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Found 21 results

  1. Hi I am heavily working on my own user interface system at them moment and I wonder if there is a easy way to resize a loaded font. Example pseudo code for the functionality I am searching for: --Pseudo Code self.font = Font:Load("Arial", 6, Font.Smooth) --Load Font self.font:SetSize(10) --Change size during runtime I have a solution for this by preloading the font in all sizes and then change the rendered font. But this isn't memory efficient, or are Fonts so small that it makes no diffrence, either way it does create a lot of code Thanks for ideas in advance Markus from Ph
  2. Hi, I was thinking about a day night cycle for my next project. I found shadmars day night cycle shader, but can't find any working download link? However, even if I get my hands on his shader, I think I still need to adjust some stuff. Do you know any good tutorial/documentation, or can explain how I generally would create a day night cylce in Leadwerks? Thanks! Markus form Phodex
  3. Hi Simple question, I cannot find a GetAnimation and GetAnimationFrame function in the API. I realised those functions in my own AnimationManager script manually, but since there is the "new" entity:PlayAnimation function how to get access to this functions? Any ideas or suggestion? EDIT: Would also be good to know how to get animation index by name and the other way around. Something like: self.entity:GetAnimationName(0) or self.entity:GetAnimationIndex("Idle"))
  4. EDIT: Just found out that the error was somewhere else ^^. The below code just works fine. Anyway thank you for the help :). Hi there, I faced some weird behavior, testing and debugging my project. The following shows the structure of my code, it would be very kind of you, if you could tell me if you can find any error, because I dont. Maybe I messed around with global/local/script variables, which I know, often cause such errors. Explanation: Of course this script makes no sense, but it should only representate the structure, because it would be way to complicated to
  5. Hey guys, I was searching the forums for a releated subject, but I couldnt find one, but I could imagine there is one, if so I am sorry to post the same topic again So I am currently trying to come up with a way to handle diffrent objects rendering in the right order. What solutions have you for this problem. For example: I have a trading menu, but my cursor is rendered behind the inventory slots and buttons rendered by the NPC Trader entity. (elements of my trading menu are rendered by two diffrent entities (Player and NPC Trader)) I was thinking about something where you can
  6. Hello, I have recently purchased the Leadwerks game engine and Professional DLC. The DLC is installed correctly and I can see the .cpp source files in the script editor. I was about to create a few of my own classes but noticed that although I can open .cpp files in the editor I am only able to save new source files in .lua Does the built in script editor support new .cpp files, what am I missing? Cheers.
  7. Hi guys, I searched the forum a bit and found out that other people had the same issue as I have now. You maybe know that if you have a key check (like window:KeyHit() or window:MouseHit()) in multiple scripts then only ONE of the works as expected. I read that its because Leadwerks sets the hit check value to false right after you checked it. However I tried to find a solution for this, by making a "class" where I call all keychecks, unfortunately the problem remains, maybe you can help me? What have you come up with? Thats my attempt: Thats the class script: function KeyCheck(scr
  8. Hi Leadwerkers , Currently I am figuring out what would be the best way to save my game. What options there are for saving a table or varibles in general, and what options have you come up with? What I am working on at the moment was, to write a savedata table into a file like this and call it back with "dofile": return { someData = "Test"; someOtherData = "Tes2t"; } But this method is pretty tricky, not only have do you have to convert the variables into strings to save them, but it also is complicated and I think its no clean and fast solution because you have to work w
  9. Hi there, I have a problem, maybe you guys can help me. I will make it quick. Following is what I have (just an example): function Script:Start() FileSystem:CreateFile("Data/Save Data/someData.lua") self.stream = FileSystem:WriteFile("Data/Save Data/someData.lua") end function Script:UpdateWorld() --I created this to find the error and to test it out if window:KeyHit(Key.K) then self.stream:WriteLine("Some text goes here") System:Print("It should work!") end end So I get printed "It should work!" AND the file gets created, but I can click "K" as often as I want, the text whic
  10. What would be the best way to get a specific type of entity in an area? I am currently working on my AI and I want it to search a weapon, if it has no at the moment. So I want it to check its sourrounding for a weapon. Whats the best way to do it. Or I could need it that my AI can check for enemies in its sourrounding. I thought of getting all entities in the scene (world) check their distance to the AI and if it is smaller then the AIs sense radius, then it checks them for the type (for example if it is a weapon or not) and returns to the AI. So whats the best way to get specific ent
  11. Hello, currently I am working on my AI system, but I have a problem setting up multiple NPCs. What you need to know: - My AI is able to randomly move around in the world using waypoints. - I coded an own animation manager "class" The Problem: I set one NPC to not move around and the other to do so. It works fine. One is moving, one is standing still, BUT the one moving is not playing an animation. So he is kind of floating around. The one who is standing is playing the walk animation. So I printed some values to find the error. By the way if I just have on NPC active everything
  12. Hi Leadwerks fellows, I run into some trouble creating an save system. I noticed that when I saved I couldnt immediatly reload my save, to load it I had to restart the "game". I will make it simple. To exclude other errors, I wrote this short line of code: if window:KeyHit(Key.F1) then self.test = FileSystem:WriteFile("test.lua") self.test:WriteLine("Test") System:Print("executing") end And again I noticed that while I am executing the programm and hit F1 (put a print function there to double check) and alt+tab the game and check the file, its empty. I use notepad++ to wa
  13. I am not 100% sure if this is a bug, but the Transform:Point() function has a weird behavior for me. If it is my mistake then I am sorry and would also be glad if it can be sovled easily. This is the code I have: local direction = Transform:Point(0, 0, 10, self.entity:FindChild(0), nil) I use it for an NPC, that he is able to pick objects in the world. But my code didnt work so I tried to find the problem. After placing a small box at the "direction" vector I found out that it isnt at the transformed point, other than this it remains at the entity it should be transformed to
  14. Hi community, I would like to talk about how to create a minimap. I made myself some thoughts latley how to realise a minimap. And I would like to collect some useful toughts here. I actually found a solution, so tell me what you think of it. It currently just works as a normal map, not as a minimap... Maybe it is very complicated what I do but thats why I created this post. Ok so I will start explaining. First of all I took a screenshot from the topview of my map. Out of this I made a simple Map, by exporting the shot to gimp or something similar. The important thing is that the m
  15. Hello, Because I made myself some thoughts about a saving mechanic for my current project, I searched the web and especially the Leadwerks site for how to save simple game data, like the players health or position. The only kind of useful thing I found which works for LUA was this: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/2103-save-data-to-lua-syntax-as-textcompressed/page__hl__save+data and this: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/1853-howto-using-lua-script-as-data-file/ I actually was able to create a data file and read it into my code with "dofile". However I didnt find
  16. Hi, I was wondering that I couldn't find any tutorial about creating simple UI elements. I searched the web and the forum for a while, and because I couldnt find anything useful I started this thread. The problem is I dont get how to check whether my mouse cursor is hovering over an element or not. To give you an more exact example: I just finished a simple inventory generation system where you can choose how many columns and slots it has and some other stuff. This works very well. However now I want to implement that, if you click on one of the items collected and shown in the invento
  17. I highly encourage some one who wants to make a bit of extra money on the side to spend some time creating a course for Leadwerks on www.udemy.com I am sure that every single one of the people who buy this engine would love a full blown course for the engine as well, to make sure they get the most out of their learning experience. I know I would. So please consider it, I would be the first one to purchase it. Teach LUA scripting and the over all API of Leadwerks in general in the course, that would be fantastic!
  18. Hello, I do use *.fx Shader files and try to get them going at my LE-Project. Got an external Tool, The ShaderTool on Steam. In the desprition it reads, that the current Version supports LE. How can I use this Effect files? The Shader-Files I used so far are *.shader Files (Lua based). Got the Standart Version of the LE. Do I have to install necessaryly a Visual Studio Express to work with these *.fx files? Or could I run the *.fx-files anyway, also without the Visual Studio. Might someone know an answer? That would be great. C.U. REZ
  19. I just wanted to know just in case I might decide to start game dev company. I know for coding one doesn't need much, at most it is a fancy IDE and git, so the hardware can be rather run of the mill or even from the previous decade. But for 3D modeling, one needs to have a machine with a graphics card that up to the task of rendering lots of polygons and baking lots of textures. So I want to ask some of you who work in the industry, how much does the modeling computer cost in comparison to the one used for programming? P.S: Forgive me if I am mistaken in certain aspects.
  20. I want to hire a programmer to code a Login System or HWID lock with an online database. So I can manage my tool sales easier... I managed to make the tool but I don't know if I'm able to make the login system in LUA. I'm willing to pay someone to do this!
  21. Hello again, I hate bothering you guys with what seems to be bacis stuff. I need some help editing or writing my own code for ai and melee weapons. I have their animations all imported (both weapon and monsters) and have set up some basic scenes to test them. I took a look at the prefab monster code as well as the prefab fps weapon code. I thought simply changing the code with my own values and equipping them would work for now, but it doesn't. I dont even know where to begin. Is there a tutorial for a basic ai and melee weapon system? Lua or c++ would work for it. Any packages possibly for me
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