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  1. You're welcome man. I'm glad I was able to help.
  2. I am interested in trying this with my DK2. Anyone tried with the latest build and Oculus version/drivers/etc? Thanks
  3. I voted on an RTS because it can give everyone plenty of features and would consume less time than a full RPG. I would have said vehicles because they don't exist yet, but I was thinking that a game template for vehicles wouldn't be as important as documentation and an example vehicle for a newly releasing feature. Learn the vehicle instead of the template or the game. My second vote would be RPG if you have the time and resources.
  4. Everyone have a shot or beer for my birthday for me! If you can't afford one PM me, lol

  5. @Josh: Indie not showing as sale, only DLC. Do I need both Indie and Standard for C/LUA? Thanks.

    1. Josh


      Indie is Lua, Standard adds C++.

    2. DatSexyGrid


      Totally worth getting standard now when it's on sale:)

    3. Skrakle


      Definitely worth upgrading!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it

  7. Thanks Pixel Yeah, I guess it keeps things interesting, lol.
  8. I figured I would finally write up an update. The plan was to juggle between my main project, which has been in development for three years now, and this Leadwerks project I had started. The idea was simply for the fun and experimentation of game development and programming. Which is great, was going great, as Leadwerks automatically gives that overall creative freedom; designing/programming everything from the ground up if you so desire. That is after all one of the reasons we all love LE. A couple weeks or so after my last blog here at LE my main project hit a milestone that put us into
  9. Great work as always, Ken. Don't worry about long blogs man, I enjoy reading them, and I'm sure others do as well. It's actually one of a handful of reasons I keep an eye out on the blogs page. I personally also keep a clear separation of definition between path-finding and AI. I guess it's just personal taste. Just as I don't consider the actual movement of an object as part of path-finding or AI, leaving AI simply to the definition of behavior and decisions; which also work together. All-in-all you have the results you were looking for, which look flawless, and done at a quick p
  10. I highly recommend Macklebee and Marley's Ghost for closed beta invite. I believe everyone, especially the veterans here, would agree and know exactly why they deserve the invite. Congratulations on moving to closed beta milestone, Josh. EDIT: Throw Pixel Perfect into that list too.
  11. Great work and progress, Ken. Those thoughts are the same we all have to battle, just keep moving forward bud.
  12. I'm in the same boat as Naughty Alien. Purchasing to support Josh but I have no actual use for LE3D at the moment.
  13. Great, I look forward to the overview.
  14. Thanks Pixel. I'm trying to have some time to work more on it tonight. I'm slacking behind but it was expected. I want to work more with Lua, expose more of the framework to Lua (anything that is useful) and continue doing what we're doing. Mack is basically building a framework out of Lua (using "engine.lua" [now configured in engine.ini]) while I'm hardcoding specific mechanics. We'll eventually see how well it meshes with Lua but it should be good. The "actors" idea is actually adopted from PhysX and it's just so it's easier to deal with objects in your scenes. Once you have easy access
  15. lolol Well, I haven't had beer in a long time, I wouldn't mind having some myself. I don't mind sharing lol. Definitely is a great boost, both of them are what they would say "jack of all trades," they would also say "master of none" but I would say "master of some." A lot of skill from those two. Though, I think MG just gets lucky
  16. Over a GUI scheme, the GUI scheme will reflect the logo color scheme, or the logo is simply on a black screen?
  17. Balance your distance culling and you'll be fine. One of the major benefits of modular meshes is sadly lost in LE and that's scaling. Culling is your friend, clever culling makes it undetectable by the player, and have fun. Your project looks fun, let me know if you ever need help with something.
  18. I just finished uploading the framework so that some friends can help out with the content and scene. I already have the overall theme and game put together, I just have to make them, and in this case get help with converting models, creating materials, and so forth. The framework is going extremely well. I've been working on it more than I should be to be honest but I did spend most of the day on the important matters. Plus it's Sunday for crying out loud. Anyways, I've changed several things about the framework. Here is a brief overview: Configuration is now available in the engine.
  19. Excellent, thank you for your donation. I was using Leadwerks before UDK had released. On rainy days or one of those days you want to break routine I work a bit on LE from time to time. For your bones issue, all there is left to do is import them into an application of some type, like Blender. You can evaluate the bones there. Other than that I'm not sure what your real motive is beyond bones and the reason of your original question.
  20. Weapons are skeletal meshes (skinned meshes/animated meshes/whatever) in UDK because they are animated and you use sockets to attach the weapon to other actors and to attach actors to weapons. Sockets are basically entities parented to a bone that can share the bones local translation/rotation or a global translation/rotation (plus an offset value if desired). We have provided a tutorial on weapons in UE3 but you may find the video modeling and animation tutorials useful: www.magicstonestudios.com/tutorials You should name your bones once and keep the same rig going so that it's consistent
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