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  1. I tried Aggror's solution, but the red cubes just fell through the everything or didn't move, depending on wether or not i gave them mass. I also can't make a joint no matter what. Sorry, I started last week. Please help.
  2. I'm trying to connect a box with 2 other boxes. I'm setting the one a parent of the others but when i start the game they some apart as they fall. How would I properly connect 2 props while still having physics? Thanks
  3. Is there any way to make props flexible? Like if I wanted to make a bouncy ball or a pool noodle? is there something I am missing something, is it really simple? Please Help! Thanks.
  4. I was going through the tutorials and i ran into a problem very early. When I create a new project it doesn't give me the option to make my game for any other platforms. According to the user guide I should have an option to make the game for android, IOS, macOS and windows. Please help/explain! thanks
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