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  1. Try the some of these tools ? https://github.com/ellisonleao/magictools
  2. Thank you! Are we allowed to use this in other game engines or only in Leadwerks ?
  3. What map do you really need ? Just put atleast 3 merc prefabs in and empty map and increase the player health to 9999 and maybe more. Let them shoot you like crazy and the frame will drops and the sound will be missing and lags. I dont even change the default code for the soldier AI. This happens before and after I formatted my PC. To be honest, the only way you can test this if you actually have a soundcard that supports OpenAL like XFI and etc.
  4. I have this problem and already reported this. Basically if you have accelerated OpenAL there is a memory leak and will slow down leadwerks game to single digit and lags like hell. The slowdown happens to my Creative XFI (accelerated OpenAL), and to my logitech G35 (software openal). My integrated audio seems does not effect by this much.
  5. Try to disable DSR in NVIDIA control panel if it is enabled ?
  6. Found out some strange bug. Put 3 soldier in tight space in a map. Put player controller in the same room and change the health to 9999. Make all 3 of them shoots at you constantly by moving around (to avoid contact with them). With XFI sound cards the sound will start to lags and missing and the fps will drops a lot (sometimes from 100fps drops to 10fps) With integrated sound card (without openal accelerated) this does not happens. (Or I didnt try it too long?) WIth my headphones (Logitech g35). It does happens (sound lags and missing) but it will take longer times and the fps
  7. Will it be in Leadwerks 4 , Leadwerks 5 Or Turbo ? To be honest I'm a bit confused with current roadmap. Maybe you could write up a new detailed blogs on current roadmap ? What can we expect in Leadwerks 4, Leadweks 5, Turbo ? Will there be any discount ? No more steam ? Subscription based pricing ? Thanks. Good job on the new improvement.
  8. Please improve game character with higher bones animations speed.. Currently the zombie characters with 50ish bones will make the games slowed a lot compare to the crawler with 30ish bones. Anybody using mixamo or fuse will be disappointed if this is not rectify or improved.
  9. Nice! But I hope you dont waste your money. I have Logitech G35 headset which suppose to be great (7.1 surround). It is not actually 7.1 speaker, it is 2.1 and upmix to 7.1 via logitech software. The surround positioning for this headset is poor compare to actual 7.1 speakers, Kinda hard to differentiate audio position from bullet ricochet or anything. To be honest, kinda strange that I'm the only one reporting this bug. Does anybody here play leadwerks with surround speakers ?
  10. Playing leadwerks in surround sound setup is amazing. I can hear bullet ricochet and everything clearly. But the whole backwards thing kinda ruined it. I just tested Quake 4 with openal. Everything seems fine with Quake4
  11. Will this bug fixed for 4.6 ? https://www.leadwerks.com/community/topic/17081-audio-position-are-wrong-in-surround-sound-speaker-71/ It still happens in current beta.
  12. 1)Create new project 2)Open "07-AI and Events" map 3)Go to the truck , and pick up the box 4)Drop the box in front of you and the sound played at the rear speaker. 5)Try to pickup the box again and drop it again, but at the same time turn your back to the falling box really fast. The sound will be played at the front speaker. Basically the front and rear speaker are backwards for leadwerks game. Does not happen to other games. Win10 Sound blaster XFi and 7.1 surround speaker
  13. @Josh, any chance you can put this out as version 4.4.1 or something and release sooner ?. This bug is really kinda effect the gameplay especially when the player is running from zombies or something.
  14. In menu.lua find text start.map and replace it with your map name
  15. Did you add a camera into the scene? If there are two cameras, try to delete one of them
  16. Why did you export it as obj from Lightwave ? It does not has fbx exporter ? Maybe you can try collada(dae) or other formats ?
  17. I dont think this is unwrap properly or exported correctly. What tool did you use ?
  18. I cant download items from workshop. I get these errors

    GetInventory() timed out.
    RemoteStorageSubscribePublishedFileResult = 3
    Failed to subscribe to Workshop item.
    Failed to download Workshop item.

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    2. SpEcIeS


      Not sure, but I just downloaded the new NPC set from nl2012.

    3. tumira


      Ok thanks. Probably my internet or something.

    4. Marcousik


      I'm not able to access anything in the workshop. I create a bug report!


  19. Can you do multi select in the editor ? I think I did tried leadwerks on manjaro kde but the multiselect is not working for me.
  20. Can we upgrade leadwerks 4 projects to leadwerks 5 when it is out ?
  21. Are you watching too much scifi movies or series ? Anyway I would wait for Leadwerks 5 to be released first then I will decide which is better for me to proceeds. I think that is a fair thing to do.
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