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  1. Or: just attach a normal character model (a duplicated asset) with this material setting, I used in my project too
  2. It is useful for IK Foot Placement to prevent this
  3. How about IK system ? which can make character left hand to be attached to a grip of gun, or even 2 hands weapon like long axe
  4. I am making a Tactical FPS, like Rainbow Six Ravenshield or Swat 4, this is an example of my game, it is outdated, I am gonna release a new demo of current dev in this April. stay tune
  5. Can I try some of your Unity games ? My project on Leadwerks is almost finished
  6. Thanks guys, by I figure out the best way to get the goal. 1. Only create model of whole structure 2 Create another version with only basic shapes the use it as physic mesh 3. Create other elements of building as sperated models with their own physic mesh 4. Put them together. Here is the result
  7. This is how I setup the scene to reproduce, Case 1: Rotate and Scale a box brush to make 2 ramps object (Green one) Case 2: Combine 2 Wedges to make the same as Case 1 (Gray one) When I control character to walk on the edge, both cases cause character act weird, here is the video Is there any good way to solve this problem ?
  8. I have a plan to put a building into game, I wonder which is the best way to do that, I thinkabout some solutions but doubt about physics performance as well 1. Import a whole building model in blender (rooms, walls, stairs, roof etc), then create a physic mesh to apply to it. my character will move around inside the building with its physic mesh. 2. Create each elements of building in blender (stairs, walls, columns, roof as sperated meshes), import into game, reposition those elements to construct whole building, each element has it own physic mesh 3. Import whole buildi
  9. Ok, fire fighter simulator game is in my mind now !. water flow to kill fire !
  10. THIS ISS... JUST>>> AWESOME and emotional to me! Thank you!
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