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  1. Steam UAK libs on windows (Beta 1.1.) are old ... yesterday was ok , i created a new project and now i have the old bugs that were fixed for 1.1. Also would like to have the latest UAK release when not using betas on steam. Beta None should give the latest non beta version (1.1 at the moment) , at the moment it doesnt start the project launcher.
  2. I tried with my original code. Looking good, i think can be closed
  3. Here is simplified code to reproduce the problem: #include "UltraEngine.h" #include <time.h> using namespace UltraEngine; int main(int argc, const char* argv[]) { auto displays = GetDisplays(); auto window = CreateWindow("Test", 0, 0, 470, 600, displays[0], WINDOW_TITLEBAR | WINDOW_CENTER); auto ui = CreateInterface(window); vector<std::shared_ptr<UltraEngine::Widget>> left_stack_items; vector<std::shared_ptr<UltraEngine::Widget>> right_stack_items; auto sz = ui->root->GetSize(); auto tabber = CreateTabber(10, 10, sz.x - 2
  4. Same code has different results on windows and linux. Can be seen , the last buttons (-ROT and 2-ROT) are not shown completely on windows. On linux we can see the proper result with no issues. Here windows is running in a VM , but i tested on native windows it looks the same. Below just on windows with 150% scale, the issue can be seen clearer:
  5. I created a fresh UAK project on windows. And added some util i always use Configuration.h Configuration.cpp: in main: #include "UltraEngine.h" #include "Configuration.h" using namespace UltraEngine; int main(int argc, const char* argv[]) Configuration.h: #pragma once #include <string> #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include "Libraries/nlohmann_json/single_include/nlohmann/json.hpp" using json = nlohmann::json; class Configuration I get this error, no matter how i include it, and can be seen the UltraEngine is include
  6. aiaf

    fstream C2065

    This is pretty bad from user experience point of view. Really don't want to deal with this kind of things, the standard headers should work out of the box. Having same problem with UAK.
  7. Haha , my internet filtering skills got triggered by this , and i almost stopped reading after the second paragraph lol but was good info after.
  8. button->SetText("updated"); Notify("Button updated"); Button text only updates after you press ok, but its called first. And in my original case i didnt see the last state of the game because of this. I did my thing in another way using widgets #include "UltraEngine.h" using namespace UltraEngine; int main(int argc, const char* argv[]) { //Get the displays auto displays = GetDisplays(); //Create a window auto window = CreateWindow("ZKonquest", 0, 0, 800, 600, displays[0]); //Create User Interface auto ui = CreateInterface(window)
  9. for(int i=sgen->GetInitial().size()-1; i<12; i++) { left_stack_items[i]->Hide(); } for(int i=0; i< sgen->GetInitial().size(); i++) { left_stack_items[i]->SetText(sgen->GetInitial()[i]); if(left_stack_items[i]->Hidden()) { left_stack_items[i]->Show(); } } Notify("Win!"); https://www.ultraengine.com/learn/CPP/Notify I click a button i mod
  10. 2 suggestions here: to have tooltips for some of the widgets (buttons etc). example of string internationalization with UAK (some foreign alphabet + fonts)
  11. @Erwin Saavedra just need to make it cross platform: IF(UNIX) ELSE (WIN32) ENDIF (UNIX) set(CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Debug) @reepblue you have cmake generator CodeLite - Unix Makefiles For me im switched to Visual Code on linux, far better then anything else.
  12. In Visual Code to be able to use Go To Definitions and intellisense Ctrl Shift P select C/C++ Edit configurations Add to the includePath "/home/your user here/.steam/debian-installation/steamapps/common/UltraAppKit/Include/**" A json file (c_cpp_properties.json) will be created in your .vscode. Think they have some bugs, i had to add the UltraEngine.h to forcedInclude and after all started to work. https://code.visualstudio.com/docs/cpp/customize-default-settings-cpp
  13. aiaf

    ComboBox demo

    Coudnt find breaking behavior. Just one small thing: Your screen shot is a good example, you can see the last item being shown just in half. If you hover it , will properly show it and make the top item of the combo box show in half. This depends on position of screen, i can create case where a another item exist at end and not shown until you hover bottom side I suppose its just detail, if is the same on windows should be ok.
  14. aiaf

    TextField demo

    Works for me. What about Copy Paste support ? (Control-C Control-V) That would be useful for such widget.
  15. aiaf

    Menu demo

    When i hover Tools or Help and click for the first time, the text in the menu is not shown. Then it appears after i move the mouse or something. The file menu doesn't have the above issue. The File -> Recent Files and Help -> Help contents texts in gui are cut , onyl half of the last s is shown. Using 150% Scale UI.
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