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  1. ok, solved it. In the player script I have to make a reference to the weapon index in order to trigger the function. self.weapons[self.currentweaponindex]:becomewater()
  2. ah ok got it.. thanks .. i try .. and post again if it function. many thanks
  3. thanks for your answer. i got the first part. but at the "DoSomething" it crashs to desktop without error
  4. Hallo, i hope someone can explain this to me. i build a vwep praefab (like autogun) this script function and the bucket is show in the Start function i have this code. if i take the bucket, the child is now hidden. function Script:Start() local child = self.entity:FindChild("WaterforBucket") child:Hide() the problem now is, if i would show it again, i got an error. this is the code for showing the child function Script:becomewater()--in self.becomewater=true local child = self.entity:FindChild("WaterforBucket") if child:Hidden() t
  5. thanks for the replay .. i think i should explain a little better. this ist the working script, but only with one button function Script:Start() self.close=false self.conservation2=false end -----------------------Conservation-------------------------- function Script:StartConservation()--in System:Print("Conservation") self:Conservation1() end function Script:Conservation1() Talkingpanel=gui System:Print("TextShow") local Talkingpanel={} local scale = 1 --GUI local gui = GUI:Create(context) Talkingpanel.gui=gui Talkingpanel.context = context Talkingpanel
  6. Hallo, I am experimenting with widgets. I don't know what I'm doing wrong here. A single button as described in the documentation works very well. But if I want to use more buttons, it doesn't respond. What am I doing wrong? i hope someone can help function Script:Start() self.close=false self.conservation2=false end -----------------------Conservation-------------------------- function Script:StartConservation()--in System:Print("Conservation") self.component:CallOutputs("Conservation") end function Script:Conservation1()--in local gamemenu={} gameMenu=gui System:P
  7. 13 downloads

    Behind Enemy Lines V0.3 Prolog: You are Sergeant Cole, a member of a special unit that operates under cover. You and your comrades have the mission to destroy drug fields and facilitys for the production of drugs. ..... Keys WASD = Moving Space = Jump F = Flash light N = Nightvision T = Holster Weapon E = Use F11 = Show stats See also the blog entry Please give Feedback Todo: There is a lots of to do . known issues: --
  8. 20 downloads

    Its a little Story i build with some tasks to do. WASD = Move E = Use/Collect MouseButton (left) = Use Tools I hope you have fun. So far, there are 9 maps. In total there are 10 maps with different scenarios, effects etc. Models are from cgtrader, tf3dm or turbosquid and fuse. Music (and/or Sound Effects) by Eric Matyas http://www.soundimage.org (Credits will be integrated in the game ) Feedback is welcome Have fun greetings Burgelkat Edit: Thanks to @macklebee and @AggrorJorn for their help and patience
  9. burgelkat

    The Garden


    The Garden V1.1 For Night-Theme use the sword. It´s not a Game You're stressed? You have no garden to relax? Well, then take the chance and make a little walk. Have fun! I have fun to build this Minor updates regarding optics will surely come. Feedback is appreciated and welcome Night-Theme-Music by: http://soundimage.org
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