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  1. Hi. Just quick question if someone remembers anything about 2.5. I have problem that controller overlaps little bit 1x1x1 sized cube body, so it it kind of gets stuck on those bodies. I am using Sweptcollision(), but it's not helping at all. And there is lot of these bodies in my project. (over 3000) Controller creation: player=CreateController(1.8, 0.3, 0, 45, 1.3)
  2. I had a look over the Blitzmax templates from the LEBuilder and remake the tutorials. I was able now to load and render my map made with the Editor. Just wondering how could I access my objects from the map now. Also I am interested in adding some models. I tried this simple code right after my map was loaded and before entering in main loop: body:TBody = CreateBodyBox() SetBodyMass body, 1 For n = 1 To 100 body = TBody(CopyEntity(body)) PositionEntity body, Vec3(Rnd(-5, 5), n, Rnd(-5, 5)) Next but no cubes were visible..
  3. Hello, I have a problem using Blitzmax and Leadwerks with the build-mode "Threaded Build". Because the Blitzmax compiler can't compile in this mode if i'm importing leadwerks.engine. I tried to using threads in c# and it works fine with leadwerks, it seems like its an blitzmax issue. Is that an knowing issue which can't be solved or is there a possibility to solve this problem?
  4. Sometimes this code won't pick entity even though it's certainly picked. If GetEntityKey(mpick.entity, "player") then 'do stuff endif
  5. Arska134


    This isn't right way to do ragdolls i assume...? Global ppos:TVec3 ppos = EntityPosition(soldier) ' LEFT LEG LThighp:tbody=createbodysphere(.35) positionentity LThighp,entityposition(LThigh), 1 setbodymass LThighp,1.0 entitytype LThighp,1 entityparent LThigh,LThighp setbodymass LThighp,10 SetBodyElasticity LThighp,0 LCalfp:tbody=createbodysphere(.35) positionentity LCalfp,entityposition(LCalf),1 setbodymass LCalfp,1.0 entitytype LCalfp,1 entityparent LCalf,LCalfp setbodymass LCalfp,10 SetBodyElasticity LCalfp,0 Lfootp:tbody=createbodysphere(.35) positionentity LCalfp,entityposition(L
  6. Alright, so i am now trying to find bones from soldier.gmf entity, but i am getting pretty strange results. This code: soldier = loadmesh("abstract::soldier.gmf") positionentity(soldier, vec3(-6, 2, 63)) Print "X "+entityposition(FindChild( soldier, "Bip01" )).X Print "Y "+entityposition(FindChild( soldier, "Bip01" )).Y Print "Z "+entityposition(FindChild( soldier, "Bip01" )).Z Is outputting this: X 0.000000000 Y 0.992219925 Z -0.0203169920 What am i doing wrong. Same thing occurs when i try to find child named "Bip01 Head".
  7. So i am trying to make some bulletholes. I made it just like in Leadwerks documents, but i got "Compile error Unable to convert from 'TEntity' to 'TMesh'. am.bullethole:TMesh = CreateDecal(spick.surface, TFormPoint(Vec3(spick.X, spick.Y, spick.Z), Null, spick.entity), 20.0/16.0, 32) EntityParent(am.bullethole , spick.entity, 0) PaintEntity(am.bullethole , LoadMaterial("abstract::fire.mat")) addMesh(am.bullethole, spick.entity) updatemesh(am.bullethole) Error is pointing me to AddMesh line and i understand error, but without addmesh there is no bulletholes. I followed this docume
  8. Title explains everything. I need to raycast prevent to pick one type of entities. (player gun entity etc..). Raycast should go trough those entities.
  9. I just finished uploading the framework so that some friends can help out with the content and scene. I already have the overall theme and game put together, I just have to make them, and in this case get help with converting models, creating materials, and so forth. The framework is going extremely well. I've been working on it more than I should be to be honest but I did spend most of the day on the important matters. Plus it's Sunday for crying out loud. Anyways, I've changed several things about the framework. Here is a brief overview: Configuration is now available in the engine.
  10. Paul Thomas

    And, Hello

    There are several here who already know me, but for those who don't, my name is Paul Thomas. I've been programming for a long time now; I started when I was 16 (I'm now 30) with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and CGI/Perl. Hell back then there wasn't a lot of people who even used the internet at home, lol. At least in my area, I'm sure others, especially in California, were a lot further ahead at that time in terms of technology and the interest in the technology. Through the years I've learned multiple languages from strictly web-based to software based. My interest in computers when I was 16 was
  11. Hello! How can i fetch entity from scene to position my another entity to it's position?
  12. Is there any command to get distance from point x, y, z to x2, y2, z2. I need to get distance from camera position to picked position.
  13. When i pick entity with camerapick(), i need to make force in that point. It works, but when it tries to make force at ground, it crashes. How can i check if entity is right kind?
  14. Is it possible to make OpenGL commands within BlitzMAX? Like if I wanted to Implement a custom particle system? Thanks
  15. Hello guys. This time, here is small utility, nothing spectacular, just smal library what will let you manage available screen size your GPU support, easy. You can also use it in main menu where you will setup all available resolutions and browse trough list, or automatically detect maximum resolution upon start and set screen, etc. So here are commands. So, first we need to initialize library. Global SCREEN_SIZE:TScreenSize SCREEN_SIZE = TScreenSize.Create(bitDepth:Int=32) bitDepth is your screen depth and by default is 32, and it means, supported resolutions will be for 32 bit d
  16. ..im sorry for such post here..I would for sure send PM, if i know who reported library as a broken, in order to find whats wrong with it..so, whoever found it broken, please let me know..thank you..
  17. Ok, it was long time ago when i start my gamedev playing with Blitz3D. It have very simple commands, and make casual game on it very easy. When i bought Leadwerks it was very cool that it's handle most Blitz3D commands, and same handy for me. But... Collisions system some confused me. But nothing was to do - i start to use Leadwerks Newton based collisions. It realy rocks! Anyone want to have realistic physics in personal project. But Newton have some complexity in charachter controls, that's why Josh maked his own. All cool, Leadwerks controller very good for FPS games, o
  18. Hey, i want to use the lugi thing for a server application wich is not using leadwerks at all. I found this on blitzmax forums: http://www.blitzbasi...s.php?code=2579 its from joshk i tried it with the following: Include "glue.bmx" 'the generated gluecode Global lua:TLua = New tlua 'create the tlua type lua.dostring(str) Type test {expose} Method foo() Print "say ausgefuehrt" End Method End Type the content of the str string is this: (moved it out for better reading) print("test:") local dings = NewTest() dings.foo() the result that i got is:
  19. This time, I have decided to introduce character animation control. There are several reasons for that. A lot of people asked me to give some example, and at same time, such library will be essential for following AI tutorials, so having said that, I have decided to introduce AI library, so it will be avoided confusion with corresponding command set in AI tutorials. I would like to also make note that all libraries I have released and Im planning to release, are a lite version of fully fledged feature set in game engine Im planning to sell, after my game is out, so all this is some sort of 'ad
  20. Hi I have downloaded the Demo Version of the Leadwerks Engine an wanted to test it with blitzmax. So i also wanted to test out the water: setwater(1) but the compiler says: Compile Error: Identifier 'setwater' not found Build Error: failed to compile But most other fuctions are working, such as lightning, physics,... Can you tell me please how it works with blitzmax?
  21. I was getting a reliable crash on GCCollect and finally traced the problem back to this. Never store externed C objects in a resizable array.
  22. I started working on this today, got it working, and figured I'd share. I still have more work to do but this is a good start. Could use cleaning up but that's for later. SuperStrict Import "-lpsapi" Const PROCESS_QUERY_INFORMATION:Int = $0400 Const PROCESS_VM_READ:Int = $0010 Const PROCESS_VM_WRITE:Int = $0020 Extern "Win32" Function GetLastError:Int() Function OpenProcess:Int(dwDesiredAccess:Int, bInheritHandle:Int, dwProcessId:Int) Function EnumProcesses(pProcessIds:Byte Ptr, cb:Int, pBytesReturned:Int Ptr)="EnumProcesses@12" Function EnumProcessModules(hProcess:Int, lphModule:Byt
  23. I was going to try moving the Leadwerks3D code into a leadwerks.leadwerks3d module, but I discovered the namespace system doesn't really work when you try to override BRL's classes. You CAN specify brl.stream.TStream or leadwerks.leadwerks3D.TStream, but you get problems when you try importing another file in your code. Even if your imported code file includes both modules and explicitly declares the variable type using the namespace, the program still can't compile. The whole module/namespace system doesn't seem to be designed like it was meant to be taken seriously. Since BMX is f
  24. To prevent non Leadwerks Engine specific/Related entries from my Blog being automatically published here via the Blog Feed, I have removed that functionality, and will simply add a new entry title and link here for all Leadwerks Engine specific/Related entries. Leadwerks Related Blog Entry. Meet The Flockers.
  25. I spent all day working on this, rewrote the code a few times, a couple methods weren't reliable enough, and this is basically my last chance (before reverting to the best method so far). I'm using a named pipe from BlitzMax to my DLL. The message is sent but once I send another message it crashes the DLL loaded application (I can't specifically say what that application is, but this application loads/binds the DLL). I need to this to be a continuous evaluation for sent messages only to stop once I manually close the handle. If what I'm doing isn't doing that, please let me know how to fix
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