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  1. This bug occurs on AI and Events.map since beta 4.5 https://1drv.ms/v/s!AtMv1SrHrjT3wi2zRj0x7H6aQedb
  2. "sdd.exe has stopped working" when I try to run AI and events.map "EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION" when I try to switch to single viewport on the same map.
  3. Yes, but that still doesn't let me to use two different font size at the same time?
  4. It works, but it scales/changing all fonts in the game, including menus.
  5. Yeah, that seems to work nicely. I don't see any way of resizing the text and changing fonts btw...
  6. I would like to know how to make on screen text messages, like in RPG games. Can someone help me out?
  7. Will ver. 4.x projects be supported in V5?
  8. Something like, to make a puddle as polygonal object and then to apply what you suggest?
  9. I am seeing this beautiful looking mud/blood/etc puddle effects in a lot of games these days, is it possible to simulate something like this in LE?
  10. Minesweeper - pretty interesting game logic and probably challenging programming strategy Bejeweld - same as above but different in design Arkanoid - because fun
  11. With FPSPlayer there is that unnatural camera movement if the player is using stairs. Sort of jump cut movement, probably caused by collision or something. Is there any way to make smooth stairs climbing? Also, is it possible to swing FPS camera during walk, jump and idle, to mimic realistic movement?
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