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  1. Hi there team!! I have one question i hope you can help me with... I have a level with only 2 cameras for show an animation prologue... Text and Images using POSTRENDER and context system works ok in CAMERA 1. But when i disable CAMERA1 and enable CAMERA2 for continue animation in another location of the map, TEXT and IMAGES don't appear on CAMERA 2... Anyone have any tip or idea why is this happening??? If you need more information ask me... I don't know how solve this... Thank you very much!!
  2. Hey all, I'm playing with VR and I wanted to create something you'd find in Robo Recall in which the player can change the direction they want to face after a teleport. I did the becon rotating and it was all ready to go until I found out that no matter If I rotated the camera or player, OpenVR took priority on what was north south east and west. Is there a way to do this in lua and/or C++? I have a Oculus Rift with very limited play space so I wanted to have this feature for playing around.
  3. Turning/Moving the camera in the perspective viewport stopped working for some reason. It whas working fine yesterday. This is using leadwerks 4.4. The things that do work is: Panning/Zooming (scroll wheel). The things that dont work anymore: Moving (ASWD). Up/Down (QE). Panning (Arrow Keys). Is this a bug or did i accidentally change a option somewhere? (i've tried changing some options in config but no changes)
  4. Is there a way to rotate camera around the selection (selected object) in the editor? To observe selection from different directions. (I found only the free rotation mode (with right mouse button) which rotates camera around it`s own pivot)
  5. I'm setting my camera based on my model's position/rotation but i'd like the camera to be positioned a little further back so i can actually see the model move, i think what i'm looking for is something like vector forward. Right now, i'm setting it at the exact same x/z coordinates. Vec3 pos = player_entity->model->GetPosition(); camera->SetPosition(Vec3(pos.x, pos.y + 2, pos.z)); What would be required to re-calculate the new x/z coordinates of the camera?
  6. This function does not work (camera->SetViewport). Please tell me a replacement. On a single screen must be two cameras. I am using C ++.
  7. CorzaX24


    Hey guys, Yet another issue I'm faced with, and is probably real simple to accomplish but I can't seem to understand how to do it. How do I add a Post-Processing shader to my work? Not a single model, but to the entire level? Thanks in advance!
  8. I have done quite a bit of snooping about, on the forums and going through the tutorials on YouTube, the complete series done by Jorn Theunisen is old and I understand some parts are outdated. Keeping in mind I'm not a programmer though I can read it fairly well just cannot write it, has anyone developed a rpg style 3rd person camera script? Not sure what I'm referring to a example is, Skyrim or even WOW, where the camera follows and has collision detection so it does not drift through walls, and you can rotate around it with the right mouse button. I'm sure there are developers out
  9. if window:MouseHit(1) then local pickinfo= PickInfo() local p1 = Window:GetCurrent():GetMousePosition() --local box = Model:Box() if (self.camera:Pick(p1.x,p1.y,pickinfo,0.5,true)) then if pickinfo.entity then if pickinfo.entity:GetKeyValue("Button")~="" then --box:SetScale(0.2,0.2,0.2) --box:SetPosition(pickinfo.entity:GetPosition(true),true) System:Print(tostring(pickinfo.entity:GetKeyValue("Button"))) end end end end the above is the camera pick , I cant find anything . The camera pick should Print the Key value of the box in the script below. However, it prints nothing and I dont
  10. I have a third person character controller, the character has pickmode(0). I can walk around and have obstacles between the player and the cam , but nothing happens? the self.pivot is a pivot which is at the center of the character (the camera focus). updateworld: if self.entity.world:Pick(self.pivot:GetPosition(),self.camera:GetPosition(),pickinfo,0,true) then local model2 = Model:Box() model2:SetPickMode(0) model2:SetPosition(pickinfo.position) model2:SetColor(0,1,0) System:Print(">> PICKED") --self.camera:SetPosition(pickinfo.position) end
  11. Hello there, I have 2 questions and any help / idea is welcome. 1. How can I make sure that the camera does not go off terrain? 2. I need to move the camera forward (0Z) and sidewards (0X) along it's own axes, but without taking in consideration the rotation around 0Y axis (up/down). Any idea? I tried to make some pictures, hope they help: and an example: PS: I have solutions for both problems, but I am not satisfied with them. 1. "trap" the camera inside a cube 2. increment the camera position with sin(y rotation) on 0X, and with cos(y rotation) on 0Z code below:
  12. Please consider this piece of code: #include "App.h" App::App() : window(NULL), context(NULL), world(NULL), camera(NULL) { } App::~App() { delete world; delete window; } Leadwerks::Model *model = NULL; bool App::Start() { window = Leadwerks::Window::Create(); context = Leadwerks::Context::Create(window); world = Leadwerks::World::Create(); camera = Leadwerks::Camera::Create(); camera->Move(0, 0, -3); Leadwerks::Light *light = Leadwerks::DirectionalLight::Create(); light->SetRotation(35, 35, 0); model = Leadwerks::Model::Box(); model->SetColor
  13. Hello forum, I am trying to make my camera move along some 3D points that also store rotation How can I make the movement smooth like in a spline? I don't know much about splines but found this for leadwerks 2: How can I do sth. like that on Leadwerks 3? thanks for your help! yours Max Aigner
  14. Just had a question with whether it is possible to make a dynamic scope for a weapon using the Camera Entity. I have the camera mounted in front of the scope of the weapon in the prefab and set the Render target on the scopes .tex. Inside the editor it seems to be working but in game the scope is just black. I have no idea if this was at all possible just gave it a shot. Any ideas would be awesome!
  15. Hello Leadwerks community, This is my first post and I was wondering if anyone out there is able to help me create a simple script. As the title states, I just want to get a simple script, like the FPS controller one, however, just for walking around. Thanks.
  16. Hello! I have problems with creating spectator camera with C++ using this tutorial sphere moving faster then camera, but this is not main problem. I dont understand why, but sphere have the inertia. I mean, when i stop pressing 'w' sphere dont stop movement, just slow down a bit. And also she pushes off from the wall and flies. I cant understand why it hapends! Please, give me advice. There is my code #include "App.h" using namespace Leadwerks; App::App() : window(NULL), context(NULL), world(NULL), camera(NULL) {} App::~App() { delete world; delete window; } Vec3 camRotation;
  17. Alright, this seems like a pretty important issue to me. As it is desirable and expected, directional light shadows are culled (not showed/displayed) when the camera is far away from the object: it has to be within the range of 30m or so, as I've seen so far, in order that shadows get rendered (at least with default light quality). However, when camera is set far away from the object, but zooms in so that it appears very near to the object, shadows are not rendered either. If you think about it, that is a highly unrealistic behavior: Imagine a camera that simulates binoculars. If we lo
  18. When I try to change a camera mode to Camera.Ortographic, I get a "error in function 'SetProjectionMode'.; argument #2 is 'nil'; 'number' expected." function Script:UpdateWorld() if (window:KeyHit(Key.Space)) then if (self.entity:GetProjectionMode()==Camera.Orthographic) then self.entity:SetProjectionMode(Camera.Perspective) self.entity:SetZoom(1) else self.entity:SetProjectionMode(Camera.Ortographic) self.entity:SetZoom(1) end end end
  19. Hello! So i am not sure if this is an actual bug or not, if not I apologize. but the issue that i am running into is sometimes when i start Leadwerks i am not able to move my camera as I normally am, for example I can not use the right click to turn or use wasd to move or e and q to go up and down which really limits how quickly i can edit the map. Is there some option that controls this? Or am i having a weird bug? Any help with this will be much appreciated!
  20. Line 10 Script.playerHeight = 1.8 --float "Player Height" Line 86 --local playerTempHeight = ((self:IsCrouched() == 1) and crouchHeight or playerHeight)
  21. I'm implementing a camera picking with this code if (window:MouseHit(1)) then local pickinfo = PickInfo() if (self.camera:Pick(context:GetWidth() / 2, context:GetHeight() / 2, pickinfo, 0, true)) then System:Print(pickinfo.position.z) end end and I'm getting really wierd results concerning the pickinfo.position.z (x and y are correct). Here they are This happens only when I'm picking the cube (CSG, but happens with models as well) from the frontside, that is, when I'm facing in the positive z axis direction. When I slowly move the mouse and do the picking, I get differe
  22. While trying to getting a camera present in a Map from the C++ side, I found there is 2 cameras (according to world->cameras.size(). What is the second camera ? How leadweaks choose the camera to render the scene ?
  23. So after making my model and revision it 2 times I cant figure out why when I import it and place a fps camera in it. When the game starts the forward position is off and the camera shows above the player model. I do want the camera in third person but I want to be able to have it not controlling it backwards. This model contains: BI-Pod/Bones 10 Objects BEFORE DOWNLOADING THIS ATTACHMENT PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW AND READ THE TERMS OF USE. Terms Of Downloading My Model https://docs.google.com/document/d/13VeSDy8LNNDKYJmUPX9Lj-SQ-grroQ8TNqdWo43nPRE/edit?usp=sharing
  24. Ok so I've decided to make my own project to practice on learning how to use the engine. In the sample project 'MyGame', the camera placed using the editor had wireframe showing the viewing frustum. But in my new project when I add a camera using the editor, the frustum is gone. How do I make the frustum reappear? EDIT: Huh I restarted the editor and the camera got its frustum back.
  25. Hi I went through the Object script tutorials and I've gotten that crate model to rotate. I've also tested out the Pick example for the Camera class. Now my question how do I make a Camera object that I placed in the editor to do a "Pick" on the crate model then have that model rotate (and maybe even play a sound)?
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