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Leadwerks 3.2 Indie : Proof Of Concepts & Several Tests.

Marleys Ghost


blog-0474827001404476292.jpgTo prevent non Leadwerks Engine specific/Related entries from my Blog being automatically published here via the Blog Feed, I have removed that functionality, and will simply add a new entry title and link here for all Leadwerks Engine specific/Related entries.





Leadwerks Related Blog Entry.

Leadwerks 3.2 Indie : Proof Of Concepts & Several Tests.

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Hey Jorn, that was one of the "tests", there is very little information on what has and conversely not been implemented with recast and detour. Detour is a pathfinding and spatial reasoning toolkit, if memory serves (it does now an then even at my age!) I think the spatial reasoning uses entity velocities to calculate avoidence steering, hence if the player stops they will bump into him. With so little information about the intergration into LE3.x though I am just guessing.

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Just out of curiosity, are you setting the player and the NPCs 'SetNavigationMode' to true? I am curious if that will make the NPCs take the player into account when following a path. Or is this command only for static objects?

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Hey Mack, as far as I could workout, and could be wrong, SetNavigationMode is for static objects which will (or will not) effect the building of the navmesh, I don't think its "dynamic", I am not setting it true on the NPC's. I'd imagine its all handled via detour and however thats been intergrated into the character controller. But again with so little info on the subject I am just guessing.

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Hmm good to know as like you said there's so little information available. But I vaguely remember Josh showing a video of dynamic pathfinding during the pre-LE3.0 days - dynamic meaning that objects actively finding new paths as the something new was introduced into its current path.

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I think its all changed since 3.0, but how and what to is just speculation.



With the current way its done I understand the argument for a controller not being over a certain height or diameter but not being able to resize below those parameters makes no sense. There is very little control over the system. I do hope soon there will be more information on this functionality.

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Interesting stuff. I have been making the steering behavior for my NPC's this week. I didn't take in to account that recast perhaps already uses steering controls.


As per the terrain update in 3.1, dynamic navmesh generation is disabled. You now have to generate in the editor or call the API call manually.

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As per the terrain update in 3.1, dynamic navmesh generation is disabled. You now have the generate in the editor or call the API call manually.


Really? was that because it took too long to recalculate on terrains in general or large ones? I'd have thought rather than disable dynamic navmesh generation simply have its default as we have it now with dynamic navmesh generation an option that is selectable and not penalise those who are not using large terrains.

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Agree with that statement MG. Seems a waste considering that was one of the big advantage/selling point for recast/detour. I guess we can throw a raycast check continuously in front of all our NPCs like we did with Astar... but seems a waste considering recast/detour has the ability to take care of this problem.

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The dynamic nav mesh was taken out before any of the performance bugs were fixed. Maybe now would be a good time to check and see if dynamic nav mesh works better with the higher frame rate.

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Luckely you can still call it though.

I would like to see an example in lua where this can be done via another thread because at the moment it causes a ridiculous glitch. And can this be done to a NavMesh that was already created in the Editor or would you have to forsake the Editor version?

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