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  1. Mm..So it would run through a tree, wouldn't it? I encountered that problem by trying to write an own player controller
  2. Ok... I just wonder how it manages collisions without mass...
  3. Ok ^^ Then I will one day try it with joints, could be funny too. But how did you manage the physics?? Do the legs have a Mass ?
  4. If you permit it, I share here a passed blog entry about creating terrain from a lua script. I found a few mathematical possibilities to simulate the perlin effect and to create a 3D hill but it has the limits that you cannot make the hill high as you want, without that the base will become somehow buggy. Maybe you can share some of other tricks to get it done...
  5. I had the idea to make something like that too ^^ Is this built with joints ? Can the machine go faster?
  6. Well all the challenge for this is to make the terrain seemless like a good texture that can be puzzled together, right? Maybe it is possible for FPS Open world to make the world infinite with water as connection between 1024*1024 Isles ? And Bridges... Maybe, to try.
  7. Very cool.. Would that run ok in 3D view FPS or are there restrictions? Would this system run ok with bigger Terrain tiles?
  8. Shouldn't it be; roadModel:UpdateAABB(Entity.LocalAABB | Entity.GlobalAABB) > I got it from there: https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Surface_Add > No it is not needed. Thx for reply. I don't know where is the problem. In the editor you can easily collapse models with different surfaces/materials and generate a polymesh shape. But seems not possible in script. Because collapsing make the entire model with one unique material. I got the shape to be right generated with this: So I created 2 different models wi
  9. mmh I don't get it to work.. Something must be wrong but I don't know what. But I could get it running by creating 2 differents models, but maybe worse for performances.
  10. thx, Yes I tried that. But then I lost the 2 different Materials applied on the 2 different surfaces ! Is there something else ?
  11. How should I set a complete polymesh shape with a script on a model with 2 surfaces? I construct the shape like this: local surf1 = Model:GetSurface(0) local surf2 = Model:GetSurface(1) local Shape1 = PolyMesh(surf1) local Shape2 = PolyMesh(surf2) Model:SetShape(--- ??? ----) How to I set the two shapes on one model ????? Thx for help
  12. Marcousik


  13. Marcousik


  14. So yes it works, a showcase was created simply by posting a new video.
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