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  1. Appreciate your feedback Josh, documentation is sometimes more of a challenge then the software
  2. Thank you Josh, and yes I went through the official tutorials and oops, ok on the search I guess it does not show up unless you log in. My mistake. Regarding finding information, here is a scenario, you go through all the tutorials, however, you want to go back and find something specific, that is where I'm running into the problem, you have to search through them and hope to find the related topic. Perhaps an index can be made of common topics and where to find them, I hope this makes sense and it would certainly help.
  3. Couple of questions 1 - How do you search these forums, I'm not finding a search ability anywhere. 2 - I am starting to work with the engine but I am trying to find specific information on how to use a FPS camera without having to go through and try to find a section of the videos or in the tutorial documents that go over this? Again, is there a way to search for specific information? 3 - I am also looking for the information on how to set up a skybox, and I crossed it I think somewhere in the videos or documents, it does not seem to be in the terrain tutorial I could have missed
  4. Oh thank you I did go over that tutorial and know how to attach a script, I was referring to character animations, I didn't make that clear, sorry about that.
  5. I'm new to the engine so the previous project does not apply, thank you for the answer, Do you have a walkthrough of how to use this? Thanks!
  6. Watching a video tutorial is a very helpful resource, however, having a written document with the same steps can often help even more. In most cases when recording you are referring to a document you have written, some people can do a video tutorial off the top of their heads. It does take quite some time to type out a document for a video tutorial so in that case perhaps providing a pdf/doc of the scripts with highlighting and good notes would be very helpful. Thank you!
  7. Watching some video tutorials from 2013 on setting up the animation of a player character. In the video, he makes some coding additions in the App.cpp file. Keeping in mind coding is a challenge for me, though I'm learning so much more in Lua then I have in the past. Would you still add these functions in the App.cpp file to get a character animating and what is the uses for the Animation Manager script? Thank you!
  8. After some time doing other things I've come back to Leadwerks to start working with it again. When I was here last I had a difficult time getting the hang of the programming. I'm a static game asset artist. I was basically told 'Go learn it yourself' when I asked for help. Now some time has passed and though I am still not a programmer I have more experience under my belt to give it a good try again. Looking forward to getting involved in the community, and I hope folks will be patient with my code questions or requests for help thank you!!
  9. After sleeping on it I came to realize something. As I'm use to Unity every object is a separate game objects so each object has its own script. What I'm seeing here is that scripts may have (for example) camera control built in to the player movement script, so that was throwing me off. Again a big thank you all for helping get on the right course and showing me the code. As I learn I will be documenting and offering it to the community.
  10. Last question how do I attach that to the player will there be a field exposed to do so?
  11. I appreciate your help, I honestly do, but what do you mean leave the FPS prefab? That's an actual model, will that be walking around behind your character though it's invisible won't that interfere with collisions etc?
  12. Sadly the above script ran as instructed could not get it to work, I could detail out the errors but it would come down to someone walking me through replacing code as needed, again I can mod but ask me to code how to make a cup of tea I cannot connect the dots, believe me I have tried for over 2 years..the classes I took are all 'This is a function, this is a loop' but don't teach you how to use it in a practical manner.
  13. Genebris what about all the rest of the code? What can you delete? What do you comment out? How do you attach it to a player? How do you determine distance between the player and the camera and the camera height?
  14. Ok folks please one of you excellent programmers out there give this poor lady a hand, I have looked at the script for the Ball tutorial, I have watched some videos on the controllers, I have looked at the FPS script. I have done the official tutorials and I'm stuck. Would someone kindly make a 3rd party camera? I do wish to learn LUA, but I need to start smaller then a camera controller Im pretty sure, thank you!!
  15. That's fine I was advised to make you aware, its not a problem using an earlier release.
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