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  1. I have issues importing a very simple model. If I apply baked textures from blender spots on the model will be black. Also UV's will not be the same as in blender. Also when applying a material with animation shader the model will disappear. This is the blender view (sorry for gore-ish) Above the leadwerks view. Major black spot on top and also completely misaligned UV's. As I said, with animation shaders it will just disappear. I also needed to make three copies of the fbx until it was imported without random holes in the mesh. spiderTex.mat spidertorso.mdl.meta sp
  2. I have played around some more and managed to align the boxes to the other spider leg again. But as soon as I enable another leg and it comes into view , not before, the whole thing breaks again. Here another script where you can enable/disable. Look at the video, its very weird. oldSpiderLeg.lua
  3. At this time I have come to the conclusion that every type of entity has different rotation "offset" that is all over the place. I have had the boxes align to the leg model without bones, align it to the leg with bones but now I broke everything and cant revert it. I need to find some universal rule for inversing the rotations. They are as I found out by default not inverse. Thats why it's called "Inverse Kinematics" ha. Here is the script that creates boxes as knee etc. Still need to experiment with it to make it work on everything oldSpiderLeg.lua
  4. I have replicated the issue with three boxes. They are now doing the same weird rotation as the leg with bone (but are just boxes with relation)
  5. Hard to make because only distance is taken into account. To place boxes at the starting position and then relate them to copy over the rotation would be possible. I will do this right now and post the script.
  6. The rotation is set like this - during runtime the entity of the script makes a new pivot on itself and set itself as child of the new pivot - this new pivot points at the target point so it eliminates two axis of rotation - to set the x rotation of the leg the two bones are determined and a triangle with base from leg origin to target is made. - then from the length of the origin of the leg to the knee, and from the length knee to the target, the other two sides are determined. - with that there is enough information to calculate two angles, one of the upper leg and lower child leg
  7. You need to reset the targetPoint to sphere_Far and Sphere 1 as in the screenshots. It was in the map data but probably lost when you opened it somehow.
  8. Try it in the fps template, it has the fps player in there
  9. You can avoid them by setting nav mesh obstacle on the tree. Right now it would place foot behind and in front of the tree. Theres a few ms where the leg is inside the tree but not so bad. You can animate tree moving so it looks good
  10. It has no collisions. It puts it foot where there is any surface.
  11. Thanks for trying. Is there any fix ?
  12. Yes I hope it was everything. spiderLegFiles.zip
  13. Yes I have used both now and they have the same result. I thought SetQuaternion was going to fix it but it didn't.
  14. I have converted the script and tried to make a lot of adjustments, but so far have not been able to accurately replicate rotation of an already working model without bones. The script is uploaded here, but I don't know why the model with bone (not the green +yellow one) is still acting strangely. It seems to not track the target blue sphere accurately. I have uploaded the bone model before. Really would like to proceed with normal development speed but I sit on this sole issue for two days now and really don't know any fix. //edit In the video the model with bone ha
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