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Tutorials for different versions of Leadwerks are presently located in several places:


Each step was logical at the time, but it has resulted in fragmentation and confusion. With 3.0, it made sense to create a new database and separate that information. When Steam was integrated, we tried to leverage Steam Guides as an alternative to our own database, due to its higher visibility within the Steam ecosystem. Although Steam has worked great for hosting screenshots and videos, and our participation rate on these items has gone up, Steam Guides have resulted in lower participation. There's a lot of valuable information the community has created, so we need to make that easily accessible to the community and encourage new content to be written.


These items are going to be consolidated into the original Leadwerks 2 tutorials database. It has the best template layout, and is set to auto-generate forum threads in this forum when a new lesson is added. Leadwerks 2 tutorials in this database should be moved into the "Legacy" category. Threads in this forum cannot be replied to, but it provides a visual cue on the main board page on the latest entries, so your lesson will not go unnoticed.


To clean up this situation, the following needs to occur:


Thanks for your help. We have learned what works and what doesn't, and this will not be changed again.

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