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  1. Personally I would use leadwerks stream and make my own parser and file system depending on what I need for example names.data foo bar then loop trough all the lines and read all the data into an array
  2. First you need some kind of noise funciton in lua. https://github.com/Auburn/FastNoiseLite/releases/download/v1.0.3/FastNoiseLiteGUI-Win64.exe this is an example program to make differnent kinds of noises (-> https://github.com/Auburn/FastNoise_CSharp) This is perlin lua noise : https://gist.github.com/kymckay/25758d37f8e3872e1636d90ad41fe2ed Here an explaination. http://adrianb.io/2014/08/09/perlinnoise.html I have already implemented a noise generator in c++. This is the most important part : int roundedPosX = std::round(playerPos.x/tileSize)-offset; int ro
  3. Well for one, have an engine that allows you to walk more than 10 minutes into one direction with my character controller without despawning the camera. __________ (alternative answer) __________ There is a huge difference between random generation and procedural because the latter adds many rules to your liking. Procedural noise such as Perlin allows you to make height maps. The more "octaves" you add ( 0.5*perlin(frequency)+0.25*perlin(frequency)+) essentially (for i<n do (i/2)*perlin(frequency) + (i/2*n)*perlin(frequency) ). Octaves = detail This looks something like this
  4. I have gone from 15 fps to 130 fps by optimizing my code about terrain generation and procedural textures. Chances are if it runs at 15 fps in LE 4 it will also run at 15 fps in LE 5 There are many things that cannot be done in LE 4 without many workarounds such as transparency shaders, geometry shaders etc. Once the first run-able instance of the new engine is out I will start to write my own plugins for procedural stuff and do the things that right now are hard.
  5. Please change your name back 😃

    1. Josh


      WHy? I like. Is good.

  6. You should add AI to the game that follows you really fast and shoots guns and stuff at you and you will be able to get revenge by upgrading your car + weapons
  7. I see, but I talked about actual roads to drive on, that can be placed in the terrain.
  8. Hey that looks really good. Do you want to collaborate on a procedural road decal ?
  9. I also had trouble in the beginning with the default project settings
  10. I had this happen so often to me over years on random applications and feels like this has bugging me ever since.
  11. can we "crossfade" models into the terrain as found in unreal engine ?
  12. Theres always risks not running everything correctly in the browsers. Opera offers anti tracking, free unlimited vpn and addons and built in whatsapp twitter etc.
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