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  1. All bones need to be connected, you only assign the meshes to the related bones. The hand or finger is a different mesh with its own bones and animation. you can make them together but than you can not switch the weapon. try this tutorial.
  2. Hey man, roughness and metallic is used in PBR, LW does not support it therefore you cant use the effect. roughness means the factor by which the light is sucked up by the surface, while metallic is the reflection value. As far as I know parallax is used as a sprite for example to make distance buildings etc. that moves itself independent from the camera like a gif. or something. I think you maybe want to use the parallax as a sort of an reflection image instead of the light, like an ambient color sheme, so its reflecting the color information instead of the light. Anyway you have to hard
  3. I dont know what you are talking about but in case you try to use the load animation function, you need the same bones on both models to transfer animations from one model to another.
  4. Die FPS sind doch gut bei mir. Aber versuch mal alle Lichter auf static zu stellen. Wenn die auf static-dynamic-buffered stehen, bekommt man krasse Performance Probleme hab ich gemerkt. Keine ahnung es stürzt immer ab irgendwie.
  5. I checked the animation load function with LW 4.4 and its working perfect. So this is actually a bug.
  6. Hey, you have different grid sizes. make right-click and increase/decrease gridsize.I works per each window. so do this for the other one(s) as well. Greetings.
  7. Hello, there is a major bug in the modelviewer. I could load animations between characters with the same rig back and forth, now it gives out an exception_access_violation error and LW closes. I´m using LW 4.5 beta. Thank you. Greetings
  8. Cool stuff. weapon handling is really well done and satisfying.
  9. German is correct as well.
  10. randomdude

    why 99

    It was an idea by the ALDI-Brothers, when they have overtaken their family store, they diceded to make all prices like this so people think its cheaper. They are big players until now and this trick made them super rich. So everyone copy and pasted it.
  11. And to the thread itself, any model has this root point. so you need to set this point higher. That is where the model is placed as far as I understand it.
  12. Sorry for hijacking this thread but if Josh says something like "new editor", I think I want to add something. Its just a recommendation. The good ol´hammer editor had this baby here. https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Hammer_Vertex_Tool At the moment, the shapes and operators are not enough to make any shape. for example roofs. The other benefit is, back in my days we had FPS problems as well, so to maintain a good performance we used triangles in combination with this tool. for example rockformations, uneven grounds etc. what kept perfomance high and allowed much more va
  13. I acutally played it. Has some cool mechanics. The death sound of the rat-things is really funny.
  14. He already posted the script but the update deleted his work.
  15. Depends on what you want to do. Monsters, Animals, Humans? Humans is quite easy with mocaps and makehuman. Rest I dont know.
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