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Found 21 results

  1. Hello! I would like to know how to export my project on Android? It was said that in the export menu you need to choose the Android platform and all, but I can't find this item in the menu. Tell me, how is your project to run on Android! Здравствуйте! Я хотел бы узнать, как экспортировать свой проект на Андроид? Было сказано, что в меню экспорта нужно выбрать платформу Андроид и все, но я не могу найти этот пункт в меню. Подскажите, как свой проект запустить на андроид! 20150506-092416-15982.bmp 20150506-092433-16149.bmp
  2. I was going through the tutorials and i ran into a problem very early. When I create a new project it doesn't give me the option to make my game for any other platforms. According to the user guide I should have an option to make the game for android, IOS, macOS and windows. Please help/explain! thanks
  3. Hello! I think that you should add another thread specifically for tutorials. We can see that the community is growing in numbers daily, and we could use something like this. I feel like it would keep the General Discussion thread neater, and would make it easier for someone new to locate help (besides the default text documentation).
  4. Hey, i had a question regarding the android and ios game development. Are the versions displayed on the feature page the only one supported or does it also support the following versions?
  5. I'm struggling even with a buddy already, on learning LUA. He's busy I dont like bothering him, so the next best thing would be to learn with some one strictly on learning coding or to be taught. Any body up for the task or want to learn together?
  6. hi guys me and my buddy are working on a game which will be a survival horror and we have been trying to figure out how to attach a model of a flashlight to our fps controller so the arms/hands and flashlight are always shown and follow the camera
  7. To buy or not to buy? I want to be able to create absolutely STUNNING landscapes, and be able to explore it in my project. The in game editor aint bad but, have you seen W.M? Is it worth it? Is it possible to export EVERYTHING youve created in W.M and then import it into Leadwerks? Trees, water and everything orrr, what? Before I purchase it I want to make a good decision. lol I dont want to spill the idea of my project but I will say this, its obviously going to be a huge open world. Hopefully the size of Chernarus in DayZ.
  8. My buddy who I am working with is making models via cinema, and he bakes the texture and all that but when we import the model its completely white and untextured and just BASIC! How do we get textures to ....export and everyithg with the texture applied to it? Any help would GREATLY be appreciated.
  9. How is everybody? Any body have a project they want to share?
  10. Hello guys! My friend and I just bought Leadwerks. I decided to stream so that you can learn with me / give me tips. And that way the staff on here can see how a total newbie to the engine feels. I hope you enjoy! Link: www.twitch.tv/papa_beans Update:: Lots of learning happening, thank you pillar!!! 10 Hours into the stream!
  11. If I buy the pre-order for 3.1 then will I get the latest version right now? There is nothing else in the store. (no other versions)
  12. Hey all! First off I need to apologize. I have had problems resetting my password the last few days so I had to make an new account... It is like my account never existed. :/ Anyway - I am planning on purchasing the 200.00 USD version of leadwerks 3.1 I need to ask a few questions - I just got an an OUYA - I would like to develop a game for it. I would also like to develop a game for SteamOS when the time comes. But before I do so I would like to ask a few questions - 1. Will there be a price increase for leadwerks 3.1 after the sixth of January? 2. How artist / Non Coder
  13. Hello there, I recently purchased Leadwerks 3 and I'm quite happy with it. However, I use Wings 3D myself to create and export static 3D models and I noticed that there is not a single file supported by Leadwerks to which Wings 3D can convert. There seems to be an option to import .OBJ files, but this didn't do anything for me (except it froze Leadwerks once). Is there any easy way to export a 3DS or OBJ file to a file that Leadwerks supports? I noticed that Leadwerks 3 supports FBX and GMF, but again these files are not supported by Wings and I can't find any exporters for it. I would
  14. Just to keep everything ordered. Here the actual Bug-Report from my Post: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/6895-solved-how-to-compile-c-project-for-android/ Using FileSystem::GetFileSize() in a C++ Project on Android is causing a Segmentation fault.
  15. Is it possible in Leadwerks to create a complete 3d world, what i mean it`s not a flat world with trees and hills but for example 3d space game with asteroids?
  16. This may be a dumb question; but with mobile, how to rotate the game depending on which way you hold the phone? Should it be automatic or is it programmable by using "GetOrientation()"? if so, I've printed the results of "GetOrientation()" and it returns 0 regardless of pone orientation.
  17. Can I expect LE3 to work great with this tablet ?
  18. Hey, everyone I am fairly new in this community I have just a few questions regarding LeadWerks. What Platforms does LeadWerks support? The main platform that I want to develop on is Android. More Specifically the Ouya which will come out in March 2013. And is a Android powered console. What Programming Languages does LeadWerks support? What 3D Model Formats does LeadWerks Support? What Physics engine does LeadWerks use? (PhysX, Havok, Bullet, etc) Thank you for your time Ben
  19. I apologize preemptively for the title. So I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Tab today, for testing...yeah, that's it, "testing"... I installed the USB driver for Windows, restarted my computer, and was able to start debugging Leadwerks3D on it with no trouble at all. However, the rendering showed black objects that ought not be black. At this point in the game, having such a basic issue is very scary to me. I tracked the problem down to the lighting uniforms being passed to the shader, but something didn't make sense. In GL Shading Languages (GLSL), you can have arrays of uni
  20. Aria


    Good evening everyone. I'd like to introduce myself as the Android guy on the Leadwerks team. We ran into a couple of little quirks starting out with the Android port of Leadwerks3D and the whole Android C++/native development thing but we'll have a great environment for everyone to push to their heart's content soon. It's great seeing everything to start to come together and I can't wait to see what we can get these droids to do. Thanks Josh for all the extra info and help.
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