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  1. Randomly generated? That's crazy. It totally feels natural.
  2. Ok I got it working. No script needed. Just slap it on an object. Works with posteffects now and no crazy watermode acrobatics. It's a repurpose of the Leadwerks soft particle shader. I set the material settings to blend mode:Alpha, uncheck cast shadows, check two-sided, check depth test, uncheck depth mask, check z-sort, check pick mode. forcefield.zip
  3. Yeah I'm just stockpiling right now. I have a bunch of shaders I'll put out in a while. I don't think it will matter that much since I think everyone's moved on from LE4. I get the benefit of having put in the effort, though.
  4. That's ok, man. I got the soft particle thing and the forcefield working using this method. The problem I was having was because I had other shaders in my scene using texture4 for something other than depth. They work perfectly now. I don't know why Josh wouldn't just set up a "depth mode" as a permanent thing so that people could use depth buffers for cool stuff. Leadwerks' aversion to shaders is self-defeating, imo.
  5. I made this forcefield shader using the watermode depth buffer which works great. I replaced the Leadwerks water shader with this dummy shader: //fragment #version 400 //Uniforms uniform sampler2D texture4;// depth void main(void) { float depth = textureProj(texture4,vec3(1)).r; } //vertex #version 400 #define MAX_INSTANCES 256 void main() { } ... and I used this script to turn on watermode and set the waterplane height: function Script:Start() world = World:GetCurrent() world:SetWaterMode(true) world:SetWa
  6. That's ok. I"m not a shader expert either. I appreciate you taking a stab at it. It would be nice to solve it just because it irritates me to find this apparent limitation. I'm hoping someone will read this and be able to tell me at least why it happens. It seems if I set the player (camera) in the scene then create the depth buffer object I can get away with putting the camera variable in the Start() function. But when I turn the player's head the depth buffer wobbles around in odd ways. If I remove the player and put him back in the scene, the depth buffer stops moving around but I the
  7. I don't know what it was. I went in offline mode on Steam and I closed Rainmeter. It told me the .werk file for my project was missing. That happens sometimes. Started a new project and now it seems to be working just fine. I'm not tech savvy so if you highly suspect Rainmeter it's probably that, as far as I'm concerned.
  8. So this works but it eats up the FPS constantly loading and deleting the shader. Bloom effect brought me all the way down to a constant 7 FPS. Not sure exactly why this works but there's got to be a better way. Anyone? function Script:UpdateWorld() self.world = World:GetCurrent() if self.camera==nil then for i=0,self.world:CountEntities()-1 do if self.world:GetEntity(i):GetClass()==Object.CameraClass then self.camera=self.world:GetEntity(i) tolua.cast(self.camera,"Camera") return
  9. That's what I did. I loaded your null shader. Same results as other posteffect shaders. No line. It's the depth from the Leadwerks water shader, which works while there are posteffects running from what I can tell. So it seems to me there is something that is enabled or present somewhere in water mode that I'm not aware of .
  10. You know what I actually saw your post and tried the null shader. I get nothin. What do you mean by "final result"? I don't even know where to start digging for answers.
  11. This line disappears when I add post-effects to the scene, which is a bummer.
  12. That happens to me sometimes where a project will just disappear. It won't run so I have to start a new project and copy/paste all the files from the old one. Maybe that's the actual "bug."
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