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Found 22 results

  1. I was wondering if anyone is able to help me. So I have had an issue for months now with Enemies crashing my game. Regardless of the models/animations I use. Regardless of the scripts or code I use (I have tried the Default, The HUD elements ai script and about 4 variations I have made myself). Simply having enemies in my project causes crashes. I have tried running my game without enemies and it runs perfectly. But even if I set them to run away instead of attacking, simply having enemy characters causes the game to crash. I would really love and appreciate some help fixing this bec
  2. Hello dear reader, First of all, as I recently though on how to make the blog more interesting and valuable for you to read, I thought it would be a cool idea if I provide a gamedev specifc tip (can be everything from productivity, to technical stuff, to marketing) at the end of every blog entry. I would be really happy, if you tell me what you think of this idea. Back to topic. I want to present what I am working at the moment. Last time it were some animations and rigs. I had some more trouble with them then expected and needed to do all that stuff again (rigging and animations).
  3. Hey, I am currently working on my AI, and I wonder what would be a good way, to make my NPC hold a specific distance to the player. In my case I need it for my AI behavior when it is using range weapons. I think a nice idea is to let the AI find a random point, which keeps a few conditions like, 10 units away from player, not outside of the map, not inside another object. But how to realise that. I would be very thankful if you can give me ideas, examples, descriptions etc.
  4. Hi, Just enjoying this new release of Leadwerks 4.4 and decided to make a map with vegetation just for fun. Not really tried the terrain tool before today, and I'm really impressed. It really good and precise to use! I'm using the Zombie pack addon and the fps pack addon. I've placed 5 zombies in a group near of a "bunker" i've made with brushes. I've got the game almost stop when the zombie see the player, and found that the game update were going in 7000+ms update time, was not a render problem. In debug mode, the FPS drop to about 0-1 fps. ... EDIT: Fixed the issue for the update
  5. Hi, I would like to report a problem that I've seen with the NPC that are making the "update" loop much longer when they "awake". Description of the problem: On a terrain that have trees(vegetation layer) with collision enabled, when the player (std FPS controller) get near a NPC(crawler) the update loop can get as high as 7000ms for a few second and come back as normal. Disabling the collision option on the vegetation layer, seemed to fix it. But I "feel" that it does that for every type of collisions (models / brushes). The more you put on the map, the more time it will take on the upda
  6. Hi everyone!I have an unusual problem.Every creature with MosterAI attacks with it`s back.Looks very strange)How can i fix it?
  7. Hi, any idea haw can i change mode Chase player (Monster ai) to run away from player. thank y
  8. I have some simple flying AI enemies that close distance to a player and I've started out just using simple distance checks, turns and moves as I thought that using standard character controller monster AI would not work for flying enemies. Is it right that character controller is not suitable for flying enemies,or should it work if set up or 'faked' right (e.g. some pivot to act as a 'ground foot' or something - fro me it may not be suitable as my enemies descend from high and should pass over obstacles they are currently above)? I'm thinking the character controller is designed for en
  9. Hello, currently I am working on my AI system, but I have a problem setting up multiple NPCs. What you need to know: - My AI is able to randomly move around in the world using waypoints. - I coded an own animation manager "class" The Problem: I set one NPC to not move around and the other to do so. It works fine. One is moving, one is standing still, BUT the one moving is not playing an animation. So he is kind of floating around. The one who is standing is playing the walk animation. So I printed some values to find the error. By the way if I just have on NPC active everything
  10. Quick demo video of my Utility and Needs Based UI test framework. More detail on the link.
  11. Hi, I'm using the beta version on steam, using it on Window 10 Home (French) currently. My graphic card is a NVidia GTX 780 I've buyed yesterday the MERC model and tryied it in a quick level made with brushes. I really like it and it's so simple to use it! But I've seen some issues on how leadwerks seem to make NPC "see" in their environment. On the level made of brushes, I had to enter the room where the merc was to see me and then he started to chase. I've exported the map in .OBJ (Great feature!) and imported it in MAX then done a quick bake of lighting and imported it back
  12. When I use this function all happens is that the player glitches out. I see that it has been avoided with the DirectMoveToTarget function inside the MosterAi script, which has no pathfinding but just walking straight towards the target. It would still be better to have a path while following a target that may be behind an obstacle, when the function is called. GoToPoint works fine on (for example) pivots in the scene, even when its position is set somewhere else really fast (and the funcion is called once after every position change).
  13. Hey everyone. I'm working on a level and after watching the AI tutorial multiple times, I still cant figure out how to get the AI to walk to the waypoint. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  14. Hello, im having trouble releasing dead enemy after some time. When i kill enemy i want body to disappear after 5 sec. I have change AI script , have no errors but it does not work. Can someone help ? Here is my code. Thanks import "Scripts/AnimationManager.lua" import "Scripts/Functions/GetEntityNeighbors.lua" --Public values Script.health=40--int "Health" Script.enabled=true--bool "Enabled" Script.target=nil--entity "Target" Script.sightradius=3--float "Sight Range" Script.senseradius=3--float "Hearing Range" Script.teamid=2--choice "Team" "Neutral,Good,Bad" --Private value
  15. Hello. Im Nikola. Im having a strange problem with AI script. I have few 3d characters , my IDLE animation in not 0 anim, it is 3 or 7. When i change that in script, character still performs zero anim as IDLE. How to fix it? Thanks.
  16. Hello all. As I am experimenting with Leadwerks, I have come across a strange issue. My monster runs on the spot, and wont chase the player. I am using all the default scripts and assets. Heres what I have done: -Drag the player prefab into the 3D viewport -Drag the monster prefab into the 3D viewport -Drag the player prefab from the scene view to the target slot of the monster's monsterAI.lua script. -Run the game -Monster runs on spot and doesnt attack the player unless I am really close and even then I need to shoot the monster to initiate the attack... I'm probably missing some
  17. So I have been working for a few weeks on making and fixing up this code, and am at an impasse. I have the weapon equipping and swinging, but nothing is happening to the monsters. I have the code broken into 2 parts, 1 for the swinging and equip, and 1 (attached to a collision entity on the weapons blade) that when it collides with an enemy ai it is supposed to remove health from them. The second code I also plan on tweaking to include everyone who touches it (for traps) but have no clue. The code that isn't working is here. import "Scripts/Objects/Player/FPSWeapon.lua" Script.damage=10 f
  18. Hello again, I hate bothering you guys with what seems to be bacis stuff. I need some help editing or writing my own code for ai and melee weapons. I have their animations all imported (both weapon and monsters) and have set up some basic scenes to test them. I took a look at the prefab monster code as well as the prefab fps weapon code. I thought simply changing the code with my own values and equipping them would work for now, but it doesn't. I dont even know where to begin. Is there a tutorial for a basic ai and melee weapon system? Lua or c++ would work for it. Any packages possibly for me
  19. To prevent non Leadwerks Engine specific/Related entries from my Blog being automatically published here via the Blog Feed, I have removed that functionality, and will simply add a new entry title and link here for all Leadwerks Engine specific/Related entries. Leadwerks Related Blog Entry. Leadwerks 3.2 Indie : Proof Of Concepts & Several Tests.
  20. Working on two principles K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid!) and more for less. I spent a lot of time researching (read playing) certain games that have what I call an ambient NPC population. This is specifically those NPC's that reside in the background and generally have no real or very limited interaction with the player. Two such areas of research <coff> included Assassins Creed and Fable 2. Although both of these games have a far more complex general NPC population than what I am setting out to create, but the "research" was most enjoyable. First Step: Machine Intelligenc
  21. Following on from "On The Right Path, A* Pathfinding In Leadwerks" I thought before I archive the code, I'd have a little "dabble" with a basic function to get an NPC reading the path data and then following it to the "target" I had a couple of ideas on how to do this but as time for playing in leadwerks was running out I opted for a basic idea. 1. Target Position Selected 2. Path from NPC to selection calculated. 3. Path transfered to a temp storage array for that particular NPC 4. An NPC Pilot reads that data. 5. NPC follows the pilot. Think of the "pilot" as the plastic stick th
  22. Well, it has been a while since I made a blog entry, let alone done any work in LE. But I do keep an eye on the forum and Leadwerks in between Daily life and working on my project(s). I have also been going through my Blitzmax code archive, where I stored all my Blitmax/LE projects and code snippets (finished and not completed). One idea I had been playing with before, was basic NPC AI. I had some small success with some Bugs using autonomous logic. See Here In my "treasure trove" of unfinished and messy development code I found what was going to be the next step (for me) with AI
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