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  1. Rick

    Website Changes

    Speaking of consumers and things wanted or needed, I bought FPS weapon/arms pack on Unity Asset Store, import it into Unity, then go to the folder and pull out the fbx and texture files to import into LE4. Kind of sucks that this is the new normal but it's just the way things are these days as the Unity Asset store is the best place to get models. Anyway, now I was tasked with lining up the gun which is kind of a pain honestly. To get it perfect in game with minimal restarts I added code to the gun script that allows me to change the position/rotation/scale with some keys. Once I v
  2. Cool, I'm excited to try it out!
  3. Can you elaborate on the same output every time? Is each terrain tile the same? If not how would very terrain tile always be the same between runs if you can have infinite amount of them?
  4. Very nice. Are you able or willing to share the code for this? I always wanted something like this but couldn't get it to work. I want to store the data as it's being made in sqlite db so it's persistent.
  5. Rick

    Dungeon Master

    1 download

    I didn't have as much time as I'd like but here is my entry to the LE Game Challenge. I do plan on expanding on this as I think it could lead to some keep puzzles/gameplay. Hope you don't need the runtimes for this. Also, I gave the debug version because the release version doesn't play the sounds very reliably for some reason. WASD Movement 'e' key to 'use' Left mouse button shoot fireball Right mouse button shoot frostball Don't bother trying to open the second gate yet
  6. Rick



    Banished from your home town, dropped in the middle of the woods left for dead. Use your skill and cunning you attempt to survive the elements; hunt, and keep safe. Environment: The environment can be your best friend or worst enemy. You must use it's resources to help you survive Weather: The weather is constantly changing. Protect yourself from the elements by building shelter. Crafting: Whether it be a creating a tool, or a log cabin. Items you collect can be mixed together to create something new. Tools: Increase your productivity with tools or make a previously
  7. Rick



    A little adventure game I made for the tourney. Controls are explained in game. Known Issues: Sometimes the game might crash when you pickup something. It seems like it's the sound that's causing it but it's random. Future: My plan is to add time freezing that will help solve some puzzles to complete the levels.
  8. I'm using the FPSPlayer script which creates the camera. The FPS displays just fine, that's why it's confusing me.
  9. In LE4 I'm doing the below code but it's drawing the numbers all strange. I remember this being a common thing back in the day but can't recall the solution. It's like the screen isn't getting cleared or something. I'm using the FPS template and have this in the FPSGun.lua script. function Script:PostRender(context) context:SetBlendMode(Blend.Alpha) context:DrawText(tonumber(string.format("%.3f", self.offset.x)), 10, 100) context:DrawText(tonumber(string.format("%.3f", self.offset.y)), 10, 120) context:DrawText(tonumber(string.format("%.3f", self.offset.z)), 10, 140) context
  10. If I recall brushes get collapsed unless it has a script attached to it. I assume the script above is NOT on the brush in question so the brush got collapsed which results in not being able to get an instance of the brush (which must be causing LE to just close). Put an empty script on the brush called Box and try this again.
  11. @Slastraf I would imagine you're recycling 9 chunks? If you make 8 copies of the 1 terrain model then as the player moves around I would think you could just reuse the ones the player is furthest away from so then you only need to call Copy() during initialization of your game right?
  12. It's been awhile since I've done that but search for maybe "terrain manipulation" or raising lowering terrain on the forums here and you'll probably find something.
  13. What is actually causing the little pause? Is it the creation of the flat mesh itself? Is it manipulating the terrain mesh in 1 iteration? Off the top of my head I would copy the flat terrain mesh, which should be instant and I don't think cause a pause, and then as you're manipulating the vertices of the terrain that would have to be done over multiple frames so there is no noticeable pause. I think I did something like this back in the day and it was easiest to do in lua because of coroutines running over multiple frames. I was able to manipulate a handful of terrain vertices every loop befo
  14. Rick

    First room

  15. On the Marketing side of things, my wife recently became a realtor and what she's finding that works within the social media realm are short daily videos. People often think their videos or posts have to be very interesting but the reality is they don't. People like a "behind the scenes" view of things as long as it's about 30 seconds or less. She's finding that a lot of people just don't want to be in front of a camera or put the time or energy into doing that and so their social media presence fails. In the social media realm text loses to video every time. Nobody wants to just read text on
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