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    Run, jump and climb through several levels of increasing difficulty in this platformer inspired by Lode Runner and Spelunky. Music by Visager.
  2. When you create a bone in either Blender or 3DS Max, they actually create two bones to give the bone length. With Blender it's just a single click but if you export it and import it into Max, you'll see the two bones (Bone and Bone_end by default). In 3DS Max you have to drag the bone out to create bone with the length. What's confusing to me now is that you can delete the second bone in Max but it still leaves the "length" of the bone. If you export it as FBX and reimport it, it will have the one bone with no length. But if you save and load it as a Max file, it still keeps the lengt
  3. If you know the next bone that it's attached to, you can get the distance between the two bones with GetDistance.
  4. Gaming by revenue over the years: 7e4t7o4irk161.jpg

    Source: https://www.visualcapitalist.com/50-years-gaming-history-revenue-stream/

    It would be nice to see a per "capita" version of this that talks about the competition in each category.  I've always heard that mobile was very competitive compared to the others.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Josh


      What I am saying is the fact that the VR market is limited means you can make more money than you would if it were larger. The mobile market is much bigger today than in 2006, yet it's impossible to make money now.

    3. gamecreator


      Agreed.  That's what my "per capita" comment meant earlier, for developers.  There's always a saturation struggle between customers and developers.  It's a natural supply/demand market thing and for sure something to consider if you're serious about releasing a game.

    4. Rick


      Making money on a video game simply all comes down to having a game that is addictive to play (and you of course know how to capitalize on that addiction). Could you capitalize on a smaller market? Sure even if your game sucks you can make some money, but nothing is going to sustain you unless your game is good and I don't think the market makes much of a difference with that. So in that vein there is just a lot of luck (after the hard work of course) that your game catches on. Getting your good game out there couldn't be any easier these days with the invention of streamers. They are living advertisers who play games 10+ hours a day and because of that they are always looking for new games to try and if your game is addictive the streamers will be all over that, at least for a little while, which will boost the game.

  5. Raytracing on Vulkan.  Guessing you saw this Josh: https://gamefromscratch.com/raytracing-on-vulkan-final-spec-released/

    1. DoomSlayer


      LE5 Vulkan Raytracing confirmed ?

    2. Josh


      We will definitely support this. The only issue is it runs really slow on anything other than a GEForce 3080. I am thinking voxel ray tracing will be the fast option and this will be the slow option.

  6. That doesn't really answer any of my questions.
  7. I'm a little confused by this too. Is this a separate product from Ultra Engine? Or will this App Kit eventually gain all the features of a game engine (like terrain, etc.)? If so, will backing this Kickstarter get you all the future features?
  8. Very true. It's difficult to be creative and sell people on it. But it's not impossible. Usually it involves combining familiar mechanics in a new way. Deep Rock Galactic does this very well (FPS, RPG, procedural generation, fully destructible world, etc.).
  9. Very cool. Not to nitpick but maybe the vegetation render distance could be farther out, especially the bush (which seems to pop in very close). Otherwise it's already starting to look like parts of a game. Reminds me a lot of GTA.
  10. Whoa! Thank you! I'm gonna read through it. I don't have a specific one in mind but this opens up a lot of possibilities, if it's as straightforward as it seems. Josh moved it to the programming forum but here's the link: Thanks again!
  11. It would be great to have a simple tutorial or walkthrough for this process as I know nothing about shaders but I'm pretty comfortable learning by modifying.
  12. Right. The host would still be authoritative and could check that the client didn't cheat. But that's down the line. Right now I'm just trying to get to step 1: making sure the client is where the host was.
  13. Well yes, that's the plan. But I'm trying to figure out how the client would have the proper position for the character, since you can't just use GoToPoint() on the client (I think). The ideal way to do it would be for the host to not need to send anything to the client, once it sent the client the start and end points of the navigation (with timestamps). The client should then be able to calculate where the character needs to be at any given time. Yes. I was debating whether to include that but it demonstrated well that the controller might not even be where we expect. Probably s
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