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  1. bro I opened Leadwerks today the decals aren't working all of a sudden and there's no motor sound. Any idea what happened? Edit: nvm I had messed with the decal shader I fixed it.
  2. Ok awesome. Thanks. I got it working. Now what I need to do is find a way to set the height in the shader as the decals in the script.
  3. Ok I tried downloading a few cars and scripts. I cant get it working it's getting too complicated. Would it be easy for you to write a single track script in the 3rd person player script so that the player leaves one trail behind? I just need something simple. I think you understand this decal thing better.
  4. "There is a last option they could have used in the video..maybe it is possible to create a surface with mud material and move it, as you want using the vertex coordinates. With this method it was easy to recreate little waves like water could do, so it could be possible to move a surface as mud would do?" Yeah that's pretty much the idea. But I need to move the vertex according to the trails that are left in the wake of the tires. So the trails from the tires act as the heightmap. Getting the trails to "stay on the ground" is the trouble. If I can get that I can work out the rest of it.
  5. The decals thing might work but you'd have to loan me the script. If so it would just be a matter of connecting the decals to a tesselation shader and figuring out some kind of tesselation lod. It would look cooler if it was drawing in height rather than on the diffuse, and it's possible you could randomize a few textures to get that mud up on the sides of the tires if a sprite sheet doesn't work. The veggies moving shader only records a small area around the player. It doesn't remember where the player has been - so no trails still. But if I could get trails that one could be useful, esp
  6. That's a pretty sick shader but it has like 5 buffers. It's insane. The problem would still be how to do trails. I can draw a point at the player. But how to make it remember every point the player has been and draw that line? Sounds like Josh is saying use a render to texture - which makes me think of the minimap. Seems like maybe in script all I need is to bind a texture? I just need to start doing experiments.
  7. Yep that thing. I can't isolate the principle. I'm racking my brain.
  8. Ok. I'll have to take some time to pull this apart. I can write something that puts a dot on the ground under the player but what part of this leaves the trail? Am I right about needing to create a frame buffer or some such buffer?
  9. I need a shader or shader/script combo that allows me to leave long trails like a painting shader like this: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/WdVyDR I need that buffer and I don't know how to go about that. Hoping someone who knows that stuff better will throw me a bone.
  10. Any idea or anyone have success making something like this in Leadwerks? I'm thinking if I can get my hands on something like this I can create a shader for footprints or tire tracks in snow: https://medium.com/@strattonbrazil/writing-a-texture-painter-part-1-f0d732d287d1
  11. havenphillip


    I don't really know. But if so I think you'd run into a problem where if you stood your guy in the shadowed area he wouldn't be shadowed. Only the terrain would be.
  12. havenphillip


    What do you mean? Are these hard to use? What's your idea like put them on Github or something?
  13. havenphillip


    Thanks, man. Yeah Leadwerks is super fun. Looking forward to seeing that content.
  14. Yeah it looks awesome the only thing I might do different is put weapons and armor together.
  15. havenphillip

    Some extras

    Hello, fellow noobs. Hope you're doing well. I have a few extra shaders I had wanted to get out to you earlier but couldn't because they weren't complete or they were a bit off-track. I have some more extras I want to add but here's a few for now. I had wanted to do a multiple lights + alpha shader but it turned out to be a little trickier than I anticipated. I finally got it, though. Haven't tried this out in various situations but I doubt there will be any problem using this for whatever you might intend it for. 48a_multiple lights blinn-phong + alpha.zip A k
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