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  1. Yup. You are correct
  2. @Josh The documentation for networking is bugged. I get "404: Not Found" when I clicked on the Networking subtopics.
  3. Try the some of these tools ? https://github.com/ellisonleao/magictools
  4. Thank you! Are we allowed to use this in other game engines or only in Leadwerks ?
  5. What map do you really need ? Just put atleast 3 merc prefabs in and empty map and increase the player health to 9999 and maybe more. Let them shoot you like crazy and the frame will drops and the sound will be missing and lags. I dont even change the default code for the soldier AI. This happens before and after I formatted my PC. To be honest, the only way you can test this if you actually have a soundcard that supports OpenAL like XFI and etc.
  6. I have this problem and already reported this. Basically if you have accelerated OpenAL there is a memory leak and will slow down leadwerks game to single digit and lags like hell. The slowdown happens to my Creative XFI (accelerated OpenAL), and to my logitech G35 (software openal). My integrated audio seems does not effect by this much.
  7. Will it be in Leadwerks 4 , Leadwerks 5 Or Turbo ? To be honest I'm a bit confused with current roadmap. Maybe you could write up a new detailed blogs on current roadmap ? What can we expect in Leadwerks 4, Leadweks 5, Turbo ? Will there be any discount ? No more steam ? Subscription based pricing ? Thanks. Good job on the new improvement.
  8. Please improve game character with higher bones animations speed.. Currently the zombie characters with 50ish bones will make the games slowed a lot compare to the crawler with 30ish bones. Anybody using mixamo or fuse will be disappointed if this is not rectify or improved.
  9. Will this bug fixed for 4.6 ? https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/17081-audio-position-are-wrong-in-surround-sound-speaker-71/ It still happens in current beta.
  10. In menu.lua find text start.map and replace it with your map name
  11. Did you add a camera into the scene? If there are two cameras, try to delete one of them
  12. Why did you export it as obj from Lightwave ? It does not has fbx exporter ? Maybe you can try collada(dae) or other formats ?
  13. I dont think this is unwrap properly or exported correctly. What tool did you use ?
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