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Devlog #1: splines



I started out 7 months ago with splines and it turned in to one of those annoying projects you start but then fail to finish even to it is in the back of your head the entire time. The reason this time was that I managed to delete my online repository and my local files, leaving me with nothing of the work I had created. I finally had the spirit to sit down and start rebuilding.


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Looks amazing. All you need now is to adjust rotation with the model moving in the direction of the next point.

Keep it up!

If you have this for a C++ library/class I'm sure some of us are willing to pay

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On 6/4/2017 at 5:22 PM, martyj said:

All you need now is to adjust rotation with the model moving in the direction of the next point.

Thank Marty,

There are 3 types of rotation that I want to support. Last time I really struggled with the third rotation type.

  • Point to point rotation: the easiest to achieve since it is a lerp between the start rotation and end rotation. However, this will not suffice when any any of the tangets lie beyond the local z axis of the control points. For really basic curves or straigth lines they will do the trick. This is demonstrated in my first approach (completely rewritten now).
  • Vertical align: this is the one you are describing. This one is luckily also relatively easy to achieve: simply point at a position one step further on the curve. I can even use the lookat function for that if I want to make it really easy. Camera paths, trains, boats will use this type.
  • Banked rotation: This one I find a lot trickier. Image a figher jet that is capable of banking on its local z axis during tighther corners or even doing helix loops. Then the 2 rotation types above will no longer suffice. I am currently working on getting those rotations to work properly.
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