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  1. I really think Leadwerks doors hate me. During the past couple of years I've been on and off learning Leadwerks, but nothing has caused more furstration than doors! Feels like every time I try to add a simple door to test map, it means trouble. It all began with my very first steps in Leadwerks, for some reason I was not able to create working door even with prefab. I asked my first questions here back then. Well, I moved to other stuff and learned a lot, then second time came back to doors, still no luck! So I went to look for some other door script other than the stock one, found workin
  2. Hey guys, Besides the YouTube videos from the Leadwerks Channel, anyone know of some good LUA tutorials for Leadwerks? Any help appreciated! Thanks
  3. [I had text here but in the edit it dissapeared ] I found that there can only be one instance of the EventQueue. This meant that all the widget events need to be handled in a single location leading to possible complications in code and lowering the possibility to dynamic things. This script allows the developer to subscribe to an eventqueue manager and get their event safely, without usurping all gui controls. The script will automatically create an EventQueueManager variable that all other scripts can expect. To use it from a script not attached to an entity use: EventQueu
  4. I discovered that there can only be one eventqueue in leadwerks. I wanted local eventqueue instances, so I created a lua based version of EventQueue called EventQueueEx It is initialized as such: MyQueue = EventQueueEx:Create() It is used EXACTLY the same as the Leadwerks version.
  5. Welcome to the Sixth Monthly Script Challenge Each Month I will set a challenge for gifted Leadwerkers to solve. Once you have perfected your script post your map to this thread. At the end of the month I will go through all the entries and judge the winner. I will then place the winning map on the Workshop so others can learn from them. Rules. Entries must be your own work. Entries must be submitted before the end of the month ( June ). Any assets you use must be your own or Royalty free. The map that you submit can be used by others for comm
  6. I started playing around with the networking in Leadwerks and found that I needed enums. So I wrote a function that will allow you to enumerate a table. function enumerate(array,indexstart) -- indexstart is optional if array == nil then return nil end local array2 = {} local count = tonumber(indexstart) ~= nil and tonumber(indexstart) or 0 for key,value in pairs(array) do array2[value] = count count = count + 1 end return array2 end This will take an array of strings and output a named table array. enum_netchat = enumerate({ "client", "team", "all",
  7. I've been doing some coding on a bunch of Left 4 Dead style stuff and this is the latest script I have. A simple use timer. I haven't tested it very hard, but there should not be any glaring bugs. Information about the script: http://i.imgur.com/ZuzDtap.gifv --[[ Title: Use Timer Author: Einlander Start Date: 5-22-17 Version: 2 Description: A simple Left 4 Dead style use timer Notes: WHAT IT DOES: Allows player to use a script to force player/user to use an item for a set period of time. Think Left 4 Dead when you need to pour gas or start generators. WHAT IT
  8. It would be nice to be able to dock the script editor within the main editor.
  9. Hello, I have a muzzle pivot and the Projectile script attached to it. self.muzzle.script.enabled = true When I call this while clicking the Mouse, the game crashes without warning. I dont know how to use the Projectile script, is it intentionally a prefab ?
  10. Hey guys, Been playing around with leadwerks lately testing random levels, trying to learn the software. However one thing I came across is the fact that for some reason I cannot fire my weapon (unless I am holding the ctrl key) when I am moving my character around with the WASD keys. I made sure it was reloaded too. I tried looking at the FPS controller script, however I do not know where I can find the specific code that seems to call for the ctrl key being depressed in order to fire my gun while moving. I want to be able to strafe around and fire my weapon at the same time without i
  11. CorzaX24


    Hey guys, Yet another issue I'm faced with, and is probably real simple to accomplish but I can't seem to understand how to do it. How do I add a Post-Processing shader to my work? Not a single model, but to the entire level? Thanks in advance!
  12. CorzaX24


    Hi there, I have been able to add water into my work using a downloaded water material from the workshop, which also comes with a CheapWater.lua script. It works fine but, oddly enough, looks "cheap". My question is, is there something else out there looks somewhat nicer or more realistic? I havent been able to find anything. Not to mention, I can walk across it and not actually go under/into the water... Thanks
  13. If I sometimes work at line 494 in my script and want to create a new variable, i need to scroll to the top and then make a new one , then try to find the line 494 again, remember what I actually called the value (sometimes need to scroll up again ,ha) . I think one will know what I mean. What would be good Is a tool at the side of the script editor where you it generates values by selecting the data type, what its called and so on. Just a smaller change that I would add to all the changes that we await for the script editor.
  14. hi everyone ! I would suggest that added commands to C ++, I would can add scripts LUA in an entity whatever I define for a command, example> I created a simple box, I can link a script LUA in the box with a command like ( entity:loadScript (EntityID, "LUASCRIPTPATH") or something like this ..... and also like that added commands to connect to a server (TCP or UDP) and receive messages > string, integer and float and too send messages > string , integer and float.... would be very useful ! thanks by attention
  15. SpEcIeS


    This morning I started up a fresh "Advanced First-Person Shooter" project. After the "07-AI and Events.map" was loaded and then ran, immediately an error was generated: Script Error error in function 'SetCollisionType'. argument #3 is 'boolean'; '[no object]' expected. Line 90 Is anyone else producing this error?
  16. For my current project I wanted to simulate a light that's shorting out in order to add a bit of a creepy ambience to my scene. After a while of messing with the different things that could be done with an emitter (and failing at getting the effect I wanted), I realized that really, a light that's shorting out is really a light that's turning off and on again. Well, that's something that can be scripted pretty easily thanks to Leadwerk's API. There are a couple of obvious ways to get the desired effect: Create the light in a given position, then remove it again. This can be a pain and
  17. Hi there, having to trouble with my Scripts. I'm using an Spawn Script for Zombies. This works finde in Editor Mode and Debug. No Problems so far. After Publishing the Game. On first spawn i get following Error Message: Error: Failed to read file "C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/ZombieZ-Starter/GameStarter/G ameStarter/bin/Debug/Data/Horde/offshore/AddOns/Zombie Character Pack/zombie1.pfb". Error: Failed to load prefab "C:/Users/Marco/Desktop/ZombieZ-Starter/GameStarter /GameStarter/bin/Debug/Data/Horde/offshore/AddOns/Zombie Character Pack/zombie1.pfb". Lua Error: [string "C:/Users/Mar
  18. Hello Leadwerks community, This is my first post and I was wondering if anyone out there is able to help me create a simple script. As the title states, I just want to get a simple script, like the FPS controller one, however, just for walking around. Thanks.
  19. I'm trying to create a script that spawns an object every so often at a set time, but I keep getting a script error that says " '=' expected near 'function'". I'm new to programming and have no clue what that means. here's a screenshot of it in context. ANy help would be very appreciated. Script.spawnObject = "" --entity "Object" Script.spawnTimer = 1.5 --float "Spawn timer" Script.timer function Script:UpdateWorld() self.timer = self.timer + (Time:GetSpeed()/100) if(self.timer > self.spawnTimer) then local newObject = self.spawnObject:Instance() newObject:SetPosition(self.entity:G
  20. I'm trying to get Barrels to fall from a certain point every 1.5 seconds. I have the spawn point in for it and everything. When I click "Run", the barrel is in the sky where it should be falling from but it doesn't fall, and no more spawn in. How do i get it to spawn in every 1.5 seconds and fall down? The script I have for it: 1.)Script.spawnObject = "" --entity "Spawn object" 2.)Script.spawnTime = 1.5 --float "Spawn time" 3.)local timer = 0 4.) 5.)function Script:UpdateWorld() 6.) timer = timer + (Time:GetSpeed()/100) 7.) if(timer > self.spawnTime) then 8.) local n
  21. Can someone send me or post a .lua script for the FPSCharacter controller that allows me to crouch? Thanks.
  22. I've run into a situation which seems to be counterintuitive. When I run the following code local entity = self.entity:Copy() end try to access entity's properties that get set in Script:Start() directly afterwards and via entity.script.prop, they are all nil, that is, they don't exist at all. What is more, Script:Start() does not get called at all, even after the tick/frame in question and before the Script:Update() of the next tick/frame. On the contrary, if I run the same code with a line added local entity = self.entity:Copy() entity.script.Start(entity.script)
  23. This script will crash the editor (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) if attached to a pivot and dragged into the Flowgraph. TriggerDelayMapLoad.lua
  24. Hey guys, great product, i love it! I have a few suggestions about the script editor: - Having a shortcut key to open it. - Prevent from closing window when pressing the ESC key. - Automatically re-open last lua files.
  25. Something weird is happening. I have two objects with the scame script on them. Here is the code: Script.enabled=0 --bool "enabled" Script.int=0 Script.tab={1} function Script:UpdateWorld() System:Print("------------starts "..self.entity:GetKeyValue("name")) System:Print("int="..self.int) System:Print("#="..#self.tab) System:Print("[#]="..self.tab[#self.tab]) if not self.enabled then return end self.int=self.int+1 self.tab[#self.tab+1]=math.random(1,9) System:Print("-----------END "..self.entity:GetKeyValue("name")) end It has boolean variable which is set to true for o
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