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Life Throwing A Curve Ball

Paul Thomas



I figured I would finally write up an update. The plan was to juggle between my main project, which has been in development for three years now, and this Leadwerks project I had started. The idea was simply for the fun and experimentation of game development and programming. Which is great, was going great, as Leadwerks automatically gives that overall creative freedom; designing/programming everything from the ground up if you so desire. That is after all one of the reasons we all love LE.


A couple weeks or so after my last blog here at LE my main project hit a milestone that put us into closed beta stage. A very exciting time, especially for a large project you've been working on for years, and the first time you gather valuable input from people that are new to the game as our view of it all starts to get stale. Their input leads to additional tasks which gain utmost importance, especially things accidentally overlooked, which are usually user friendly aspects of the game (easily accidentally overlooked by developers). This all would be the first curve of the curve ball for the LE project.


I was then introduced to another curve of the curve ball; Hurricane Sandy. My area didn't get hit as bad as other area's, but we indeed had taken a beating with 60 to 80 miles per hour winds. The situation is escalated when, like myself, you're surrounded by tree's, or like me your house is right next to a forest. Perfect ammunition for a hurricane with a dose of some bad luck. Needless to say that curve ball had some interesting twists.


Beyond damages caused I ran into other interesting circumstances such as flat tires most likely caused by driving over debris when heading out for building materials. Among it all I also lost my only PC which I use for game development, but at least I thankfully have my work on several backup mediums. My situations don't even come close in comparison to the people in New York and New Jersey, who got the real raw end of the deal, so I have no need to complain, and I haven't.


I don't know how to end this blog. I, of course, plan to get my PC back into working order, but home repairs and bills come first. Once I have everything back in order I will continue where I left off. My main project comes first though and already had a list of tasks before which have only increased as expected. I'm definitely extremely anxious to get back to it all. I'm also tired of using my droid razor for everything.


Thanks for reading and a huge thanks to my friends for all of their help.



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