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I think that you should add another thread specifically for tutorials. We can see that the community is growing in numbers daily, and we could use something like this. I feel like it would keep the General Discussion thread neater, and would make it easier for someone new to locate help (besides the default text documentation).

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The Documentation -> Tutorials link at the top links elsewhere. Consdering that Leadwerks isn't Steam dependent, the Steam tutorials page should just link to the one on Leadwerks.

The page it links to shows recent entries in the Steam guides.


My general approach has been that activity within Steam is more valuable because it draws traffic to the store page. That and the ability to do direct uploads from the editor is why the screenshots and videos are built into Steam.


However, I think it's pretty clear that tutorials are one item that don't fit that well into Steam. Probably the Leadwerks 2 tutorials system, plus a forum that receives auto-generated threads when a new tutorial is entered would be good.

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Make a tutorials top level menu item (bold it) that points to some wiki page that has official tutorials and user created tutorials. Place big giant arrows pointing to the menu option so everyone sees where to go for tutorials. Right now stuff seems sort of scattered and unorganized. If you give us a flexible way, we'll follow it in making tutorials.

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