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  1. Aria

    mBot simulator

    The update looks good. I'll have to play around with a bit. The sky and tiles look better but it looks to have loaded the older yellow and blue mbot model.
  2. Aria

    mBot simulator

    I noticed in the mBot robot kit video that there's LEDs and sound generators plus some other configurations and additional modularity. Will you be adding those as well?
  3. Aria

    mBot simulator

    This looks pretty neat. I've attended a handful of robotics/embedded/IoT short-casual classes and agree that it's difficult to get enough hardware platforms for everyone. Usually the class spends quite a bit of time finding pieces missing and parts not working that it leaves little time to focus on learning the key concepts. A hybrid class with many simulators even with limited amount of hardware platforms might really be the way to go to remove cost and time overhead while still keeping things adaptable to the real world application. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Aria

    Android Progress

    Here's a brief update on the recent Android progress: -Sound: 3D spatial sound is working on the Android with OpenAL. For some reason Google went with OpenSL on Android instead of OpenAL like the iPhone already does, not that it would have been useable on Android 2.2 anyways so we ended up having to port it over. -Fonts: TTF font support has been enabled so it should look a bit better then the previous bitmap based font. -On/Off/Suspend: Pause and resume by switching apps or turning the display on/off now works with the exception of sound pausing. This will be fixed in the sound d
  5. Aria


    Good evening everyone. I'd like to introduce myself as the Android guy on the Leadwerks team. We ran into a couple of little quirks starting out with the Android port of Leadwerks3D and the whole Android C++/native development thing but we'll have a great environment for everyone to push to their heart's content soon. It's great seeing everything to start to come together and I can't wait to see what we can get these droids to do. Thanks Josh for all the extra info and help.
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