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  1. Slastraf

    Voxel raytracing

    lightning looks really good
  2. Hi I just wanted to show these screenshots of game ready "deamons" that I modeled & textured for my game RealmRise. more and updates: https://discord.gg/AaNnRAhmJj
  3. this is not the prime beginner example for recursion, too
  4. you need to iterate svotnodes pseudocode foreach svotnodes as svotnode : level = svotnodes[index].params[2]; if level == maxlevels -1) : [...] for n < 8: if (SVOTNodeContainsNode(svotnodes[index].child[n], x, y, z)) { foreach svotnodes as svotnode2 : level2 = svotnodes[index].params[2]; if level2 == maxlevels -1) : [...] } if you want to find the "terminal node" you need to iterate over all nodes, however I dont think the index changes so that might be a problem. Sorry dont have much time to look over this
  5. I dont think it is possible without directly accessing the mesh in c++. You need to make a set for different body parts (legs, arms) and set the object's origin. In Blender additionally apply rotate, scale
  6. Have you set your object collision type to debris ? It collides with scene and props, but not with itself. Here you can find a quick example but you should try out Collision.Debris or find the index for it https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_SetCollisionType
  7. lerp = Math::Lerp(2, 0, 0.5); will always make the player height zero lerp = Math::Lerp(camera->GetPosition().y, (playerheight*cdown ), 0.5); does this make sense to you ? camera->GetPosition().y, may be wrong but you need to get the y part of the vector of getposition also you need to remove (makes no sense): while (true) { // remove this line camera->GetPosition();
  8. //might not work but is pseudo code // Vec3 ccamerapos = ccamera->GetPosition(); // ccamera->SetPosition(0, Math::Lerp(1, ccamerapos->GetY(), (crouchedBool*(characterheight)+crouchHeight 0);
  9. you need this to be a function with a tick and for every tick your camera moves a tiny bit more towards the target position. You could use Lerp in that function : https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Math_Lerp
  10. About the turn, I haven't used it as I needed to "snap" rotation in my case. Alternatively, have you tried adding a simple box collision to the bone, that dont ollide with each other, make the bones a joint of some sort, and then apply gravity to make it a ragdoll ?
  11. This is a really hard thing to do and unfortunately it only ever works with upright bone models. I made spider legs but modeled them like this place bone, do not rotate scale etc extrude it to the top Then it is possible to rotate them, but also only tested with setrotation()
  12. Personally I would use leadwerks stream and make my own parser and file system depending on what I need for example names.data foo bar then loop trough all the lines and read all the data into an array
  13. First you need some kind of noise funciton in lua. https://github.com/Auburn/FastNoiseLite/releases/download/v1.0.3/FastNoiseLiteGUI-Win64.exe this is an example program to make differnent kinds of noises (-> https://github.com/Auburn/FastNoise_CSharp) This is perlin lua noise : https://gist.github.com/kymckay/25758d37f8e3872e1636d90ad41fe2ed Here an explaination. http://adrianb.io/2014/08/09/perlinnoise.html I have already implemented a noise generator in c++. This is the most important part : int roundedPosX = std::round(playerPos.x/tileSize)-offset; int ro
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