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  1. onaid



    My short atmospheric puzzle adventure , SoundScape. best with headphones! no loading screen .
  2. changed self:CallOutputs to self.component it works ? cheers
  3. need some help with this colission trigger error , im sure i have had this problem before its been a long time since i have used leadwerks
  4. yep it works with my vive but no controllers , is there a first person controller lua for the vive controllers ?
  5. hi all, is the c++ version of leadwerks the only way to do VR ? or can i just change the mail lua .script to work with htc vive ? like this ? Enabling VR in your game could not be easier. Just use the Window::VRDisplay creation flag when you create your game's window, and you're done. Really, that's all it takes: Window* window = Window::Create("My VR Game",0,0,1024,768,Window::Titlebar|Window::VRDisplay); Or in Lua: local window = Window:Create("My VR Game",0,0,1024,768,Window.Titlebar + Window.VRDisplay) cheers
  6. cheers mate it works! is there a context to adjust size of text ? would it be scale ?
  7. hi guys , trying to get a simple loading text at the start of my game , but it is drawing text at the end when i hit escape it then draws the text? i am using the context:::draw text after the world create line in main lua here is my main lua.................................. --Initialize Steamworks (optional) Steamworks:Initialize() --Initialize analytics (optional). Create an account at www.gameamalytics.com to get your game keys --[[if DEBUG==false then Analytics:SetKeys("GAME_KEY_xxxxxxxxx", "SECRET_KEY_xxxxxxxxx") Analytics:Enable() end]] --Set the application title tit
  8. yep have done the standalone, and same thing works fine on win 10 but not 7
  9. would be nice if game worked in game launcher for everyone , spent months on this only to have it black screen on windows 7 HELP:(
  10. anyone out there have luck running it on windows 7 ? please help
  11. runs on my win 10 machine with no errors ?
  12. guys could you try if it works better for you now , i have put in textures as sugested and re created nav mesh, i get no debug errors in the editor guys could you try if it works better for you now , i have put in textures as sugested and re created nav mesh, i get no debug errors in the editor
  13. yep thats what i get on my win 7 machine but it works on win 10 machine ?
  14. hi guys , just need a little help here and feedback , i have had mixed reports on my game launching in leadwerks game launcher , for some people it works. for others not. and mostly not. this is a worry . if any one can download and launch the game and see what happens and provide some feedback on running the game and the game itself it would be awsome . cheers fellas. ps i have successfully launched the game from leadwerks launcher , but it has also crashed one me too once or twice... pps , i find the game will launch on my windows 10 pc but not my win 7 pc ? http://www
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