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  1. Sorry to write a bit late, but the last 2 updates broke the "AppTemplate.exe" and "AppTemplate_d.exe" file. the one before this crashed when tying to open one of the window menu items "File", "Edit" or "Help". And the last one currently available through steam just crashes right at the start. I tried to run it through the command-line to see if it gives any debug output, but nothing is printed. Didn't tried to program something myself with it yet.
  2. You can add additional Rift cameras to have the ability to rotate completely. Also having the cords will always limit your rotation freedom. no matter if Rift or Oculus. Since i have not used the Vive controllers yet but having used the Playstation ones that are also in the form of a wand, i must say the Oculus Controllers are a lot more natural in controlling. And if you use the correct Left controller for the left hand and the right controller for the right hand, they fit naturally into your hand. No "unnatural pose" here. You can point naturally at something and your avatar in game d
  3. I think having it as offset to the camera is a requirement even for room-scale vr. You can always end up having a too small room for the game / application and you might want to include some teleporting mechanism.
  4. i haven't tried it again if the issue is fixed, but if it is not, too bad Josh is ignoring my posts. Maybe someone needs to post the issue again in a new thread.
  5. beo6

    Starting a business

    Having a business is not that easy as it first sounds. If you make no money, you have to be careful or else your business might get declared as a hobby. (at least here in Germany) not sure what that means in the end though. Also being careful about the tax you have to do now differently etc. Etc. I hope you really have considered all this As cms i can recommend Neos CMS. it's easy to use once you have installed it and if you need frontend users, a shop or something else you can extend it with packages or build your own with the powerful Flow Framework. If you need help with that, mes
  6. I am getting the exact same issue at the moment when i try to reupload my notes script to the steam workshop because somehow an old version appeared again on steam. (however that could happen?) --------------------------- Leadwerks Editor --------------------------- Failed to update file. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- This is really not fun. ( see this thread: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/14232-amnesia-notes/#entry97877 too )
  7. it should work with any file as long as the .tex extension is included in the publishing dialogue.
  8. mhh. thats odd. I am 99% sure i fixed that once. Seems that an old version is up on the steam workshop again. :/ sorry for the late response. Was and still am ill laying in the bed. :/ For the time being here is the current script. (the text.lua files need to look a bit different in this so the fix works. But there is an example text.lua file included) https://cloud.software-sl.de/index.php/s/sHbt6kKfMT926zi Will see to upload that version again to the steam workshop. //Edit: doesnt let me upload to steam workshop again. :/ i start to hate steam...
  9. snow shader looks nice. Just have no idea what i am doing wrong because i only get a black screen with it enabled as post effect. //well. forget it. there was just no Vertex shader part in it. Thanks
  10. Also never had this issue right after a clean reboot from Windows. Only happened when i started and closed leadwerks. Had to restart steam to fix it most of the time. Since i don't think you have leadwerks in autostart, look if you also don't have steam in autostart, check if you haven't this feature enabled where windows tries to resume applications after restart and try to make a real reboot. (not sure if windows really features a quick reboot)
  11. Or use free ssl: https://letsencrypt.org
  12. beo6

    Steam Controller

    So far have only played a bunch of games with it like rocket league and left 4 dead. It worked quite well for both games and once you have set the sensitivity to something usable in Left4Dead its an more "acceptable" mouse +keyboard replacement than any controller i tried before. Still not better than using a real keyboard and mouse though. But the biggest issue so far is that for some reason the controller just stops recognizing movements with the stick or touchpads. So far it only happened in hectic situations in rocket league, but it was then most likely the reason to miss the ball.
  13. beo6

    2016 Plans

    Please bring back the dynamic navigation.
  14. maybe still the same issue i wrote about here, when the prefab is placed in the editor? http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/13055-prefabs-not-working-correctly/ I know i wrote there about 2 issues, but at first i thought they might be connected. turned out the first one was just a misunderstanding on my side.
  15. I guess there was a bit of misunderstanding. I had worked with the file reading stuff for the Leadwerks Player for the text loading of the notes script i have in the Steam workshop. Not on the footstep sounds. Or what are you guys talking now about? Sorry that i can't help a lot with footstep sounds. When i got to that problem in my small map i just added a collision box. But as already said. depending on the amount etc. it could clutter up the map.
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