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  1. Didn't post here in a long time , this will be about storing game data. There are a lot of options on how to store your game data structures: files (json,xml,yaml , custom etc) databases , nosql dbs memory (if no persistence needed) Also if you use an engine it could provide its own way of storing data. Choosing a good way to do persistence is important. This depends on lots of factors like game type, complexity of data structures etc Ill describe below a way to use the sqlite3 database: https://www.sqlite.org/index.html So
  2. Most of the things are in the documentation here: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/?product=appkit and search in top right for LoadColorScheme
  3. Think your best bet will be leadwerks at least until Ultra Engine will be out. Because is easy to use and flexible enough. Here are other options: Rendering engine called OGRE , but is very large and complex. Irrlicht Engine , old but looks simple enough. raylib , this one seem to match your requirements.
  4. Yeah wayland is here to stay most large distro have it debian 11, ubuntu 21.04, fedora 34 , opensuse. But no need to bother about it , has the X compatibility in it.
  5. Short version when you need to allocate/access memory. For the long story you need to read a couple of books and learn a bit how operating systems work.
  6. Not running in a VM. Im using Fedora. But exactly the same problem can be seen on Ubuntu 21.10. Its like this from the first release of uak and tried it with older versions of ubuntu at the time. Doesnt look realted to distro.
  7. Nothing happens when i click in the menus on Linux. Can be reproduced with latest example from: https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/AdvancedInterface Seems to be just a problem with the menus, when i click the icons the same functionality works (open file, or open browser). Another bug report should have added it here from the begining:
  8. Yeah latest tools , version 143. Guess you can keep 2017 to be sure will work on older windows also. I just created a new blank project from leadwerks (windows11) , open it with visual studio 2022 to upgrade the project. It works , only thing needed is to switch for x86 release of course.
  9. Just for further reference UAK works with no problems with visual studio 2022, just tested. Also working on windows 11.
  10. The tab is not properly colored on linux: This is from the documentation:
  11. This one is interesting , that encoding/decoding tool: https://github.com/google/draco#encoding-tool Seems depending on mesh type you can get better compression and also there are cmd line options. Did you load drc files in the engine ? maybe thats the point how fast the data is loaded.
  12. Here seems to be their test data (bunch of obj and ply files): https://github.com/google/draco/tree/master/testdata Hmm maybe try converting large ply/obj to draco format directly. Just wild guess i have no idea how the drc files relate to gltf.
  13. Guess any of that would do for intro. What i recommend is to make sure it uses the Opengl 3 api , dont think is any point to learn opengl2 this days. And then you can go for a book. like the Opengl Superbible , i think it always gets updated with the latest developments.
  14. aiaf

    glTF Export

    Ok sounds good we can convert to glb + ktx in final stages of a game. Ktx format will be coming to blender soon enough most likely.
  15. aiaf

    Real-time Scripting in Editor

    There is a configuration to switch to just one rendering viewport ? instead of 4
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