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  1. Ok, progress is slower than I would want, but there just is not enough hours in one day. So much other stuff in my life right now, but pulling demo level together, not sure when it it will be ready to play. Still, slowly making progress.
  2. This is somewhat offtopic, but regarding the example provided on the API reference using Clear(), where it is actually used? I've noticed that sometimes when you look something from API reference, the example is not actually helping at all on how to use specific function etc.
  3. Link worked here too! Cool stuff.
  4. First steps in creating real playable demolevel. Like building legos and creating new bits as I need them. FUN stuff.
  5. Ok, good to know! Since Leadwerks is actually THE only modern engine I have ever used, there is so much basic stuff I need to learn... But nice to know there are ways to overcome this.
  6. Jesus, I got it! First of all, it only happens with spotlights and if you have more than one on the same area. Point lights cause no banding/stripes. With spotlights, you can greatly reduce or even get rid of it by randomly rotating them around Y-axis to make sure they are not "lined up" with each other. First image shows situation where banding occurs: And here all four spots are rotated randomly around Y axis, and banding is gone:
  7. Hi! I have noticed this here and there every once in a while, but now that I'm finally building a map with aesthetics in mind, I think it is time to dig deeper into this. So what is causing this banding with shadows, and how I'm able to prevent it from happening? I understand that it must be some kind of limitation with the engine, but just knowing how to avoid it would be awesome! Thanks again for any tips. Edit. Oh, numerous times I've been asked to send a map for an example. I would, but noobish question... How? What files I should include? Is there an easy way "create" a fi
  8. I have simple problem. I want to be able to remove cover/lid/door off some objects before I have access to them. Now I have it working with this simple script: Script.cover = nil function Script:Start() self.cover = self.entity:FindChild("DoorElectronics1_11_cover") self.cover:SetMass(0) end function Script:Use(player) self.cover:SetMass(1) end So when I "use" parent entity, it makes the cover (child) to fall off. This is ok, but I want to be able to pick it up or even pick it up from it's place without dropping it to the floor. I have an idea how
  9. Ok, thanks for your answer. That gives me something to think about. I'm going to "stresstest" decals, but what ever happens, I will use them at key points at least, I like how they blend to the material And thanks for paper suggestion, I thought about that too, I'm just worried it will look like it is flowing above the floor/table or when set properly to the right level, is glitching with the underlying texture. But, will test.
  10. I found this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=413295203&searchtext= I have not tried it yet, but I'm guessing it will need you to know atleast basics of lua scripting!
  11. I'm planning to use LOT'S of decals in my project. I will use them to for signs, labels, dirt etc. My question is, before I go ahead, do they eat lot of processing power? What if I have a prefab with ten decals and then I have that prefab used in 20 different places? Even hundreds? Well, yes best way is to test it But wanted to ask if it is just plain stupid thing to do one should not even try. Another question, can we have emissive decals? I created "Emissive decal" by applying it over emissive surface (needed to reverse the decal though), but although it works, It is not usable in many
  12. I've been using Blender on my laptop and just now moved a bunch of models to my more powerful pc where I use Leadwerks. Included was the model of Celeste-ship. It looked so epic and massive in my current test scene where I play around and test models, so I just had to do a "flyby". Adding sun and sky made it look cooler, but otherwise pretty much made everything else wonky so please don't mind. But decided to record a video. SEV Celeste flies first time ever!
  13. Thank you Christian, I will watch that video asap! And also thanks for your compliment, it really means a lot! Edit. Watched the video now with time, very cool indeed. Currently I'm creating assets that use general materials, I don't bake anything model specific. It has it's pros and cons. Pros are that I can use one material in several models, places and I can change colors and materials on the fly, very nice and fast for prototyping at least. Cons are that I don't bake even normal maps, so for example round edges are actually round. Takes a lot of polygons, for example that devic
  14. Ah, ok. Thanks for explaining. Very nice, but pretty advanced stuff, will look in to it at some point. I have more basic things to tackle in the meantime
  15. Thanks! I had to Google what is AO map . If I understood correctly, it bakes ambient light to the texture. Sounds cool, I will look in to this in the future. But does not ambient light (in scene root) do the same thing? I had it turned off actually when taking that screenshot.
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