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  1. would this be the right path to success? Get Sqlite3 here: https://www.sqlite.org/download.html Get DLL here: https://www.dll-files.com/lua5.1.dll.html Rename Lua5.1.dll to sqlite3.dll regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\sqlite3.dll Directory of C:\Temp <DIR> luasql lua5.1.exe sqlite3.dll hello.lua require "luasql.sqlite3" env = luasql.sqlite3() conn = env:connect("test.sqlite") assert(conn:execute("create table if not exists tbl1(one varchar(10), two smallint)")) assert(conn:execute("insert into tbl1 values('hello!',10)")) assert(conn:execute("in
  2. Do you think tcp and udp will be on different thread?
  3. Mangica A world of good and evil. The vision ---------- A multiplayer game of magical energies. Where music and sounds make things come alive. Multi biomes with plants, animals, insects. All growing surviving from sunshine and energy. What is special about this world you might wonder. Plants that reach maturity can be eaten for their energy, or picked to see if they contain sounds or music. Full sounds or music titles played allow things to grow and all things around accumlulate energy. This stored anergy can be used to heal and stop people from hurting others, or ca
  4. Thank you all for being a great group, together you're not alone. stay strong and take care.

    I will do what I can to beat cancer, and look forward to seeing you all in the future.





    1. gamecreator


      All the best to you for a full and speedy recovery and hope to see you back here making games very soon!

    2. AggrorJorn


      Best of luck. Hope to see you back safe and sound.

    3. Josh


      Are you getting the medical care you need?

  5. Will the leadwerks client use a separate thread to send and receive packets?
  6. When I see something this it makes me think, and understand where the bottlenecks occur and why. This may require different design approaches, and let's face it, in the end it's all about performance.
  7. wayneg

    Vegetation Demo

    Looks like great start, and I love the performance, just wondering: Whats the algorithm for tree generation look like? What parameters are available to the algorithm ? If I decide a tree at x,y,z doesn't exist anymore is it easy to not show it? Can I add extra stuff like algorithm for rocks, flowers ?
  8. While beta drivers fixed LE it impacted some my newer games, ugh. Maybe AMD gets there act together before windows 10.
  9. Windows update clearly fixed the issue on integrated graphics intel machine. Who would of thought.
  10. Can't wait for commercial version of Oculus VR, let's hope more Leadwerks goodness follows! Imagine nice sunny day, sandy beach, wind, waves, and a few birds all this on cold winters day, Relax while Leadwerks and Oculus take you away. Ahhhhh
  11. So what would Rick charge to flattened the RakNet classes and make it more procedural, and have Functions like: Connect(), Host(), CreateBitStream(), WriteBitStream(), ReadBitStream(), Send(), NetworkLoop(), BindEvent() ? What would a new user need to do ? Would a simple chat program be good example? What limitations might there be?
  12. This possible for LUA script, or C++ ? This something I can add ?
  13. Be nice to see normals and flip one or more faces.
  14. LE 3.1 (current) - could duplicate to some degree the issue, but also had stability issues while using GUI. LE 3.1 (beta) - could NOT duplicate issues, beta was fast and had no stability issues that I encountered. note: perhaps a terrain is required, but I didn't try that.
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