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Project OLED: Arcade game tutorials



I am currently looking into some 2d basic/arcade game tutorials which might follow up on the OLED project once all the lua basics tutorials are done.


Think about games like:

  • Minesweeper
  • Tetris
  • Pong
  • Bejeweld (match 3)
  • Asteroids
  • Snake
  • Arkanoid (breakout)


Minesweeper is already finished:




Replicating all these games myself gives a great indication on their complexity, even for arcade games. Grid based games like minesweeper, bejeweled and tetris are the easiest and share a lot of functionality. So doing all of them might now prove usefull. Pong is great in the sense that it introduces vector mathematics. All these game have their own little mechanics. The trick in making the tutorials is also finding the right game order.


One game that you might find missing in the list above is Pacman. Although certainly doable, the ghosts have their own behaviour which makes them a little trickier for beginnners. All in all it is a good way to really start tinkering about lua once you'r done learning the basics.



What are your favorite arcade games?

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Cool idea

Maybe think about doing the game battleships later, to show simple multi-player.


I really liked r-type.Aside from that golden axe, double dragon, contra, punisher.


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i would start with tic-tac-toe since it is the most widely understood game. Even though it is a simple game the ideas behind replicating it are useful. It introduces people to lua tables, (multi dimensional table creation, reading and writing values to them). You could make it 2 players so you can avoid the AI part, but introduce score keeping, Further you can have the additional bonus challenges of detecting a win/lose play or adding the AI or both.

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I would definitely suggest starting with Pong as that should be the easiest to understand. Maybe even do it without vector math (or add it at the end).

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Space Invaders is cool - maybe even Galaxians if you want to take it one step further. :) It was the first game we had to make at school.

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Minesweeper - pretty interesting game logic and probably challenging programming strategy


Bejeweld - same as above but different in design


Arkanoid - because fun

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Interesting suggestions. So we have got:

  • Battleship
  • Tic tac toe
  • R-type side scrolling shootem up (contra, ninja turtles)
  • Side scroller (mario, Gianna Sister, megaman)
  • Bomberman
  • Space invader
  • Card games (Solitaire, black Jack and poker)


These are all interesting. Doing all of these is too much work, but some are deffinetely worth a look at to see their value on learning lua.

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Please add these also when doing your template tutorials

1)Menu system (Pause,Resume, Options (AA, effects and etc), Save game and load game)

2)Loading screen , maybe with progress bar before changing to next map ?

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Please add these also when doing your template tutorials

1)Menu system (Pause,Resume, Options (AA, effects and etc), Save game and load game)

2)Loading screen , maybe with progress bar before changing to next map ?


Making an entire menu with options and everything is way too much work for such a small arcade game. Not to mention that there is currently no UI system. It is also something that Josh said he was going to add by default when the new UI system comes.

A video on creating a splash screen is a good idea. The progress bar is not that simple I am afraid.


Don't get me wrong, those are good ideas to make a video off. Just not for the arcade games.

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Loading screen



There was also a good product called FlowGUI smile.png

A simple loading screen is fairly easy to do, but a progressbar didn't work for me. Anyone tried that loading screen solution they are talking about?


I lost my website were FlowGUI was hosted quite some time ago. As a result I tried uploading FlowGUI to the Workshop but paid items were not avaiable for some time. When paid items were allowed again, FlowGUI was disapproved because payed scripts were not allowed. There was/is also no way for me to send out free keys to people who had already bought it. Since Leadwerk's official UI is around the corner I kind of gave up.

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I wouldn't hold your breathe on the ui part. We just really need to come together and create a good community one with a wysiwyg editor to be complete. I have a ui library that I use for our games that handles screen resolutions correctly, does some tween animations if needed and is image based (vs drawing lines) but it's not complete as I use it for what I need at the time. I think tonight I'll make a post and show it and ask for help to make it more complete. It's sort of HTML /CSSish in style where there are no controls just an element that can have a bunch of styles and properties that determine how it looks.


Honestly even if josh does release something it won't meet most people's need and it'll be fine for development as it gives something but for production you'll be asking for a lot of additional features that'll take forever to be implemented because he's doing lots of other things. Josh doing a ui to completion implementing tons of features people would want would take a good year of focus which isn't going to happen in my view.


In all honestly the ideal would be to recreate an HTML and CSS parser to LE drawing commands but that's s huge effort that nobody is going to do so a close idea to that is easier.


Sorry didn't mean to high jack thread.



A 3D minesweeper should be fairly easy and gets more into 3D. Could just make boxes for tiles with a slight angle of camera to see them all. When not a bomb a 3D number or sprite appears and rotates around itself.

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Inside the scripts folder there is a GUI folder with lots of scripts for buttons, list view, menu, panel etc.


I have no idea how you go about using them.

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Inside the scripts folder there is a GUI folder with lots of scripts for buttons, list view, menu, panel etc.


They're all broken.

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The official documentation is still being revised/updated. Without having official documentation I would not start using it yet unless you like trying things out.

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