate such an illlusion, moving texture slowly apart, as mud has another physics.. I don't know just some confuse ideas.. Here I found others examples, with less buffers I don't know maybe could inspire https://www.shadertoy.com/view/4sKSzR
  10. @havenphillipMaybe something like this.. It is not soo far away from mud, if you replace the smoke with mud-ground texture and make everything slower: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/WlVyRV
  11. @Eric Matyas OK thx @Thirsty Panther Yes that's nice, maybe too short but nice. Where did you find it? Author? Copyright? Download?
  12. Hi Eric, May I ask you something you could recommend for my game? I'm looking for an ambiant music little bit bluesi for long offroad trips - like people did in the 70s trip in the desert, peaceful and seeking for a truth. Maybe you think about something. Thx!
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